Wednesday, December 31, 2008

If I knew then........

WOW. thank heavens for Moma Kats writing assignments this week. I swear I've blogged all week on those prompts. I'm not sure if that's legal. If it's not, I hope she doesn't come knocking on my door tonight with her Moma Kat Handcuffs and cart me off to bloggers jail. Swing by her site for this weeks prompts. I'll give you a heads up this is the 3rd prompt I've done this week I would blog about gluten free stuff, But I'm not sure about anything like that.

New Years Eve. for the most part I've spent most of them since reaching the legal drinking age (darn near 6 years ago) at home sitting on the couch watching TV. With sporadic trips out to friends and a few hours spent with family during those times. I don't think I've ever really "gone out" for New Years since I've been legal. How sad. Thanks Moma Kat now I'm slightly depressed. Fantastic way to start this new year. But I do have a great New Years Eve Story.

Sometime in college somewhere between freshman and Sophomore year I went to State College ( as in Penn State university) to party with my BFF and her then boyfriend for New Years. We rolled into town picked up her man and hit up the state store. during which time we sat in the car since, well we were MINORS. Aren't the best drinking stories underage stories. so he bought us, oh the horror of actually typing this, Mikes Hard Lemonade. I would like to mention that I haven't consumed it since that night. I hate that stuff and I think Mike sucks also.

So out comes Mr. Man of the hour with our alcohol. good times begin to ensue. I'm not sure what happen. I'm not sure if the fact that all the people we were celebrating with had attended high school with us, or if it was the fact they all knew my older brother. But I "felt" the need to live up to the acceptations of being a McMean. I'd like to say I held my own, that I drank those ruffians under the table, that I single handily was the last standing person, i would like to say that. but I can not. that would be a lie. that would be not even close to the truth. I did hold my own....for awhile. and then I came undone. We played a lot of beer pong 9i think, that night is very sketchy in my mind) I know there was beer pong. And Poker. My BFF, hard to believe we are still friends after what I'm about to say, bet my virginity. Yes. my virginity. what a pal. At some point I had enough of Mike and his hard lemonade ways and my BODY felt the need to purge it's self of the nasty flit. and it did. Purged it's self all over the commode in Mr. Mans apartment. In my defense I cleaned it up "pretty" good, and then proceeded to pass out on the floor.

the next day BFF and Mr. Man wanted to go "do stuff". I wanted to sleep. FOREVER. Never get up AGAIN. I also wanted to DIE. and I'm sure at some point uttered those words EVER hungover person has said at one point. I'M NEVER DRINKING AGAIN! But I have and i will. I remember at some point my friend, Mr. Man and his friend, nothing but teeth, urged me to get up and go to dinner. Yes dinner. Yes I laid on his couch ALL DAY! so off we go to chilies. and thus begins my long running avoidance of chilies until this year. when our food came I couldn't even look at it. and the smells from every ones plates mixed with the rumbling in my empty stomach, didn't seem to like each other and off i went to the bathroom. I would like to say, i made it into the stall before spewing what little liquids and solids i had in my stomach, i would like to say I didn't make a mess, I would like to say none of this happen....but I can not. No sooner had i opened the door but everything came out, up, to the surface, how ever you word it i up chucked all over the bathroom. all over the sink, mirror, wall, floor, all over the door, trashcan, you name i left something on it. But not the Commode. I never made it that far. I imagine it looked like the pea soup scene. I attempted to clean it up. Attempted. BFF came looking for me and we all split. sorry Chilies in State College. I really didn't mean for that to happen. thankfully they weren't busy. and i really did try to clean it up. Also thank you for (I'm pretty sure they knew what was happening) not coming in and making me feel even worse. Again Sorry about the stomach acid on the mirror.

needless to say I've avoided all things Chilies like the plague. I guess maybe part of me was positive that Chilies had circulated my photo around to ALL their restaurants under the heading BATHROOM DESTROYER.

So that's my horrific New Years Eve. that's the year I wish i would have skipped. Gross with a uppercase G.

Repent my child

So I wish I had some great word of wisdom to wrap up the new year......but I don't. I could make shit up if that would make you feel better. But I'm not feeling to funny/creative. I do feel as though I should repent for my recent bad behavior. I may or may not have said something REALLY awful out of frustration. The thing I said happen and now I feel bad. I know I'm not the cause of the action. But I did set the ball in motion. And I do feel bad for wishing ill well towards anyone.

Who would have thought of all the things I've said in my life, and all the things I've asked to happen to myself, my friends, family and enemies this would actually come true. So I'm repenting for wishing ill well towards Mr. Ship. We have a very complicated "ship" not relationship, not friendship, just a ship. Well Mr. Ship had to have sugary. I called him prior to the sugary to wish him well and to tell him to call me after he was better and if he needed anything. Me trying to be a good person. Well he never called me back but i didn't fret because i figured, "He just had sugary". Well after about a week or so i was annoyed. so I might have said "I hope he gets an infection and gets really sick" who would have thought that would be the day my named came up on someones wish granting list. Trust me had i known it was my turn I would have wished for some money. I feel bad.

After saying those awful words i followed it with "I don't really wish that, it just makes me feel better to say something mean right now." I know my words don't have that much power, but i still feel bad. I feel slightly like scum if scum had feelings. I feel better now. Sorry I'm such a horrible person.

So I'm going to steal another writing assignment for my post today. I'm going to try doing it list stlye like Diane.
things my mom hates that I do.
  1. My mom thinks I should wear make-up.
  2. Spend hours getting ready.
  3. Do something with my hair.
  4. Dress nicer and try to be "noticed" more when I go out.
  5. She thinks I don't try hard enough to meet guys.
  6. I try.
  7. She hates that I don't have a husband and kids yet.
  8. I'm not so thrilled about it either but her consistent comments push me farther from her wishes.
  9. I eat what i want.
  10. And she hates that
  11. Every conversation starts or ends with "hows the diet".
  12. When was I on a diet.
  13. she stuffs her face with candy and burgers.
  14. she monitors what I eat when we go out for dinner.
  15. She always makes us get appetizers.
  16. She says if she can't tell me I'm overweight who can.
  17. No one.
  18. I repeat that same statement to her.
  19. She doesn't appreciate it.
  20. Me either MOM.
  21. She's homophobic.
  22. I'm not.
  23. that bothers her.
  24. I like to say, "Oh look Mom those guys are kissing".
  25. she hates when i do that.
  26. She refuses to ride with me in my car.
  27. She taught me to drive.
  28. I refuse to let her smoke in my car.
  29. We ride in her car a lot.
  30. When she acts like my grandmother i tell her.
  31. I call her NANA, she hates that.
  32. I gang up on her with my Dad, brother, the mailman, whoever is there.
  33. she hates that also.
  34. I always side with my Dad, just to annoy her.
  35. She always points out "cute" guys when we are out.
  36. We have different taste.
  37. She hates my clothes.
  38. Hates my taste in all things for her home.
  39. And thinks she'll never have grand kids from me.
  40. Ouch Ma.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

TOPS for me in 2008

hooray for Moma Kats writing assignments. Oh How I've missed you my dear writing assignments. I know we aren't "supposed" to post until Thursday but I'm doing one as my entry today. I can't help myself. I was having bloggers-block but thanks to Moma Kats I can now blog my heart out.

What are my top 10 things for the wonderful year of 2008. tough. question.
I understand the concept of "Top 10" however mine are in no particular order. OK. That's just to hard for me to do right now, as I'm at work and SHOULD be working. teehe teehee.

1. Making new friends this year. I'm very proud of my antisocial self for making so many new friends this year. OK maybe i only made 5 new friends but I haven't made that many new friends TOTAL over the last 5-7 years. I'm a very picky friend picker. But I've branched out and made some great new friends and because of them have made some GREAT new memories.Oh yeah I've opened up at work and now count more of my co-workers as my friends. Those gals are swell. :)

2.Going to DENVER to see Kitty. We had such a blast. I'm glad Always the bride went with me. The three of us had such a great time. I loved the RMNP. It's was amazing.

3. Entering my photo from the trip into a photo contest. I'm my biggest critic (aren't we all) so working up the courage to do it and believing that I had the right to be there was hard. WINNING 2nd place was just icing on the cake!

4.Becoming a local band groupie! We've gone to a lot of local venues to watch our favorite band play. Drop of Grey you rock, come back soon.

5. Going to the county fair...TWICE! I had a blast with Preggers, Mr. Preggers, Jimmy Jam, Always the bride and Steeler Fan at the Breaking Ben concert. It was cool having Preggers, Mr. Preggers and Jimmy Jam over to hangout in York for a change. Go to my local bar, drink at my place, and crash there for a change. Going back to the fair the next day was a blast. Betting on the pig races, by far the most exciting part.

6.Jimmy Jams. That whole thing was fun. He's a nice guy it's a shame it only last a short time.

7. I only woke up next to Mr. Ship once this year. That's a new record for us. I wish i could say that was over, but until I toughen up it'll never be over.

8.I didn't lose my job. trust me you don't know how close I've come to killing some of the people i work with or the customers i deal with. I'm not a huge people person.

9.Hunting with MaJunior. What a blast. Nothing like me and her in the woods with Mr. Ship and MaJunior's hubby to make them rethink taking us again. GOOD TIMES!

10.BLOGGING! I'm back to blogging religiously. I have trouble keeping the blog on my myspace page up to date but i try. This blog is just so much BETTER. I know parents shouldn't have a favorite. But lets be honest. They ALL do. They might say they don't. But they DO. Deal with it. I love this blog more. It's better. It's smarter. It's easy (she gets that from mommy) and the people I meeting aren't friending me with half naked pics. This place is great.

So there is my top ten list for 2008. It's not super funny, it's not super sappy. It is. What it is. Peace out 2008. It's been real!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Not Me Monday

I'm so excited to back to work today. I couldn't imagine anything more wonderful then working so many hours for the great base rate of basically free. Thank goodness.

I did not sleep in late everyday while on my mini vacation. I did not drive to BWI airport with my best friends dad to pick her up from her flight in on Tuesday/Wednesday. Her flight was not an hour late which certainly did not push her landing time to 1:30 in the AM. She did not take forever to find her shit and we didn't get on the road back to york after 2 AM. I was not the least bit concerned that her dad was going to kill us on the way home. He was not the least bit tired from being up ALL DAY. and at no time did her veer into the other lane, nod off, or smack himself in the face to stay awake. My friend did not have diareira of the mouth, and she wasn't tiring to keep her father awake on the ride, because he was CLEARLY not falling asleep.

Before picking Kitty up we did not swing by the hotel he owns in Baltimore to "check" it out. While we were not cruising very slowly all around the parking lot peeking into the front lobby I did not say "I feel like we are casing the joint".

I did not have to squeeze myself into his spacious backseat and i had plenty of room to stretch out for the 1 hour 45 min ride home. It was at no point raining and icy. Thank god his Mercedes luxury car comes equipped with 4x4 (it doesn't).

Kitty and I did not hit up all the local hot spots while she was here. We certainly did not partake in the food at Isacas of Palasta. We did not make SEVERAL trips to Target and i did not let her give my gift to her cousin. The gift was not a huge hit like i knew it wouldn't be. I did not give Kitty the furry slipper like socks her mom gave me and she did not stow them away in her luggage today.

I wasn't the least bit mad that I didn't get the jersey i asked for AGAIN. And I'm completely over it. My brother didn't give me the SAME steelers blanket he gave me last year, that would have been awkward. My grandmother did not purchase me a gift basket with crest whitening strips, toothpaste and a tooth brush and I didn't stop smiling all night. I wasn't the least bit annoyed at that gift and couldn't wait to smile for photos after opening it.

I didn't log a lot of time with my friends and we didn't stay up til 2 int he morning reliving the "glory days". there was no gossiping about our old classmates and no ill will towards them. We didn't make fun or joke about any of the weird kids we went to school with and there certainly wasn't alcohol involved. We did not make a sheetz run at 2:30 in the am on the way home from Ms. PhD's and we certainly didn't witness 3 couples feeling each other up INSIDE the store.

I didn't return a few gifts and use the money to buy the last two presents I need to get. I didn't look high and low for a DVD of On the Line for preggers and I surely wouldn't have been disappointed if i couldn't find it.

Long time no bloggy!

My my my.It's been for ever since I've been back to the blogging world. While I'm thrilled to be back I'm not so thrilled too be back to work. I've had the last 5 or so days off and it was wonderful. nothing exciting happen, nothing for the books, but is was great to not be here at work.
I hope everyone had a great holiday and I'm sure most of you are gearing up for another fun round of holiday excitement this week. I am not. I work New Years Day so I wont be attending any big bashes New Years Eve. While I will try and plot something to do involving drinking, I'm sure i will come up empty handed. I will however Be getting off work Wednesday so my friend Preggers and i plan to visit the Sweet lights display at Hershey Park. Yes thanks for the information I am aware that Christmas is over and all things Christmas will be wrapping up fairly soon. This is the last week for the lights and I have a free pass, and we have some free time, as Preggers also wont be enjoying the drunkin fun of this New Years Eve. I'm holding out my cousins might want to hit up the bar that night, but that's like holding out that the titanic might make another voyage. My Christmas was interesting. Seems I'm the least liked family member. Hard to believe.
Worst Christmas gift this year- Crest Whitening Strips, whitening advanced toothpaste and a electric toothbrush gift set. Needless to say I wasn't smiling to big for the photos. Thanks NANA. Nice to know you think my teeth are gross. Last time I checked NANA had dentures, so there lady!
Best Christmas gift~ Well it wasn't the Jersey that i didn't get for the 3rd year in a row. But that's ok. It's not about the stuff. It's not about the stuff. Unless you are agnostic like myself. then it's ALL ABOUT the shit I can get. Best gift magic bullet, because I've wanted it for so long. True the drinks we made with it Friday night left something to be desired but I'm confident that it can redeem it's self. I still have to make pesto sauce with it, because there's something I'll use. But I also really liked my apron, thanks preggers. I would have loved the scarf, had it been done Kitty!
It was cool having the BFF home for Christmas. Safe trip back to Denver Kitty.
Well unfortunately i have work to do. hope everyone had a super holiday.
Geez Mike Tomlin this wasn't a do or die game you could hvae thrown the 3rd string in for a longer time. Maybe Big Baby wouldn't have gotten hurt going into the playoffs.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

FY freaking I

Our company splurged and bought new paper towel holders in the ladies room. this makes me so happy because i was tired of walking in to find piles of PT that had fallen out on the floor when someone tried to take one. The new holders are nice but the towels are really thin. I'm hard to please. I know.

Merry Christmas EVERYONE! Even Diane and she's a Christmas hater! Hope you have a great holiday and if you are traveling, a safe trip. I'll be back to bore you with my blogs next week.


i'm still waiting for your gifts to be delivered, next year send them earlier! :)

more of the same

So how thrilled am I that today is Tuesday! Yeah I know. Whoopie doo it's Tuesday. But it's TUESDAY!! My BFF flies in tonight from Denver and I couldn't be more stoked! I'll be at the airport with her Dad at midnight. Send some positive wishes this way for a safe flight and a timely one as they are calling for snow in Denver this evening. She doesn't leave the mile high city until around 7 her time. Ugh. What a long night.
so here's some housekeeping business before I get into my blog for the day. I watched The Hills last night, and it was so-so. That Justin Bobby guy is one odd duck. But the good news is they are going to air some more episodes later this spring...uhm they are starting to do that a lot more often now. Come up with more episodes after they hype up the finale. Interesting. Spencer was as gnarly as ever. Am I the only person that thinks he looks like the beast from the TV series beauty and the beast? That's going old school on ya isn't it.
So I posted yesterday about SRU and my love/hate of the snow. I also mentioned a few things I loved/missed about the Greater Western Pa area I called home for 5 years. I shall continue down that path today. Call it nostalgia, call it happy memories from years past. Whatever. I feel like talking about SRU. If you haven't done it stop over and read Darcie's Blog at Mommy on the Edge. She was kind enough to grace me with her friendship while at SRU.
You know how a smell or a certain song will trigger a memory. The smell of cookies might help you recall the time the fire department was called after you forgot you had a dozen rum balls in the oven and passed out while finishing off the rum. A certain cologne might remind you of a guy who stomped on your heart. I think you get the point. More often then note I'll be driving and hear a song that I can place to a certain time in my life. Like Baby got back, reminds me of singing karaoke at the 8th grade pool party. Or anytime I hear that song that goes, "Nicky boom boom bam" I remember Roller -R-Way and going roller skating EVERY Saturday! Well there are a few things that I associate with Slippery Rock and Western Pa.
1. all things Nelly. That was our soundtrack for move in day freshman year, thanks to Gadget. What an ass. Our floor was rocking 24/7 with Nelly for the first couple weeks. And i swear 4 years later when he stopped over at my apartment to visit Nick he stole my glasses. I don't care what anyone says. He did it. I know it in my heart. He was a jerk and he stole my glasses. My proof we never saw them after that night and we moved out the next year. Still no glasses. He's a dirty glass stealing jerk. And that's all i have to say about that.
2. JCC. Yeah you hear Jewish Community Center. I hear drunkin rule less children. Can i get an Amen!
3. Curly fries, ahh Rockies had the best curly fries and the flu had the best captains catch on Fridays! I miss our cafeteria food, it was good.
4. BBQ sauce and ranch. I really started using them as more of a food group once I moved out there. Ranch goes on everything.
5.School buses will forever remind me of the Happy Bus! and my was it ever happy.
6.The smell of snow or the feel of breathlessness when you walk out into the blistering cold before it snows. That feeling like you can catch your breath and the sky is bright and you can just feel the snow coming.
7.Eat N Park, never been till i moved there. not nearly as good as Kings.
8.Rain. Rain. Rain. Those were 3 of the 4 seasons we had at SRU the other. SNOW!
9. MTO's while i visited Sheetz prior to going to college I never truly appreciated the wonder and ah that is a sheetz MTO until i was wasted and hungry.
10. The first thing I think of when someone says the word Flu is the dinning hall. That was the nickname.
11. Vodka. Will forever remind me of college and getting drunk in the dorm.
12. Natty ice will forever remind me of frat parties.
13. I now know a million ways to sneak alcohol into a dorm.
14. Peaches and cream~ the song not the food, reminds me of the numerous car trips to Butler with Tara.
15. Napster! It was in it's prime and I have the gazillions of burnt cds to prove it.
16. CiCi's Pizza! We finally got one out here but i have pledged my allegiance to Palasta and now feel torn between the old friend i loved so much and the new friend who stepped in when i really needed an outlet for my all-I- Can-Eat built up pizza rage.
17. Dumb and Dumber always reminds me of Tara and Meghan and watching it a million times together, and the cable guy. What can i say we were huge Jim Carey fans.
18. Survivor reminds of the hours I logged in Tara's room watching our favorite show at the time.
19. I still wish I had a movie channel at my house like we did at school, even if it would mean watching the same 3 movies all day for a month.
20. And finally the smell of Doritos reminds me of the night Tara and Meghan held me down and breathed in my face because i couldn't stand that smell. Still can't. gross.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Random thoughts

I'm cold today. Very cold. I'm not a huge fan of winter. I blame Slippery Rock and all things Western Pa for my hatred for snow. Don't get me wrong I love Slippery Rock and all things Western Pa it's just the snow i can do without. The wind was 60 mph here last night. What the hell was that about.
Examples of why I love Western PA. Love my Grove City Prime Outlets, still my all time favorite outlets, trust me I've been to a few. Grove City is by far the biggest and best I've ever been to. If you even say the Hershey Outlets I'll spit in your face! Kings Family Restaurant. Kings! Ahh come on who can't like a place that has the Kings Castle! Tear.Rt.79. Gets you every where you need to be. New Castle. I hated that place. The town time forgot. Sharon and Bunny World. Quaker Steak and lube. Which has it's own funny stories. I never heard of till I moved there and I couldn't understand why you would buy wings at a garage. My friends informed me it was Quaker STEAK and Lube and Quaker STATE. Made more sense. Favorite memory from there was when Bryan, Carl, Tara, Christy and I went there for all you could eat one night. I had 30 wings and lots of beer. Come on. You had too. What a good time. Clearview Mall, so lame but so many trips to cheap skates with Nick. The Nasty Buffet. Morraine State Park and sledding with Ben. McConnells Mill. The Rock House. Bowling in Butler.
But now I hate snow. I blame my sledding accident for the first taste of dislike but Slippery Rock forever the majority of my hatred for snow. I realized early on that they don't cancel college for a snow day. And tracking up and down the hill to class was wicked! Sure I canceled classes for a snow day. by canceled i mean skipped. But i canceled classes to watch Trading Spaces, see I was just really lazy.
Imagine my anger when i heard the weatherman calling for 3 inches of the white shit last Saturday night. Now imagine the happy dance i did when i awoke Sunday morning to nothing! HAPPY DANCE HAPPY DANCE! I was Thrilled to say the least. I was FREAKING ECSTATIC. Look I'm guilt of being all "ahh look at the cute snowflakes, and how pretty it looks" that lasts for about an hour then all I see is a vision of me freezing my arhs off while scrapping a pinhole size space on my windshield so i can drive with the rest of the crazies. Note to self while a SUV is a wonderful purchase, it sucks to clean snow off the top of a car you can't even see.
So I'm poor, not thrifty. I'm not trying to be more green, I'm trying to keep more green in my bank account. Over the weekend, well Sunday morning when i woke up and realized I can't fight the inevitable, it will snow sometime, I started putting plastic over my windows. See My apartment is in an old house and the old windows on the porch leak a lot of air. Those windows are in my bedroom and kitchen so i bought plastic that you tape up and then run the hair drier over. Worked well, it was really easy, which is surprising. I also put some new foam stuff around the door onto the porch because i had a few gaps that let in a lot of air. And the results... It still seems cold around the windows and door. Ahh time and money well spent.
So who else is on the edge of your seats for tonight's season finale of The Hills?? anybody.....anybody....hello is this thing on. Come on people Heidi and LC talk, Spencer looks like a lazy bum, LO is there I'm sure. Hello. Ahh you guys aren't any funny. Don't you remember when you were young, and skinny and lived in California and worked for a clothing company and were video taped for MTV. God Feels like just yesterday for me.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Because I'm a thunder stealer

So here's a photo from Kitty over at Same shit different day. She's my BFF (for real) we go way back, Jr. High School way back. She now lives in Denver, well she lives in a ghetto sub area of Denver, but same thing. Today she's freezing her ass off at a Broncos game. Go her! and GO BRONCOS! Enjoy.
view from her awesome seats 7 rows off the field right behind the goal. AWESOME! yeah 7 rows off the field. Now sure who she blew for these seats but I'm sure she blew someone. I sure hope someone scored and hurled themselves into the stands, i always think AHH that would be so cool, but I don't have those kinds of ups. And that the only reason I'll never hurl myself up into the stands after scoring a touchdown in a professional football game. Shame.

Super Speical me Sunday

Taylor and I last Christmas at her parents house! Can't wait for you to come home. Side note- Why do most of the pictures i have of us show us holding beer?

Oh I hope this week hurries by! Come on week hurry up. I know it's only Sunday but this a big week.
Monday- season finale of the Hills! Come on that's a bug deal Heidi and Lauren talk?
Tuesday-Early shift for me and Taylor flies home that night! I start my vacation
Wednesday-Christmas Eve, I'm off and my best friend will finally be home! I haven't seen her since April so I'm super excited to see her. I'll spend a portion of the night at her house with her family doing the normal Christmas eve stuff.
Thursday-Christmas. Gifts for me! how nice.
Friday- not sure
Saturday- Hopefully dinner with Julie, Pam and Taylor and hanging out Girls night style.
Sunday-Back to work :( and Taylor leaves :(
So see it's a big week.
I'm not sure how many of you read , but if you don't you should check him out. Darcie from over at introduced his blog to me, and he cracks me up. Well he posts pictures of his crazy neighbor ladies yard. She decorates for every reason you can think of, and some I'm almost positive only make sense in her head. Makes you stop and wonder what is going on inside that head. Well I decided to post a few pictures from Vegas. No not Las Vegas, had I meant Las Vegas I'm sure I would have typed Las Vegas. I'm posting pictures from Vegas here in little old York County, PA. Also know as the Potter home. Please note this aren't the best pictures and I'll try and get some daytime pictures so you can really see the wonder that is our Vegas. I would also like to mention that this house is located in the Greens by Honey Run, which is a price area. Enjoy.

If it's inflatable, lights up, moves, or is remotely Christmas in theme. They have it. and it's on display. It's insane! Wow Check out their carbon footprint. Jerks. I blame them for global warming, high gas prices, electric shortage, and Obama.

Side note- GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dear Old White Head

Ahh Mama Kat has posted a new writing assignment and for once I'll be able to post it early in the day. How exciting. So which to write which to write.

The Prompts:
1.) Write or share a letter to Santa. 2.) Describe a favorite Winter memory.3.) Last night it snowed buckets and you are forced to spend the entire day at home with your family...what's the plan!?!4.) What's the best gift you've ever gotten/given.5.) Describe a Christmas tradition that you have started with your own family?

Well let's see i have the snow and enclosed spaces with my family, that actually sounds a lot like what I imagine hell to be like, so I'll pass. I Love giving gifts and getting them but am drawing a complete blank on that one right now. I don't have any good traditions. So I'm going to write on the top 2 from the list, because I have something to say about them both.

First. A letter to Santa. If you read my blog often, or every you might know I work for a newspaper. Stop it's not super glamours. and no i have never uttered the words "STOP THE PRESSES" that doesn't happen in real life. At least not in real life circa 2008. so our paper ran a letters to Santa section and ANYONE could write a letter to Santa. Anyone was ME. Yeah why not. I could use a little Christmas magic so I gave it a shot. Needless to say they CENSORED my letter. changed somethings "they", they being the man, deemed inappropriate. so Here is a take on my letter i wrote with some additions the Newspaper wouldn't print.

Dear Big Guy,
Hey Santa hows it going this year? So have the high costs of wheat and grain affected how much your feeding the reindeer up there at the North Pole. I'm sure you don't really have great growing seasons, so it's probably hard to be self sufficient. I swear this government will nickle and dime you to death. Have you considered getting some solar panels for the sled. Scratch that idea, what with the sun not being out when your at work. What kind of detergent does Mrs. Clause use? your suit always looks so bright and nice. I mean jeez you've had that suit for what 100 years or so and it still looks bright red. Must be tide? Maybe you could get an endorsement from them. you should check into that.

So I guess this is where i ask for gifts. Well I was wondering if this year you could just write me a check? I have a bunch of bills and surprisingly they out number the paychecks coming in. Times, they are a changing Santa. If it would be more conveint I could forward my electric bill up to you, I'm sure Met Ed wouldn't mind. Also if you could bring me some food that would be great. I can't afford to go grocery shopping much, what with the high cost of wheat and grain and the low cost of my hourly rate. Seems they get a little up tight around this place when they see you rummaging through the food bank donation bin. Hey I'm not a bad person Santa, I'm just low on funds this holiday season. I've been a good girl this year, I'm way to broke to be bad.

If you need help making toys or pulling the sled you can hire me part-time as an elf/reindeer. I'm a little tall but I'll stoop down so the other elf's wont resent my height. I'm strong and look good in a harness so if you need a back up reindeer, in case Prancer calls in sick, I'm available. I don't have antlers but I do have a nice rack. Just think, if you hired me you might not have to bring as much money and food. If all your canned food and money are on back order I'll settle for a boyfriend. I just ask that he not be an elf. Look I'm not judgemental or anything but that's a long commute for us both. I'll do the long distance thing but WOW that's pretty long. I would prefer a guy a little more local. Although I 'm sure he would be very good with his hands. And just think of all the wooden trucks I could have. Thanks pal. Enjoy your last week off work. I'll see you on the 24th, if not before.
Amy M.
I'll leave some hot wings and beer for you at my place. I suggest you bring reindeer treats yourself. I'm not huge on flying deer. Harder to hunt down.

As for my favorite winter memory......5 words. Look at all that blood. Ahh yes 5 words you never want to hear uttered let alone uttered in regard to you. While I'm sure you thought this memory would be full of snow angles and snowball fights, it is not. I also partial blame this "sledding incident" as it's come to be know as, for my strong dislike of all things snowy and icy. See where I might be going with this story. I believe it was 1993-94 somewhere in there. I was in 6th grade. It was this winter that the East coast which i call home was being hammered by snowy, icy hateful weather. and I LOVED it. It meant 2-3 days off of school a week. I swear to God. They canceled so much school that year they never thought we would make it up. I swear we were off every Wednesday and Thursday for three weeks in a row. I loved it. My parents. No so much. seemed we were always off on their days off, their "special days" if you know what I'm talking about. So anyways. After one particular ice storm we, being my brother, our friend and myself went out to slide on the ice. There was a good 3 inches of ice onto of the snow. It was great. you could walk on top of the snow. talk about a real Jesus moment. Walking on top of the snow. It was great. It was also problematic. It took us about 20 minutes to walk 100 yards to the hill we intended to slide down. We fell a lot. But it was fun. we could run, jump and slide 50 feet on our knees. What a blast. right? for the moment. once we go to the hill my brother had to stomp and kick and beat a path in the ice so we could climb up the hill. We slid down the hill on our butts, backs, stomachs, loads of fun. and boy did we fly on the ice. Well here's were it gets a tad bad.

my brother slid down the hill. My friend and I laid down on our stomachs and clasped hands facing each other. We watched my brother stand up and start to walk away. At that point we let ourselves start to slide down the hill. Here is where the speed factored in. we had not allowed enough time for my brother to safely get out of the way. remember it was all ice so you had to walk rather gingerly on it. My body was like a speeding torpedo aimed right at his legs. BAMN! i hit him. BAMN his body landed hard on top of me. pressing my face every so not gingerly into the ice. Lucky me my face indent wasn't enough to slow our bodies to a stop and we slid another 5 feet. When we stopped my brother was yelling at me about how stupid i was and i should have waited till he was out of the way, that as until i picked my face up out of the snow. I couldn't see out of my eye. I later learned that was because of the snow and blood that was packed onto my face. I saw a look of terror on my brothers face. I couldn't feel my face. that was the really lucky part. But I knew something was wrong. then i heard it. "Look at all that blood" and it came from my friend, so i knew it wasn't her, and brother looked fine. so after a quick process of elimination i knew it was me. I touched my glove to my face pulled it back and started screaming. SCREAMING. Like i was being chased by a rabid giraffe. Screamed like someone had just told me i won a gazillion dollars and then said HAHA j/k. Screamed. with one person on both sides of me, literally holding me up we started back towards the house walking on ice. feeling much less like Jesus and more like wishing he was hear to heal my bloody face.

i mentioned above it was probably like a 100 yards. Well imagine trying too walk 100 on ice with the knowledge your face resembles the ground beef mom was turning into meatloaf when you left. It was a long walk back to my house. a very long walk. When we got to the back door I had stopped screaming but was sobbing horrible. I can only imagine what a bloody, snotty, hysterical mess I was. My mom, who was in the kitchen cooking and chatting on the phone, turned around when she heard us come up on the porch, I'm sure to remind us to take all our snow clothes off outside. She ways always big on that. then she saw it. it being me. it being this crying, snotty, icicles hanging from her face bloody mess that was wearing the same clothes her daughter had left the house in not 40 minutes ago. And she dropped the phone. BAMN on the floor. I remember being rushed in to the bathroom, I remember my mom yelling, i remember water on my face, and i remember my mom asking if i could see, which thankfully I could. I remember her cleaning out the cuts and i remember my friend leaving. But I've blocked out the memory of any pain. Lucky for me my face was pretty numb from the ice. I know my friends mother called, she was a nurse, and asked my mom if we needed her to come down, which she did anyway. I heard her tell my mom that upon reaching the her house my friend had mumbled something about ice and blood and then vomited. I must have been a sight.

I'm happy to say that aside from a scar on my eye lid and a slight mark on my check, which you only really notice when I'm really hot or a blushing a lot, there were no lasting marks. If you don't care the emotional scares and my long lasting hatred for all things snow and ice. I went to school the next day and surprisingly no one really made fun of me. Mainly because i took karate, and they all knew it.

Stop at Mama Kats and enjoy the rest of the writing assignments.

Bright and shiny people

so here I am bright and early at work. Ahh I hate this morning crap. I would rather sleep in till noon and stay up til 3 a.m. Getting up early is for the birds, whatever the hell that means.

Went the alarm went off I rolled over and said "it can't possible be 6 a.m. already" so i grabbed my cell phone and did a time check just in case some tiny little fairy people came in during the night and changed the time on my alarm clock, just to fuck with me. alas they did not. Or if they did they messed it up, nice job tiny little fairy people. After confirming that yes it was actually 6 a.m. i laid in bed for 15 minutes contemplating what would happen if I didn't go into work. See I've learned that such an action would have many side effects.
  1. No one would be there to send out the page.
  2. I'm covering for Wendy so they would automatically think she messed up
  3. I'm completely fine with that.
  4. I could play dumb, say I forgot about it.
  5. Get in trouble and chance losing my job.
  6. If i was fired I would differently cuss out my boss on the way out, cause a scene and need to be restrained (that made me laugh out loud. in bed. not now)
  7. I would need to fine a new source of income thus fulfilling my lifetime dream of working at excitement videos.
  8. wonder if I would qualify for welfare and or WIC, then i remember I don't have a kid.
  9. Must remedy that if i really want to socket to the government.
  10. I wouldn't be able to participate in anymore costume, decorating, or other fun function at YNC.
  11. Ruth's day would be very difficult.
  12. no one would be able to put together the celebrations page that fast.
  13. Lot's of pissed off brides, which I'm strangely fine with.
  14. I would have to move out of Casa de McMean and back to Casa de parents.
  15. I GOT UP!

So needless to say I'm here and watching the minutes tick away. I've had my morning breakfast of Oatmeal, which i despises, and will now commence with the making of hot coco. thanks have a great day.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What happens to the snowman

So we had our office decorating contest yesterday and I'm proud to say we came in 1st (like always) what can I say I'm a winner! I can't help it. When you rock at life you rock at life. and to answer your question yes I did have trouble getting my huge head and equally large ego through the door today. thanks for asking. We also had our secret Santa exchange today. My gift rocked, well both the gift I gave and gift i received rocked. I gave Sharon a cool gift bucket with spaghetti sauce, wine, noodles, and Parmesan cheese and I also gave her a Nerf dart gun to shoot at dumb customers. well I told her she shouldn't unless they are particularly dumb, and then i shoot numerous co-workers. It was awesome. But I'm awesome so that should come as no surprise.

Well I wanted to post a picture of how we decorated our office area (our cubicle). Our theme was well, doom and gloom, come on we're the obit desk what else would we do.

So here's frosty's funeral. It's hard to see but on the left hand side of he coffin is a jar with water in it (he's melting). I was glad to see Santa made it our for the funeral and the other chair has some other winter friends. the name of the funeral home was Flurries and Flakes Funeral Home and Meltatorium.

Monday, December 15, 2008

No me Monday

I did not take two days off work just to allow for extra baking time. During the time I did not take off, I did not bake roughly a ton of cookies. I did not bake for 2 days with the end result 9 big yummy looking gift bags of tins of cookies. If i had done this i would not have hand delivered all but one gift bag by today. And I'm sure the lone gift bag still at my house wouldn't belong to my friend who isn't going in for surgery this week to remove his gallbladder. If it was I'm sure I wouldn't contemplate eating or re gifting it to someone else.

I didn't unwrap too many peanut butter cups for my peanut butter cookies and i wasn't forced to eat all the unused ones........not all 50.

I didn't drive to Mt. Joy to give Pam her cookies at 10 o'clock at night and it surely wasn't because I couldn't stand to wait a second longer. I also did not purchase two baby items for her after she told me no gifts for the fetus yet. I did not spend all night referring to her love child as 'the fetus" and i surely would have stopped when she asked me to. I didn't leave cookies for James and i surely did not give him my most coveted Christmas card. If i had I'm sure he would not have found it funny and would definitely not have laughed at my inscription. I'm also most positive it would not have earned me a hug :)

I did not go to lunch with my favorite cousin for the first time in MONTHS on Friday and we did not spend a large portion of the time shopping for baby stuff that I wasn't buying.

I did not sleep in on Saturday. I did not get up and deliver more cookies to my brother, grandmother, and cousin. I did not go Christmas shopping with my brother and i surprisingly would not have had a good time i had gone. I did not suggest my brother go to a jewelery store at the mall which did not happen to be going out of business, and was not having a huge sale. He would not have found a nice bracelet and he surely wouldn't have bought it. I was thrilled to not go see my twin 10 month old cousins and glad i wasn't forced to play with their pudgy faces. I did not get sucked into spending all Saturday night with my cousin and her kids. We did not go out to eat and drop $100 for dinner. I would not have drank a huge Blue Moon and ate way to much food. And I surely would not have been sucked into watching a lame SCi Fi Movie with her and i surely wasn't disappointed at the end.

I was not excited to not have to work Sunday. I didn't deliver my last batch of cookies to my friend who was home and i wasn't forced to hangout with her boyfriend and watch football. I did not cheer on the STEELERS on Sunday. I was not remotely interested in the game, and i surely didn't yell at all. I also didn't fall asleep in the 3rd quarter because it was so exciting. I didn't wake up in time to meet my co-workers to decorate for the office decorating contest. Which we did not take 1st Place in. We didn't have the best stuff, like always and I'm not proud in the slightest. I did not see the looks of envy on the other departments faces and we shouldn't go down in company history for being the freaking best.

We are not doing our department secret Santa's tomorrow and I'm not super excited about that. I did not spend hours icing sugar cookies (refer to yesterdays post) to bring in for this event and I'm not happy with the results at all.

so that's my no me Monday.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Super Special me Sunday

Check out my cute cookies i made over the weekend.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Who said that?

1.)Allergies much?
2.) Worst dentist experience ever.
3.) Describe a "new road" you've taken in your life.
4.) What would you say to a mouse who could talk?
5.) Who is the best listener you know? What makes him or her such a good listener?

Ahh Mama Kat. I don't have much time. Which one should i pick? I don't even know if I'll get it posted tomorrow. Please don't forget me my dear bloggy friends. I will try.

If i knew a mouse that could talk what would i say to him?

I'm pretty sure after i stopped screaming and cowering on the chair like some little ninny. I would say something profound and earth shattering like, "Did you just talk?" Yeah I'm pretty sure it would be something just like that. And after his/her's (how do you really know) squeaky responses, i would most likely faint. Oh come on. I'm honest. those of you who say you would discuss world event's the vast sewage system of your town, or hobbies....are liers. You would scream, jump, faint, check the ingredients on the bottle of whatever wine you had been consuming, and then scream again when the mouse assures you that YES that was him, and YES he can talk. After I finished all the screaming, jumping and hiding in the closet, which the mouse could obviously get into and more then likely has much better knowledge of how to navigate said closet, I think I would ask him what his favorite type of cheese is? Maybe ask how he gets the peanut butter off the trap without setting it off, and if he can do anything cool with his tail. those would be my questions. Oh and maybe if he saw me consuming anything that read MAY CAUSE HALLUCINATIONS. or in mouse writing something with a bright label and a sad face. After a few days of bonding chompin on cheese and throwing back a few bottles of wine we might move onto conversations about hobbies, world events, and the sewage system layout.......ok ok maybe not world events. But I'm pretty sure everyday would start out "uhm....hello little mouse I think...i know I know this sounds crazy....but hum......yesterday I thought that maybe we were..........uhm....carring on a conversation? Oh hah we you're talking today again? Ok well just checking.

O Christmas Tree.....I'm so sorry

Our company, which is obviously run by pants pooping monkey's put up their Christmas tree yesterday. I had hoped to post a wonderful picture of what seemed on the outskirts to be a promising tree this year. However, hopes and dreams are squashed here at YNC. So much like myself and my future this tree was doomed the moment upper management put their hairy, smelly monkey fingers on it at the tree lot. Fitting it seems. YNC the place trees come to face total damnation. Our poor tree. It would be laughed right out of school, if it attended school. I bet at night it cowers in the dark praying no one tells it's treey friends what has become of it. Sure, much like myself, this tree thought a future with YNC could be bright and promising. This ivory tower newspaper building must offer some type of hope for tomorrow. Nope. The only bright future this tree has is from the fluorescent light directly above it. and I don't mean the star, as this tree is lacking one.

See the monkeys sent their minions to procure the tree. Now they didn't do a half bad job. From what I heard (while eavesdropping) while watching the tree be put up (all 5 times) was that they had haggled the cost down to $60. Yes $60 for this huge tree. Pretty darn good negotiating. Maybe they should get those people in on our health insurance meetings. You know the one where they decided to bump our deductible up to $1500. Yeah If you have any cold medicine laying around not being used feel free to Fed Ex it to me. I wont be seeing a doctor for.....ever again.

So the monkey's in training bring the afore mentioned tree back to monkey headquarters, beat their chests, eat bananas and toss a few handfuls of poop around the room, all the while wearing tiny suits and clapping cymbals. So lets see if i can draw you a picture in words of what happen next.

Up goes tree. Oh to big can't even stand up. down comes tree. They break out some scissors, yes my friends scissors, and snip off about 6 inches. Now The fact that the ceiling tiles were shoved WAY UP into the roof, should have alerted this crew of monkeys in training to the fact that 6 inches wouldn't be nearly enough. oh well let's see (visualize.)

Up goes tree. Up goes ceiling tiles. Monkey's make monkey noise. Down comes tree. snip snip snip more twigs gone and scissors break.

up goes tree. Up goes tiles. Uhm?? Now what. A bunch of monkeys stand around looking and picking bugs off each other. Some how they cut off more of the tree, thinking back they must have gnawed through the bark and sap with those big honking monkey teeth.

Up goes tree. Wow super tight fit. down comes tree. Almost there little buddies.

Up goes tree. Monkeys say forget the star wont fit.

So the trees up and that's when they realize that they don't have nearly enough decorations to do this glorious tree justice. So this my friends is what we are left with.

Sad isn't it. a Gosh darn shame. Can you imagine this beautiful tree up with these crap ass decorations. Stupid poop throwing pant wear monkeys. The sad thing is this is day 2 and no progress has been made on getting more decorations for the tree. UGLY with a big UGLY .

So I'm off...(not just today everyday) work. Not just today but the next 4 days. I'll be baking my yummy goodness tomorrow and Friday. Wish me luck, patience, and yummy goodness. I'm not sure if i will be able to do Mama Kat's workshop tomorrow due to the fact I don't have a computer at home. Yeah we don't have much electric in the cave i live in. And i still cook my rabbit I caught on the way home over an open pit fire. What can i say I'm not up with this new technology like computers :)

I wont be able to post in Mr. Linky tomorrow, but when i get a chance I'll stop by and read what you guys had to say. Maybe I'll be bale to post, I'm not sure.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gift number 2

The local funeral homes (the smart ones) butter us up every year at Christmas (literally) with popcorn, tins of chips, candy, and pens (not so swift those guys). Well today we received our 2nd gift of the season.
Uhm? Nothing says Christmas like a humongous chunk of Hershey's chocolate with the funeral home name written in BLOOD RED! Seems an odd choice of color to me. When i say humongous, i mean it. check out my hand in the photo. It's big. My stomach hurts just looking at it. WOWSER Scooby!

Insanely awesome randomness that is ME

So Sam over at tagged me today in her 50th post!!!! Hooray for her! You're good Sam, I was in desperate need of something to post today. Thank you so much for spurring my post. Which Is #60 for me!!!
The rules:
1. Link to the person where you received it
2. Share 7 random/weird facts about yourself
3. Tag 7 Random people at the end of your post and include links
4. Let 'em know they were tagged.
So 7 random facts about me?? I wow, where to start. Is 7 enough? hum? I'm a pretty random person.
1. I have trouble sleeping at someone else house. This is not something that bothered me when I was younger, we always had sleepovers at friends but sometime after college it got really bad. I also have trouble sleeping when there's someone else in the bed, led to some very long nights of being awake when I had a boyfriend. (not in that way guys)
2. I can fit my fist in my mouth. Stupid person trick. Don't ask how I found that out, I'm pretty sure it had something to do with a sleepover and some not so pg-13 talking.
3. My first name should have been Amylee but the hospital messed up (I think it was an act of God) and put Lee as my middle name.
4. I hate the snow. It might have something to do with the horrific sledding accident I had when I as in 6th grade. It involved ice, me and some serious damage to one side of my face. Lucky for me no major marks. Words you never want to hear, "Look at all that blood" in reference to you.
5. I pick my nose. and I'm not sorry about it.
6. I use all the hot water EVERY morning. Yes I understand I could save gallons of water if I shortened my shower time, but I could also save gallons of water, tons of food and space, if I shortened your life expectancy. which sounds like the more green option. you have your morning coffee I have my morning shower. Bug off.
7. I went through a phase (roughly 7 years) when I wouldn't drink anything I couldn't see through. don't ask. No clue.
Those are only a few of the totally random things about me. Maybe you'll get more when I hit the magic 100! which I'm sure will be around March. So it's tough to tag people because I still don't have many bloggy friends, and the ones I do have were tagged by the great and wonderful Steelers Fan SAM! how about our boy Troy Sunday night, yeah interception. Wow totally off track, stay focused Amy.
I'll tag Kitty because she is my real life bestest friend. and she just loves when i do this stuff. You should check out her No me Monday post from yesterday.
Darcie over at Mom on the Edge because our girl could use a little love and encouragement right now. Plus I have to show love to the girl who introduced me to my first frat party!
La Pixie gets tagged because her blogs crack me up.
So there you go. 3 people. I'm not one for conformity, I'm a rule breaker, a rebel, I'm blazing this trail by posting 3 instead of 7. So if you read this, leave me some love and feel free to post the tag yourself. If you do let me know so I can read about your random awesomeness!

Hell. Have you been?

So I’m confused. Yeah I know you all must be so shocked by that statement. What doesn’t confuse me you might be asking yourself? Well I don’t know. I can rattle off a laundry list of things that do.

That damn I before E rule, that really hold almost no water.

Big Brother, no not mine, the show. But yeah mine also, he makes about as much sense as my spelling and grammar (LOL word just marked 3 of my last 4 words as spelled incorrectly). Twosha (?) word.

Algebra. Wow I had Alge 1 and 2 both twice, I’m slow on the uptake what can I say, and still no clue.

World hunger. What’s that about? I don’t trust that old Santa looking guy who wants my 30 cents. Really, 30 cents and I like basically own a child. No really OWN a CHILD! I see what you’re thinking but lets be honest, If I’m supplying the child with food, an education and a home, I own said child. I tell them when they can eat (I pay for it) I tell them if they can go to school or not (I pay for it) I give them water, I OWN THEM! So No thanks Santa I’m pretty sure there’s a proculation against owning people. Look it up. I’m no slave owner.

Peaches and cream, you know what I mean?

But I really don’t understand how it can be so cold in HELL. I mean maybe I’m wrong. (glancing around) but this appears to be hell to me. I have never actually been to hell, I know it’s hard to believe, but I have been told more then once I’ve earned myself a one-way ticket to eternal damnation. I hope the flight doesn’t get over booked that would really piss me off. Could you imagine having to fly standby to hell. Wow imagine the people who fly first class. Hitler, Stalin, that weird exercise guy with the ponytail and fanny pack….I don’t know his name, but I’m sure he’s on the plane to hell, the dude inside the Barney costume. All puppet-wearing people should be on the fast track to hell if you ask me. For some reason our office must always be at 50 degrees (that’s being generouse). Should my hands be cold as I’m typing? My skin gets really groos looking when I’m cold. All splotchy and discolored. Trust me it’s gross. Ask Kitty she’ll confirm this fact. It was so gross we couldn’t even be friends at first because of it. Trust me gross. I swear to Buddha that my nipples just packed up and jumped off my body and are hitch hiking to California or New Mexico. What I don’t know where nipples go other then in mouths? Literally this just happen. Bye bye guys. I swear after a day of throbbing nipples I’m kind of glad they packed up and left, although this could be hard to explain in the heat of the moment sometime. “Well one day at work, it was really cold so they said peace out and left. Huh? Just like this, hey where are you going kind sir?” Oh I can’t wait!
Well I have work to do so peace out……………..

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Not me Monday

I've never done this but here goes. To check out more Not me Mondays go to

I did not spend all weekend helping my parents do more remodeling stuff. I have not spent 5 out of my last 6 weekends helping them remodel their house.
I did not buy a pint of Edy's Mint Chocolate ship brownie ice cream and I most certainly did not eat the whole container while playing on the computer and watching the hallmark channel.

I did not spend $66 on baking supplies and i certainly did not use my club card and clip coupons that would have saved me $25. I did not pile all my baking goods on the table and salivate over them.

I did not make plans with Mike to go on our annual Christmas shopping trip together, and I am differently not excited about that.

I'm not going to Julies tonight and will not see her and Pam, together, for the first time in over a month.

I didn't purchase two bottles of win yesterday for Julie and Keith's birthdays and i surely didn't buy them because the goat on the front of the bottle was cute. I did not then take the bottles home and wrap them in tissue paper and tie them with ribbons so it would look like I put way more effort into them then i did.

I did not go home last night and fall asleep watching America's most wanted. I did not watch Cops and laugh hysterically when the dog bite a guy trapped in a Mexican restaurant. I did not repeatedly say "I love this show".

I did not tell my brothers girlfriend that nothing less then a Steelers Jersey would be acceptable for my Christmas present, and I surely did not tell her of two stores at the mall where she could find one, and i really didn't express the number I wanted.

I did not spend all day Friday with my dad hanging the new chair rail in order to score a free dinner out of my mom. I didn't suggest we go to Chiles because of the cute guy that works there, and I didn't eat my whole yummy buffalo chicken fajitas. I didn't also score a free lunch from my dad for the same work.

I didn't learn how to lay linoleum tiles in my parents dinning room, and I didn't enjoy doing it.

I didn't whine about the temp. at Deaksters house until he got out the electric blanket. And i really didn't cover my eyes during parts of Cloverfield. I did not watch Cloverfield and I did not enjoy it more then i thought I would. I was not happy with that movie choice.

I'm not looking forward to my four days off this week and I'm not looking forward to Christmas.

Super Special me Sunday

Last years Christmas baking!
So I love to bake. LOVE to bake. Not like Oh isn't it fun to make cupcakes once in a great while. I love to back. While my creations aren't anything super great. They are yummy. But I wouldn't be making Martha Stewart do a double take or anything. I make cupcakes, whenever i can come up with an acceptable reason. That usually means when ever their will be more then 3 people at a function. I have the cupcake tree to put them in, a special cupcake carrier, Thanks mommy! I Love baking. I'll make cookies just for something to do. To me it's relaxing. I'm the girl who ALWAYS wants to do the cookies exchange at work. That's me. Ms. Cookie exchange. Well last year since money was tight and because my whole family got together to stage an intervention for mom, she's not such a great baker, I decided to bake for everyone last year. Sounds easy my friends. It wasn't. I made gift bags for I believe 8 different people. hold on ,1,1,3, 1,1,1,1,1,1...stick that 11 people. That's a ton of cookies. No really roughly a metric ton of cookies is what I produced. Two days of baking and nearly $100 of tins later I had wonderful gift bags. Each bag consisted of 3 tins. a large one full of choc. chip cookies, cowboy cookies, nuggets of joy, and choc peanut butter cookies. The medium size tin held peanut cup kisses, and thumbprints with dove bars and drizzled chocolate. Then there was a round tall tin that held pretzel treats. Yummy! Plus each bag had a small loaf of bread, cranberry or cinnamon bread. YUMTASTICAL! That is the only word (?) that is fitting for the bags of yummy greatness i gave everyone. YUMMY GOODNESS!

The easiest yummiest treats every.
So today I took my list, my coupons I've been hording and headed off to the grocery store to stock up on cookie materials. WOWSER! I spent $66 on supply and there's still a few things I need to get. I wont lie. I cheat on the peanut butter cup cookies. I use store bought peanut butter cookie dough. come on people. I have way to many cookies to bake to make the dough for all of them from scratch. I use store bought sugar cookie dough for the nuggets of joy (sugar cookies stuffed with milk way bars). this year I also purchased some cookie dough from one of the ladies at work. See she was peddling crap for 4-H I believe and they had cookie dough, however this dough was ll the dry ingredients in a bucket. You just have to add eggs and butter. Come on how great is that. I don't have to worry about making room in the freezer or frig to keep it until i need it. I stuck it in the cabinet. GREAT! So I took off work Thursday to bake. Yes my friends that is correct I TOOK OFF WORK TO BAKE. See last year I baked on Friday and Saturday (my two days off) well this time I decided maybe I would allow myself more time. this way I might not have to bake 2 days 10 hours each day. That's a lot of baking. I have a 4 day weekend this weekend so I'll have plenty of time to bake all my yummy greatness! Here's to yummy greatness!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Writers workshoppe!

uhm?? I already did the first prompt because Sam tagged me so that's out. My pets are usually pretty well behaved so #4 is out. That leaves my high school friends or the reality TV show prompt. Hum? I shall go with the high school friends.

I still have a contact with a select few of my high school friends.

First Taylor. She's my BFF. We do everything together 9or have at least once.....well almost everything). We talk 5-6x's a week. We know each other's extended family, we are family.

We've gotten into so much trouble. SO MUCH TROUBLE. I mean I've never vomited in any of my other friends Dad's Mercedes. I've never thrown up in anyone elseses nieces Christianising cups from to much drinking. I've never drank in a hotel room with a bunch of hot Marines with anyone else (well Julie was there also). NONE of my other friends have ever had to change my clothes after a night of drinking because I was SO intoxicated that I couldn't even form a sentence. Needless to say she is a keeper. me, not so much :)

Let's see then there's Michelle. I don't see her nearly as much as I would like. See I went to college in Western Pa and she went to college in Central PA. then I graduated and moved back here and she finished up and moved to Pittsburgh for grad school. Hum Michelle I just left there what are you doing? So now we see each other over the holidays and when we get a chance. She's fun. This photo is from a weekend trip home to york.

My last girl friend from high school I still talk to is Erica. I don't have a photo of her. she moved to Mississippi right after she finished culinary school, so i really don't see her much. She's been home ONCE since she moved there. ONCE! I went down ONCE for her wedding. I was the maid of honor after all. We have completely different schedules so I never get to talk to her. but she's my girl. she introduced me to the greatest little snack called muddy buddies!! YUMMY.

Now there's a few guys from high school I still talk to. Mike, Brad, and Terry. Mike was in my post yesterday. he also has an awesome web site check it out sometime. You can refer to his photo from yesterday's post. Terry I've known FOREVER! Since elementary school sometime. He's funny. Brad and i have none each other since high school. We had Spanish class together. and I think gym. Plus we all worked at Weis markets together so that's where the friendships really bloomed into a mess of trouble and hijinks's.

Terry & Me

Brad & Me

These photos are from mike's wedding. What can i say you can dress them up but you can't make Terry act normal. Brad is getting married this summer to a girl we worked with at Weis Markets (we're a keep it in the Weis Markets family kind of group). Tom and Melissa are married and they worked with us also. CRAZY!

so there is my writing assignment for this week. I feel like i took the less creative of the 4. but it could be because I'm just not feeling overly funny or creative right now. I'm tired and grumpy. Maybe that holiday cheer is pulling the rest of my body and soul down! maybe it's the threats of pending bodily harm from sad holiday cheer ;) I don't know I'm feeling blue today. I'm stoked for warm apple cider at work today! It's our count down to Christmas fun. We start today and have something different everyday. Christmas cookies, hot chocolate, and warm apple cider. My favorite!

Stop over at Mama Kat's and check out what my new bloggy friends have to say

Photo DAY!

This is my favorite photo from my vacation in Colorado. I think it captures the beauty of a fresh snowfall in the Rockey's. This photo was from early April, it flurried all morning and during our drive up into the mountains. It is to date the most beautifully thing I've seen in my 27 years.

I have the 8x10 black and white version of this hanging in my living room. i feel like I can just reach out and touch the snow.

Stop over and check out the rest of the photos at

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

So Sam from Yes, I know "Sam" is a boy's name tagged me to do a meme. How Nice of her. thank you! And I think chance will completely understand why you posted that nice picture of him showing himself as such a ladies man! The rules go something like this: post and write about the 6th picture from (the 6th folder of?) your Flickr account and then do the same for the 6th picture of the 6th folder on your computer. I much like Sam do not have a flicker account. Come on, I'm lucky I'm capable of operating a camera most days. so I grabbed a Photo from the 6 folder on my myspace page (yes I am like 13-years old, thanks for asking) and I grabbed a photo from the 6th folder on my computer. so here goes!

This is me and my BGF (best guy friend) Mike at his wedding. Don't I look like a hottie. He doesn't look to bad, I guess. Love ya MIKE!

This beauty is from outside Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. I thought it was really cool. Yes people I am easily amused and impressed. Go figure.

So Now we are to tag people. hum???

I'll tag Darcie, because She always has cute pictures of her kids and when aren't cute kids pictures fun!

Maybe Kitty will post a nice picture from her visit to the Brady circus over Thanksgiving. Those could be comical.

and finally..........(drum roll please)

I pick Becky because We haven't heard much from her in the last week or so. Maybe She'll grant us a another peak at her Christmas tree.

Sam I love the fireworks over Pittsburgh, I went to College out that way and I always loved the Pittsburgh view. thanks for the tag!

O Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree you are so freaking COOL!

I love Christmas. I love shopping, I love decorating. i love baking. I love the whole kit and caboodle (not to be confused with those lame plastic makeup cases). I think I get most of it from my Dad. He was always big on holiday decorating. My mom would often get VERY nervous when Dad and i went shopping for Christmas lights and decorations. We always came home with tons of things. I just love Christmas. I like giving gifts, getting gifts, and just the whole holiday feel. I love Christmas music, Christmas movies, I just love it all. This will be my second Christmas in my apartment, and while I still don't have the extra money to buy all the decorations I want to make it feel like Christmas. I did put my tree up last night. I call it my Charlie Brown Christmas tree and it's super cute. It's small and tiny but so is my apartment so it fits right in. I LOVE IT! It's nothing great but it's all mine! I used red and gold ornaments and my 2 M&M ornaments. So here are a few pictures of my cute little tree for your viewing pleasure. ENJOY!

Like my hurricane glass full of left over balls on my book shelf? CREATIVE ME!
When Christmas trees become possessed and burst into flames!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Super Special me Sunday

So for this installment of Super Special me Sunday I ask that you do a few things for me a) pretned it's sUNDAY and not MONDAY, as I was out of town yesterday b) put on your sense of hunor hats and c) humor me by laughing at the funny htings that made me laugh.

Come on that stuff was funny. Maybe not side splitting funny like my friends over at but funny none the less. Hope you enjoyed some of them. which was your favorite?

Back to grind

How about those steelers!

One big holiday down and one bigger holiday to go. Oh boy. I think I'll put my tree up tonight if I have time after work, and by time I mean if I'm feeling put to it. If I'm not to lazy or still to exhausted from my long weekend away. I spent the weekend in Crisfield, Md., at my aunts house. Think of the most run down remote town you can and then think 10 times worse, that's crisfield. Nothing to do but get dirty and roll around in mud. Or fish, but it's winter and a little chill for that now. So we did the next best thing, went hunting. What a time that was. My cousin was going out for the first time with her husband, I've hunted since I was 12 so I'm not new to this. However it has been a few years since the last time i went out so we were quite the comical sight. It was my cousin her husband, her youngest son, her dad, me and our friend Bailey (for those of you who read my post about the guy and our "ship", that's him). Boy were we a sight in our awesome hunting clothes her in a full body cameo suit and me in my orange pants and jacket. We were HOTT! Her husband made us get up at 4 a.m. Yes my friends 4 in the A.M. we had to be out in the woods by 5:15-5:30, why I don't know. The sun didn't come up until after 7 a.m. But he's a skilled hunter so whatever. We all split up once we got out into the woods. Bailey walked me to my tree stand and helped me get up in it, what a swell guy. then he left me there alone and went down to his tree stand. My tree stand was about the size of a phone booth, which happens to be the name we use to reference it. The phone booth stand. So Inside is a chair. An office style chair so you can spin around from side to side to look out the 4 windows. Well I got bored and just spun around on the chair a bunch, wonder why i didn't see any deer? Bailey said he could see me moving around and was wondering what I was doing. Just passing some time pal. WE were out there 5-6 hours before we all traipsed back into my aunts house for a nice warm breakfast. then we spent the day working in their chicken houses. They raise chickens for Tyson. Nothing like working in chicken shit and saw dust all day to make the time fly by. It wasn't to bad. We had a surprisingly good time.

I rode down Friday with Bailey(it's a 4 hour drive), all by myself like a big girl, and I wasn't sure how that would go. See we have a bit of a history, a long sorted history, but thankfully the trip was fine. We talked, we laughed, we sang, we had a good time. I'm pretty sure he didn't absolutely hate it. I have to say the ride down and the ride home, were much better then I ever could have thought. He's not always a jerk. He's not always a saint either. All in all I would say the weekend scored some good marks. I did get turn down by him Saturday night which was upsetting, but what can you do. I bounced back, I'm still a little bummed about that but mostly I bummed about my relationship status en general. It wasn't bad. We had fun. And I didn't absolutely hate him when it was over. We shall call this progress.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Crisfield...I'm coming

Off for my weekend away. Here I come Crisfield!! Should be an......interesting time.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

What I'm really thankful for

Enjoy this wonderful Turkey Art I stumbled upon while surfing the adult sites, I mean while working. I thought it was funny. I added the color via MS Paint. Oh the secret talents I have. You would be so surprised and thoroughly impressed with my capabilities. So today is Turkey day. Oh boy. The day we give thanks for all the things that have happen this year, and all the things everyone tells us we should be thankful for. So who decides what is a good thing to be thankful for and what is something you don't mention. For example. I'm thankful for condoms, no babies here yet. I'm thankful for cold draft beer, good rum and thick steaks. I'm thankful for the Steelers, good looking guys, and good sex. I'm thankful for hot dogs, my dog max, corn dogs, the fair, and sheetz mto's. I'm thankful for not being hung over this thanksgiving, friends with benefits (otherwise I wouldn't ever get any benefit's) and ice cream. My mom said those aren't the things I should be thankful for. I should be thankful for my health, minus that bout of pink eye, the sinus infection, really bad sprained ankle, migraines, chronic colds over the summer and two week long aunt Flo visits. Yeah my health, that's working real well for me. I should be thankful for my job, which I hate and doesn't even come close to paying my bills, with hours that make it almost impossible to get a part time job and which told us NO ONE is getting a raise this year. Yeah I'm real thankful for this place. I should be thankful for my family. I am, for the most part. When they aren't driving me up the wall. But really how many times can you hear I'm thankful for my health, my family and that we are all here to enjoy this dinner before you want to take your desert fork and plunge it into your eye. Really. Come on people. Be different. My list is different. Maybe it's not PG 13, maybe Nana did choke on her turkey at the mention of condoms, porn and sex, but maybe Nana shouldn't have been such a hog and waited until everyone finished our little lists before chomping into her plate of thanksgiving yummy goodness. The nerve of some people. Telling me what I SHOULD be thankful for.
My mom asked my nephew, "Kanyon, do you know what Thanksgiving is for" and he responded with an answer that earned him a high five over the stuffing bowl, "Yeah Nanny it's for STUFFING OUR FACES!" I love that kid. Seems maybe he should have gotten a talking to for an answer like that nanny! Of course then my mom proceeded to tell him about the harvest and eating with the Indians which caused him to say "Oh yeah pilgrims I've heard this before nanny!" and he earned another high five for SHUTTING NANNY DOWN! He told my mom they had a play at school and he was a pilgrim, he said he didn't want to be an Indian because the pilgrims had cooler hats to wear. (high five) and I quickly added "yeah you didn't want to get small pox, forced off your land and then killed either huh" (no high five for me). He totally left me hanging.
To be honest I'm thankful for my families health, no trips to the hospital this year, always a plus. I'm thankful for my job even if it keeps me just high enough to not be considered poor. but I'm still broke and have a ton of bills I can't pay, and I really do loath this job. I'm thankful for my friends, what a weird crazy, mixed up bunch of tools. But I love them all. I'm thankful my car is fixed and I'm thankful for my up coming days off. But I'm still thankful for all the things listed above and i see those as perfectly acceptable things to be thankful for. So up yours mom!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

R.I.P. Insanely Awesome man

This tpoic might not seem to wonderful but I think of it more as a celebration of life (must be the obit clerk in me coming out). I'm an obit clerk at our local paper, occasionally I'll get an obit for someone I don't know but that I recognize from the world. Someone I've seen over the years at the grocery store, or someone I know who lived near my grandmother, whatever. Well yesterday we got the obit for a gentleman that most of York County has seen. A guy anyone who ever attended any of the Harley events here would know. Larry Geier. While the name might not ring any bells for most people, the image sure does.

See! How could you forget this image roaring down route 30. Yes my blogger friends those are basset hounds wearing flight goggles, leather caps and riding on a motorcycle. I'm sorry but how FUCKING cool is this! I think this guy rocks (ed)! He was always around int he summer, during fair week, bike weekend, and all the time. How cool does the dog on the left look, he's big old ears blowing in the wind! I love this. This was part of his obit picture. We did a double photo of this and a photo of just him. I love this picture how cool. Here's the little article that ran on the web site yesterday.

My First AWARD!

Many thanks to Darcie for bestowing upon me this wonderful award! I've never gone an awards before. I've been tagged and mentioned but this is my first real blogger award!! Fitting it should come from you Darcie. My pal who shared many a journalism classes with me and the one person, I know for sure, that cringes when they read my blog from all the typos and poor sentence structure. I LOVE YOU! You like me, YOU REALLY LIKE ME!

Here are the rules for this one:

1. Mention the blog that gave it to you and comment on their blog to let them know you’ve posted your award.
2. Publish these rules.
3. Share 6 values that are important to you and 6 things you do not support.
4. Grant the prize to 6 people.

Six Important Values/Beliefs:

1. Aside from sex, baking is the best stress reliever.
2. Good friends make the world go around.
3. I'd rather love me for me and you love for being someone else.
4. Children need to breath fresh air, turn off the tv.
5. Home isn't always where the heart is.
6. With family, more can be way to much.

Six Values/Beliefs I do NOT support:

1. Brat dolls, what the hell are they making those jerky faces for?
2. Skinny jeans ~ I agree but skinny jeans on guys! What the hell. You aren't a rocker move on.
3. Sleeping your way to the top.
4. That theres an easy fix for this mess we call our economy.
5. That Ford really can get me a great deal on a new car. you can't even save yourselves!
6. Make-up before the age of 13.

My six people...... this could be a challenge. Uhm? I like all the blogs I read. Six? here goes
1. Kitty @
2. Sam_I_Am @
3. La Pixie @
4.Diane @
5.Rachel @
6. Melissa @

Enjoy friends!