Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mess of Information

So I've been seeing someone (?) is that what you call it. I don't know I'm SO out of practice with the whole dating THING. Ugh. But I don't think I'm bad at it....per say. I mean we've been out 3 times with our 4th date taking place tonight. So I must not be to HORRIBLE or AWKWARD to be around. If so.......well I guess he likes it then. It's fun.......I know, I know. McMean a/k/a/ McUnfriendly is having fun making a new friend.................Why yes. Yes i am. See i'm not always a mean person!! Someone please relay this information to my friends, as I'm sure they will laugh hysterically in your face.

So aside from the adventures in dating.......not much is going on with me. Working....A LOT. But I'm looking forward to my 10 days off coming up in 10 days! no big plans.....I would love to hit the beach, but I doubt that will happen. Preggers and I are going to Philly for a few days...just to get away. And I'll end my week off with a trip to the Eastern Shore of Maryland for some McMean Family fun. That might be the closest I get to the beach.....a nice day on the bay. But it's not who cares!

I bought new stuff for my deck and made it look all nice. Check it out!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

1 year old

This is a bit late. But preggers little boy turned the BIG 1. on May 31!

Happy Birthday LOGAN!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

3decades PLUS another 365 days


31 years.............................of nothing but PURE joy and love.........well maybe not NOTHING BUT......

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad, I hope one day I'm celebrating 30+ years with the love of my life.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


it's summer

Ahh a SUMMER, how I love YOU! I'm not a cold weather person. NOT AT ALL. I hate the cold! I'd love to live someplace warm, surrounded by beaches and water. Ahh that sounds great. Anyone know a good places like that? Oh yeah it needs to be free as.........I'm not very how do you say.......I'm broke as a joke 90% of the time. Anywho. summer time in my family means hanging out at my parents pool.......(when you are to broke to go to a real beach). If you squint your eyes just right and knock yourself over the head you will think those "waves" rolling in across that crystal clear water are big salt water waves (when there really just bumps from Kanyons last cannonball), or that the lava hot deck you just raced across was warm toasty sand. but it wasn't. And then you realize that's not a biplane flying around with one of those 50% off everything at Waves Superstore's the creepy neighbor mowing his lawn, who apparently only needs to mow the part that gives him a clear view to your pool,.....creepy. So here is how our summer has started
Kanyon spent a ton of time spraying everyone with these stupid water launchers.

Sarah got her first taste of the pool. She looks thrilled, No?

At least Logan LOVED the water!

Sarah and Logan meet for the first time. Logan wasn't sure if she was real, but realized she didn't look like the same baby that follows him EVERYWHERE and looks at him in the mirror.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

It happen at work.

A little amount of background on ME! I'm an obit clerk for our local newspaper........(cricks chirping). Yes, i get that a lot, dead silence (pardon the pun) after i mention what i do, most people don't know how to react. The typical "Oh that sounds like a fun job, or, Do you like what you do" doesn't seem the same. Not like i just said I'm a ice cream shop owner or a part time clown. I write OBITS. Not the happiest of times. But OH my........the stories I could tell.

One day while minding my own business at work (google surfing and blogging) my phone rang. Upon answering the phone I was greeted with not your customary "Hello, I'm so and so calling to ask a few questions".....oh no. What follows is one of the oddest conversations to HAPPEN at WORK.

Me~ Obit desk, McMean speaking
Crazy Lady~ Where in the hell do you people get off running stories in your paper about what a great person this guy was.......He was horrible! You ran stories on the front page....... and don't even get me started on his obit! All the lies and half truths you wrote about him make me sick!
Me~ (WTF) hmmm.......Mrs. CL. are you calling to make corrections on an obit or to an editorial story.
CL~ Both aren't you listening..........He was a horrible man who ran around on his wife while she was dieing of cancer......dated my mom and she never knew about this other lady then married my mom and kept her prisoner. I had to kidnap her for her own safety. Doesn't say that in his obit does it?
Me~ doesn't sound like you were involved in placing the obit with the family and the funeral home, there isn't really anything i can.......
Me~ Mrs......
CL~ Where did you get the stuff you put in his obit you named one wife and he was married a few times.....
Me~ All the information comes from the funeral home and is supplied to them by his family.
CL~ Well it's all lies...........You should run a retraction because he was horrible he wasn't this great guy the paper makes him out to be
Me~ We can't just run a retraction because YOU didn't like him..
CL~ Oh you don't know anything your stupid
Me~ Have a nice day (CLICK)

she called back to complain that I hung up on her. I'm pretty sure it was justified.

So what did everyone else write about?? Mama Kat's

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Life is all smiles and bunny rabbits!

So I did it. That's right ladies and gentlemen......I. Did. It. IT! and it was .......pretty FUN!

What? You think I'm talking about........Oh come on people get your heads out of the gutters. I didn't do that. I did it.....went on my first date with someone off Try to follow along please.

Last night I mean the guy I've been corresponding with (I feel so Anderson Cooper like saying that....corresponding) via email and instant messenger. Seems neither of us had anything much to do last night so he mentioned getting dinner and I figured. Hey. I like Food. Why not. So i did it. I went on a date, for like the first time in........well FOREVER. I mean really..........G.W. Bush was running for re-election the last time i went on a first date.......I know that seems like FOREVER ago....because, it was but....................The last guy i was talking to stood me up three times. 3x's. 3x's. I'm not sure who I'm more mad at him or myself for giving him that many chances to stand me up. It's a slight epidemic in my life.....I've been stood up more times then i can count. So my only expectation last night was that I just really hoped it showed up. and....He did.

We went to Panera Bread (nice and low key casual) at 6 p.m. closed the place down at 9 p.m. (there's something for the fmaily news letter lol ) and then stood at outside loitering for another 30-40 minutes. But it was fun. And looking back there was really no need for me to be so nervous. We decided at like 2:30 we would meet for dinner so I didn't have that few days build up, to figure out what to wear and all that goofy girl junk, which i think might have been better. I had a very nice time. So.....we shall see what happens next. Stay Tuned!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Spent the weekend dodging rain drops and hanging out at the pool (a.k.a my parents house). Have to get some of my photos up from Logan's birthday, memorial day, kim's baby shower, and the hot air balloons. Man. I really need a computer of my own to keep at home with internet. IMAGINE all the things i could get done. I could..............................take over the world!

The hot air balloon festival was this weekend directly across the street from my HOUSE. It was pretty cool to see the hot air balloons that up close and personal. I planned t go into the fairgrounds last night when they did the balloon glow...................HOWEVER it was called of due to ...................RAIN. boo!!!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sending out an S.O.S.!!!!!

So day number (hold on I'm counting on my the two) 5. It's day 5 of my online dating adventure. and it's going.................hmmmmm......well it's not going horrible, which is how my last online dating adventure went so I'm happy with this.

I'm still addicted to seeing how many people have viewed my profile and I STILL think it's horrible they give you that information. I'm assuming it's one of those "return on your investment" kind of things. Their way of saying........"See this is why you paid for this so ALL these guys (91 so far) can ogle you". I've received a few more winks and I've exchanged a couple emails with one guy in particular. We are currently doing the getting to know you questions......and this is where I NEED YOUR HELP! I'm not sure what to ask anymore. We've covered the family questions, he has a brother and a 6 year old son, (It's darn near impossible to find a guy who isn't either divorced or a dad, he is both of those things) he lives in the same area as me and he's an IT guy. So I need some question I can ask him.

this getting to know a person thing is ........HARD.

I've asked him his top 5 favorite songs of all time, one place he must see before he dies, and which trilogy is better the new or the old Star wars (he mentioned he liked Star Wars). but now I'm not sure what to ask. I need some go to questions...........Any advice my wonderful friends??? Any advice at all???

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Is there a 12 step program for this.......

So I'm addicted! I've got a problem and I'm MORE then willing to admit to it. Since my life has been lacking something for the last 5 years.........that be the company of a nice gentleman.......i decided to

Now I had previously signed up with Plenty of fish, if you aren't familiar with this site, its a FREE dating site. And the guys I've meant on there.............well................let's just say they weren't looking for a nice girl as much as they were looking to find a friend for the night. I only meant one guy from that site in person, he was nice enough. But he wasn't looking for anything serious and i wasn't looking for a booty call. I meant another guy who seemed REALLY nice but he blew me off to many times so I'm done with that site. I'm hoping that since that guys on actually are willing to shell out some money to be on the site they might take it a little more serious.'s were the addiction part comes into play. I'm addicted to seeing who's viewed my profile and I'm checking every half hour or so to see if anyone knew has viewed me, messaged me, winked at me, and so on. It's horrible. I'd rather not see that 50 guys have looked at my profile but only 3 have winked at me.........not the greatest odds. But since in reality I only need one guy to prove to be a good guy, maybe that's not so bad. I don't know. We shall see how this goes. I've chatted with two different guys. both seem nice enough, although I've learned EVERYONE seems nice on messenger.

I picked "Curvy" to describe myself. Sounded better then "a few extra pounds" or "full figured". I thought curvy sounded SEXY. But i made sure to put photos up that show how freaking AWESOME I really am. and Modest.

I'll keep you updated on my life on the dating site. Wish me luck!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fun in the sun

SO.........I was off for Memorial Day. FINALLY. some time off...even if it was just for the day. And it felt GREAT. I sat around with the family at my parents house in the sun and enjoyed the day. It was unbelievably HOT out. but the pool helped to fix the heat problem. Preggers, Mr. Preggers, and their little boy Logan, who's 1st birthday was Monday came over for the cookout also.

Big brother and his girlfriend brought my little niece (5 1/2 months) and my nephew (7 years old) over so we had the kid part covered.

It was nice to sit around and relax and chow down on some yummy summer food.

Logan enjoyed the pool, his first experience with such a thing. I think the boat helped.

We've had this baby boat since my nephew was little and Logan loved it right away. Come on....who wouldn't love this thing. I wish I had one for me. lounging in the pool making boat noises and steering my boat around while someone pushes me around. Now that's the LIFE.