Sunday, December 7, 2008

Super Special me Sunday

Last years Christmas baking!
So I love to bake. LOVE to bake. Not like Oh isn't it fun to make cupcakes once in a great while. I love to back. While my creations aren't anything super great. They are yummy. But I wouldn't be making Martha Stewart do a double take or anything. I make cupcakes, whenever i can come up with an acceptable reason. That usually means when ever their will be more then 3 people at a function. I have the cupcake tree to put them in, a special cupcake carrier, Thanks mommy! I Love baking. I'll make cookies just for something to do. To me it's relaxing. I'm the girl who ALWAYS wants to do the cookies exchange at work. That's me. Ms. Cookie exchange. Well last year since money was tight and because my whole family got together to stage an intervention for mom, she's not such a great baker, I decided to bake for everyone last year. Sounds easy my friends. It wasn't. I made gift bags for I believe 8 different people. hold on ,1,1,3, 1,1,1,1,1,1...stick that 11 people. That's a ton of cookies. No really roughly a metric ton of cookies is what I produced. Two days of baking and nearly $100 of tins later I had wonderful gift bags. Each bag consisted of 3 tins. a large one full of choc. chip cookies, cowboy cookies, nuggets of joy, and choc peanut butter cookies. The medium size tin held peanut cup kisses, and thumbprints with dove bars and drizzled chocolate. Then there was a round tall tin that held pretzel treats. Yummy! Plus each bag had a small loaf of bread, cranberry or cinnamon bread. YUMTASTICAL! That is the only word (?) that is fitting for the bags of yummy greatness i gave everyone. YUMMY GOODNESS!

The easiest yummiest treats every.
So today I took my list, my coupons I've been hording and headed off to the grocery store to stock up on cookie materials. WOWSER! I spent $66 on supply and there's still a few things I need to get. I wont lie. I cheat on the peanut butter cup cookies. I use store bought peanut butter cookie dough. come on people. I have way to many cookies to bake to make the dough for all of them from scratch. I use store bought sugar cookie dough for the nuggets of joy (sugar cookies stuffed with milk way bars). this year I also purchased some cookie dough from one of the ladies at work. See she was peddling crap for 4-H I believe and they had cookie dough, however this dough was ll the dry ingredients in a bucket. You just have to add eggs and butter. Come on how great is that. I don't have to worry about making room in the freezer or frig to keep it until i need it. I stuck it in the cabinet. GREAT! So I took off work Thursday to bake. Yes my friends that is correct I TOOK OFF WORK TO BAKE. See last year I baked on Friday and Saturday (my two days off) well this time I decided maybe I would allow myself more time. this way I might not have to bake 2 days 10 hours each day. That's a lot of baking. I have a 4 day weekend this weekend so I'll have plenty of time to bake all my yummy greatness! Here's to yummy greatness!


Diane said...

OK, first, you're insane. And second, what do I have to do to get on your gift list? Hmmmm?

I baked cookies... once. I nearly wrecked my kitchen and my sanity. And the cookies weren't even edible. Now they come out of a tin from the store (or off the roll... and I've been known to ruin those!)

Sam_I_am said...

I have trouble getting motivated to plop the Pillsbury break off ones on a tray and put them in the oven.

Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine said...

Yeah I was just counting the different types I'm making this year and I believe in the end it will be 11 different kinds.

Last year when i was finally done my whole body hurt. My feet hurt so bad, I swore i would not try to do it all in a day again.