Monday, July 22, 2013

Random rant

I need a vacation. A good solid week of R&R. Nothing else. Just rest and relaxation...... And booze. Definitely booze. Booze makes everything better. 

It seems that all my 'vacation days' this year (aside from our honeymoon) were days I HAD to take to accomplish a bunch of STUFF.  

Had a few days in January which involved a 9 hour drive (both ways) to NC to help my best friend find a venue for her wedding and do a LOT of the planning in 3 DAYS. 

I had two days around our birthdays.....which ended up being spent house hunting. 

Two days in may MOVING!! Not the best vacation ever. 

I have one day coming up to recover from the bridal shower I'm putting together on my day off. 

And a bunch of days in September for......for my best friends wedding. We have tons to do leading up to the actual wedding. Her and I are flying in on Tuesday to prepare for the Saturday wedding.

Vacations are EXHAUSTING. 

I need a lay on the beach and enjoy the sun vacation.......maybe next year. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

In the now

I choose to write a post in the Current Style

So here goes

READING: I love reading.....but since I spend my days reading and formatting obituaries for our newspapers sometimes I just want to veg. I've been working my way through Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Dawn of the Dreadfuls which is an interesting read. A co-worker gave it to me or my birthday as we both share a ungodly love for the living dead, I gave her a book titled How to be a ZOMBIE. BUT I just started JOYLAND by Mr. Steven King and its great! I'm slightly ashamed to say that I haven't read much King in my life........ I've watched the movies and made for tv series based on his work (yup I've been one of THOSE people). Honestly I think the books would scare the BEEJEVVIES OUT OF ME. JOYLAND is very good, I just started it last night and was 100 pages in before bed and I thought OH I CAN'T WAIT TO READ MORE OF THIS.

WATCHING: Summer tv is well........summer tv. Not very good. So while I patiently await the return of BREAKING BAD I've recently caught up with MASTER CHEF. I love that show however, Great Baker was on at the same time so I had to pick. Lucky for me I was able to catch up with MC last weekend  on Demand. YIPPY.

LISTENING: The hubby picked up the most recent Miranda Lambert CD for me last night at Target. $4.40 in the AS IS bin........ Seems fine to me. I'll take it for that price. It's enjoyable.

DISLIKING: it's 98 degrees. Not the boy band, those guys can stop by any day. The temperature at 9:52 am. WHAT WHAT?? I am strongly disliking that. I'm afraid to go to moms for a dip in the pool.... What if I boil myself. 

WORKING ON: my best friend is getting married in 78 days so its my job to throw a wonderful bridal shower because she threw a wonderful shower for me last year. I've been busy working on shower decorations. We are creative people. No store bought decorations here. So far I have a tote full of tissue tassel garlands. And I'm working on a really cool collage or magazine cut outs and her pretty little face. Good times.

WANTING: I really wish there was a trip to the beach in my future.......alas not this summer. We honeymooned in Myrtle Beach, SC last September so that was our beach trip. I would love to feel the sand on my feet and hear the sounds of the ocean. I LOVE the beach.

Thanks for stopping by! 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It's all fun games until............

After work on Sunday hubby met me at my moms house for some family fun time. Mom, big brother, hubby, my sister-in-law, Sarah, kanyon and myself all enjoyed a n evening of swimming and pizza. And we had FUN. trust me that is a fete in its self as our last two family fun times events have ended with me fighting with someone and someone leaving. Yup. Good times with our family. 

But ot this time we swam ate pizza and swam again. We didn't g out of the pool until after 8pm. They set up my nieces new play slide so she could slide into the pool. She loved it. LOVED IT. 

(This is from Easter) 

Don't be fooled by her girly look and small stature. She is FEARLESS. Big brother just bought her her first 4 wheeler. Yup. 3 1/2 and she drives all over the place. If it moves and makes noise she loves it. trucks, motorcycles, four wheelers, go carts, EVERYTHING. She's more boy then anything. 

Two weeks ago after finishing a ride on the go cart with her Dad she got off and for whatever reason reached back and touched the muffler. OUCH!! She burnt her hand pretty good. She knows better. And when we asked her why she did it she said...... ' I just wanted to see if it was really hot'. YES SARAH IT IS.

I asked her about her 4 wheeler and she said 'oh it goes really fast but dad says DONT GO FAST..... So I don't go fast. I LOVE it.' It comes with a more control so if she does go to fast, big brother can just turn it off. 

Fast forward to Sunday night. We had all dried off and everyone was getting ready to leave. Then we hear  it. The back door opens and we hear a little whimper. In comes Sarah holding her hand going 'ouch mommy my hand hurts' my brother comes in and tells us that while putting some stuff in the car he went to shut the door and out shot her little hand right into the door. Her fingers were already blue and purple. She didn't cry much but they decided to make a trip tot he ER. To get her fingers looked at. My brother said in the car she said 'will they fix me at the hospital!'

It's all fun and games until Sarah gets hurt. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Small steps

So when we first came to see this house. 

We liked it. Then we came inside and saw the space and possibilities. And we started to like it a little more. The house was built in 2005 and for almost the last two years had been vacant. For sitting empty for so long we were surprised to see it was still in GREAT condition. The home inspector....who was awesome, couldn't find anything wrong except a minor leak in the guest bathroom sink. There were a few things that would need done but nothing major.  Which is great because while the hubby can hang a ceiling fan and switch out light switches........that's about it. 

We've brought some curtains which really help make it feel like our home. I've recently downloaded the Sherwin-Williams app where you can take pictures of your house and all the rooms and then paint the rooms. I love it. You can save the colors you like and the pictures painted for future reference.

BUT TODAY- I conquered the corner flower bed. You see the 3 or 4 weeks leading up to our closing it rained. Rained. RAINED nonstop. So the flower beds we saw a month prior looked like this when we moved in

It was sort of intimidating. Where do you start? What the heck is this? Is this a flower? Wait this leaf looks sorta like that leaf and that's a flower, so this is a flower?  OH MY GOSH!!!!  I knew I just had to dig in it was overwhelming.

So after taking numerous photos to show people and tapping into my moms knowledge of flowers, I figured out what most of them where. It's been pretty hot here or it's been raining on my days off so finally today I got up and went out to weed. I pulled through the light drizzle and even though it's overcast and not as hot as it's been I was soaked till I was done. Here is what I have to show for my hard work.
Still needs some work, but at least you can see the beautiful colors. In the fall I"ll need to spilt things up and replant them someplace else. 


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hair hair everywhere.

I picked the 12 line post. Since we've moved hubby and I share the same bathroom. And he HATES it. I have no strong feelings either way. I could use the guest bath, which was my bathroom at theold house..............buts down the hall at the other end and I'm lazy. plus I like to hear hubby complain. 

Hair. Here there and everywhere. 

On the floor, in the sink, rolled up in balls in the corner of the shower.

"How do you have any hair on your head". 

Snaked the sink drain once already. Yuck gross. Darn sink wouldn't even drain.

" don't brush your hair over the sink".

" don't brush your hair at all. 

I can't help it it just happens. I don't try to stop up the sink with long blonde hair....just happens.

I DO take the hair that comes out while I washing it and roll it up in little balls.

I DO TOSS in the corner of the shower and let it pile up.....I like to see how much I can accumulate.

YUCK GROSS. Reminds me I need to snake the shower drain, water is draining VERY SLOWLY. 

HUBBY WON'T DO IT. Says its my hair.

It's just hair. All over the bathroom, on the bed, on the couch. Everywhere I am. Sorry.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The dress

My BFF is getting married. And it's been a trip so far. But we got our dresses in the mail. Yup I said mail. We ordered them from etsy.

I'll pause while you wrap your head around that.  Picking the dresses was an ordeal. Shouldn't have been, didn't need to be, was. Wasn't her fault, sure as fuck wasn't mine, but in the end she found a "convertible" dress on etsy that " looks great on every body type". AND " can be worn in a m,lion different styles". AHH HA. So here's the dress. 

I have NEVER needed to watch a YouTube video to figure out how to dress myself. NEVER. Until now. Yup. I got instructions with the dress to go to the YouTube channel and watch videos on how to wrap this around my body. Fine. But they didn't have a video on the style I wanted so I just MacGyvered it. As you can see in the following picture.

YEAH. The straps are super long because they have to be wrapped around you a bunch of times to make the top of your dress. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Better keep practicing. And the clingy fabric leaves NOTHING TO THE IMAGINATION. spanks won't even help me with this dress I don't think.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Some little details.

We finally put up some curtains. 

Hubby and I went to Boscov's and found some nice stuff at a really good price. 

Even though hubby says we gave them enough money this (we just purchased an Icomfort bed from them.

We went with valances and sheers. I'm not a huge fan of the thick light blocking drapes, so I always tend to gravitate towards sheer curtains. Here is what we came up with. 
Clearly this is in the kitchen.sorry pics aren't better.
Over the sliding door. I'm not a huge fane of this style blind.....but it was here when we moved in so I'll deal with it for now. Since we have the blinds we opted for just the valance here. 
We did the one window in the living room and the two in the "den" with the same valance we used on the sliding door but we added a sheer curtain to go with them. These two rooms are currently separated by a wall but we hope to knock that down soon to make one large room. 

We are going to repurpose the old valances from the den.   These things
 And use them in the guest room upstairs. 

We also added a valance to our bathroom 

And curtains for the bedroom.......which don't go with the awful salmon colored walls. But I'm pushing for blue walls in there in the near future.

Needless to say we are pretty happy. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Keeping in cool

So the hubby has wanted a new fridge ever since we listed our last fridge with theold house and moved our garage fridge into the new house to use full time. 

Well.........he finally got what he wanted 

Out with the old

And in with the NEW

Now I don't have to listen to my tall husband complain about bending over to see in the fridge all the time. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Random photos

I found some pictures from Christmas that I wanted to post.


We and theses props from our wedding. We never got to use them at the wedding, so we dug them out for the kids at Christmas.

And they had a blast.