Monday, May 28, 2012

Pool TIME!

We finally opened my moms pool for the weekend.
It was so COLD!! But Sarah and Kanyon didn't mind.
Sarah loved jumping in the pool.


It was a nice way to spend an afternoon.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

At least I'm not a 40 year old man in dunk tank dressed like a clown.....

My cousin turned 40 this month. I guess technically he's my cousins husband...but i was 10 when he came into the family so...he's my cousin. Don't care if he likes it or not. Well he turned 40. 40. 40.

I don't know who that happen. Jimmy and Missy took me out for my 21st birthday. I was there when Missy hit 30 and Jimmy hit 30. Where has the time gone. He's 40.

Now maybe it's me but my idea of any awesome party would NEVER involve me in a CLOWN suit sitting in a DUNK TANK. But his apparently did. So that's what he did. Suited up climbed into the freezing cold dunk tank and waited for someone to knock him in. I'll say this, the kids had a field day. And he went in.......a lot.

 Jimmy in the clown suit

Jimmy waiting for someone to knock him in

Sunday, May 20, 2012

So let's see. the run down on my last five months

I got engaged

After that the fun stuff started
  1. We registered
  2. Say YES to the dress
  3. Brides maid's dresses and my shower
WE are now a short 110 days, 16 hours, 39 minutes and 27, 26, 25, 24 seconds.

Not that I'm counting.....or anything.

And only 111 days, 8 hours, 37 minutes, and 59, 58, 57, 56 seconds.

Again........not that I'm counting.

I feel like I should have more to say for myself for the last five months...........

Thursday, May 17, 2012

This one time in 4th grade

1.) Share a story from fourth grade. (inspired by Wild Life in the Woods).

I wouldlike to start by saying I was a great kid, .....a good kid.......ok ok I was alright 50% of the time kid but mostly i was a monster. I would like to blame my brother, he didn't set the best example and clearly I was easily influenced by other least that's what I claimed to my mom and dad.
When i was in 4th grade I had the honor of being in Mr. Young's class. the aforementioned brother had Mr. Young the year it's fair to say this teacher knew what was in store for him. I really wasn't bad. I was a school safety, that has to say something for my character. Well it at least says something for my school, they would let any kid step out into traffic to cross kids, they weren't picky.
Mr. Young kept a calendar where he marked down missed assignments. the last week of every month anyone who hadn't missed any assignments received an extra recess. If you missed one you had to sit out for 5 minutes. 2 assignments you sat out for 10 minutes. 3 or watched from the comfort of your desk while your classmates ran around like little nuts outside. needless to say I missed a lot of extra recesses.
I stuff to do and it sure wasn't homework. I was a Girl Scout, took karate classes, and went for a lot of bike rides. homework was just weighing me down. Well after a while Mr. Young sent home a paper to my parents.
Dear Mr. and Mrs. McMean,
Amy has repeatedly missed extra recesses due to large number of missed assignments. I wanted to make you aware that she is consistently missing work, turning in half completed work, and bringing things in late. Please sign and return this sheet to me by (fill in the date here)
Thank you
Mr. Young
Now I WILL never understand why they give these to the students to take home and return. So I did the only thing I could. I SIGNED my DAD's NAME.
Yup. Committing felonies since 4th grade right here ! Looking back it probably wasn't my only choice. Needless to say Mr. Young wasn't fooled AT ALL. And this time he called my parents. Now like i said I was a "good" kid, so my parents sat me down and said
"We know your brother signed the paper, you shouldn't have let him do that."
uhmmmm..............ok. Your right I shouldn't have.....he's such a bad influence on me.
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Friday, May 11, 2012

So we are now just shy of 4 months till the wedding. AHHHH. When did that happen. It's not like we ever had a lot of time, we picked a date a mire 9 months from the day he proposed. We are NUTS excited! Today i decided we I should try my hand at making some center pieces. Here's the break down on our wedding it's
  • low key, just like us.
  • We are using Lego's in different aspects, cause Jeremy LOVES Lego's.
  • I wanted something to bring our colors together and a cool way to add the table numbers.
Below is what I came up with. Please note these are ROUGH assembles.

Up first a more modern look. Since we are using Lego's for some small aspects in our decorating I thought we might like a look like this. It's a glass bowl with Lego's. Next we have a tall vase that we would either paint yellow or black and mask off the number for the table, so it would show through once a candle is placed inside. and top it off with some flowers in our colors.

Next up

I really loved liked this one. If this was the winner we would stain the wooden cylinder and place matching flowers inside. The number I would either stain or paint black so it stands out from the flowers. I think some more greens in the vase and maybe some lace fabric and edging hanging over the side a bit would really make it look chic. Although the container is a bit flimsy.
Closer look at the number.

And after all my hard work and two trips to two different craft stores......................................................THE WINNER IS!!!!

It's not the best picture. But i found these tapered square containers that hold the flowers up better, it has a lot less space for the flowers to gap and look "fake". So we have decided to go back to Michael's and see if we can get about 10 more. they were on clearance I'm hoping they are enough. (crossing my fingers). then we will stain them and i think I still want to get some lace fabric to drape over the edges a bit. I think it'll give it a nice elegant touch.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fun filled weekend

On Saturday we took Scott to Home Depot. Apparently Home Depot and Lowe's both do kid builds and Saturday was build a "flower planter". Scott enjoyed it. And we picked up a flower for him to pant in the planter.

Scott building

painting the planter

Planter all done...... painted up nice

On Friday we had some nice weather so we went to the park with big brother and his family. I like going to park and being the only people there. Kanyon and Scott ran around like nuts and Sarah ran right behind them, she wasn't getting left out. She loves playing with the big kids.....sometimes she forgets she can't do EVERYTHING they can.....but she sure does try.

After the playground we walked down to the creek and since poor little Sarah wasn't allowed to climb down the rocky embankment to play in the water, she had to settle for throwing rocks in the water from up on the bridge. It's tough being a 2 1/2 year old girl with almost 9 year old boys.

Big brother, Kanyon and Scott climbed on the rocks and looked for crayfish. We'll need to find some old shoes for Scott so he has some good creek shoes for playing int he water this summer. We are looking forward to some fun summer days.