Tuesday, December 2, 2008

O Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree you are so freaking COOL!

I love Christmas. I love shopping, I love decorating. i love baking. I love the whole kit and caboodle (not to be confused with those lame plastic makeup cases). I think I get most of it from my Dad. He was always big on holiday decorating. My mom would often get VERY nervous when Dad and i went shopping for Christmas lights and decorations. We always came home with tons of things. I just love Christmas. I like giving gifts, getting gifts, and just the whole holiday feel. I love Christmas music, Christmas movies, I just love it all. This will be my second Christmas in my apartment, and while I still don't have the extra money to buy all the decorations I want to make it feel like Christmas. I did put my tree up last night. I call it my Charlie Brown Christmas tree and it's super cute. It's small and tiny but so is my apartment so it fits right in. I LOVE IT! It's nothing great but it's all mine! I used red and gold ornaments and my 2 M&M ornaments. So here are a few pictures of my cute little tree for your viewing pleasure. ENJOY!

Like my hurricane glass full of left over balls on my book shelf? CREATIVE ME!
When Christmas trees become possessed and burst into flames!


Diane said...

You're so cheery! I want to smack you. OK, not really. No, I do. I do want to smack you. You're like Cindy Lou Who to my Grinch. Pfffft.

PS... I wouldn't smack you. Really. Even if I wanted to (which I do ;)

Slick said...

Yup, I like it!! Looks good!

But boy is it bright! ;)

Sam_I_am said...

you so need to come put my tree up. I never get motivated to do it. I mean, you're only like 3 hrs away, you could be home for work! :-D

btw, I tagged you.

free soul said...

really nice..
i like your decorations..
and yeah...mom's are always nervous when the daddy's take their daughters out fer shopping..lol.. ;D