Saturday, September 17, 2011

What IN the WORLD

I live in Pennsylvania. I'm considered "East Coast" but I'm not along the coast. the largest body of water to me is the Susquehanna River.

So why? Why? Why? Are we dealing with HURRICANE damage. WHY?

We have no ceiling in our insulation....can't use it..........and of course we are in the middle of a cold spell! AWESOME

The BF has had a MILD leak in the master bath for awhile........since forever......and once I moved in he finally called a roofer to fix the leak. Which is another run around story. no sooner had we had the "original" leak fixed. BAMN!!! Hurricane Ignorant IRENE. And suddenly the little leak we had fixed was back FULL throttle. After much debating the BF called his insurance company to look at the damage.

But since everybody within 100 billion miles of us was also calling it took over a week for them to get someone out to look at the issue. At which point the small leak we had contained to a small area had.........expanded. Soon water was leaking inside the wall down tot he first floor and dripping out of the archway (directly under neath). So Insurance guy shows up on Tuesday, says "we will give you X amount to fix all the drywall and fix the shingles on the roof, as we had a pile to show him that blew off. Ok Great.

WEDNESDAY (the very next day) we get roughly 6 inches of rain. 6 inches....mass flooding. Mass LEAKING. Suddenly the ceiling is leaking in about 6 places. it's leaking downstairs through the walls, the water is traveling through the ceiling and making water marks out into the bedroom. the water is pouring in around the trim at the windows on the first floor (directly under the majority of the leak upstairs). After much yelling and arguing about the POS house he bought, we hear BAMN!!! And this is what we find...only slightly messier.

So now we are again waiting for the insurance company to come out and let us know if they will us any more money. We've had three different roofers out and all 3 said "A whole new roof" is what we need. It rained no stop for 3 days. 3 days of dripping, bucket dumping, and the nasty smell of wet drywall, insulation, and just disgusted. If you know the smell you could pick up the strong stench of HATRED. We had the roof tarped to try and stop the helped but it still leaks

oh and the insurance lady told the BF when he called the second time it was OUR JOB to make sure the damage didn't get worst. OK. Thanks.