Monday, December 1, 2008

Back to grind

How about those steelers!

One big holiday down and one bigger holiday to go. Oh boy. I think I'll put my tree up tonight if I have time after work, and by time I mean if I'm feeling put to it. If I'm not to lazy or still to exhausted from my long weekend away. I spent the weekend in Crisfield, Md., at my aunts house. Think of the most run down remote town you can and then think 10 times worse, that's crisfield. Nothing to do but get dirty and roll around in mud. Or fish, but it's winter and a little chill for that now. So we did the next best thing, went hunting. What a time that was. My cousin was going out for the first time with her husband, I've hunted since I was 12 so I'm not new to this. However it has been a few years since the last time i went out so we were quite the comical sight. It was my cousin her husband, her youngest son, her dad, me and our friend Bailey (for those of you who read my post about the guy and our "ship", that's him). Boy were we a sight in our awesome hunting clothes her in a full body cameo suit and me in my orange pants and jacket. We were HOTT! Her husband made us get up at 4 a.m. Yes my friends 4 in the A.M. we had to be out in the woods by 5:15-5:30, why I don't know. The sun didn't come up until after 7 a.m. But he's a skilled hunter so whatever. We all split up once we got out into the woods. Bailey walked me to my tree stand and helped me get up in it, what a swell guy. then he left me there alone and went down to his tree stand. My tree stand was about the size of a phone booth, which happens to be the name we use to reference it. The phone booth stand. So Inside is a chair. An office style chair so you can spin around from side to side to look out the 4 windows. Well I got bored and just spun around on the chair a bunch, wonder why i didn't see any deer? Bailey said he could see me moving around and was wondering what I was doing. Just passing some time pal. WE were out there 5-6 hours before we all traipsed back into my aunts house for a nice warm breakfast. then we spent the day working in their chicken houses. They raise chickens for Tyson. Nothing like working in chicken shit and saw dust all day to make the time fly by. It wasn't to bad. We had a surprisingly good time.

I rode down Friday with Bailey(it's a 4 hour drive), all by myself like a big girl, and I wasn't sure how that would go. See we have a bit of a history, a long sorted history, but thankfully the trip was fine. We talked, we laughed, we sang, we had a good time. I'm pretty sure he didn't absolutely hate it. I have to say the ride down and the ride home, were much better then I ever could have thought. He's not always a jerk. He's not always a saint either. All in all I would say the weekend scored some good marks. I did get turn down by him Saturday night which was upsetting, but what can you do. I bounced back, I'm still a little bummed about that but mostly I bummed about my relationship status en general. It wasn't bad. We had fun. And I didn't absolutely hate him when it was over. We shall call this progress.

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