Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bright and shiny people

so here I am bright and early at work. Ahh I hate this morning crap. I would rather sleep in till noon and stay up til 3 a.m. Getting up early is for the birds, whatever the hell that means.

Went the alarm went off I rolled over and said "it can't possible be 6 a.m. already" so i grabbed my cell phone and did a time check just in case some tiny little fairy people came in during the night and changed the time on my alarm clock, just to fuck with me. alas they did not. Or if they did they messed it up, nice job tiny little fairy people. After confirming that yes it was actually 6 a.m. i laid in bed for 15 minutes contemplating what would happen if I didn't go into work. See I've learned that such an action would have many side effects.
  1. No one would be there to send out the page.
  2. I'm covering for Wendy so they would automatically think she messed up
  3. I'm completely fine with that.
  4. I could play dumb, say I forgot about it.
  5. Get in trouble and chance losing my job.
  6. If i was fired I would differently cuss out my boss on the way out, cause a scene and need to be restrained (that made me laugh out loud. in bed. not now)
  7. I would need to fine a new source of income thus fulfilling my lifetime dream of working at excitement videos.
  8. wonder if I would qualify for welfare and or WIC, then i remember I don't have a kid.
  9. Must remedy that if i really want to socket to the government.
  10. I wouldn't be able to participate in anymore costume, decorating, or other fun function at YNC.
  11. Ruth's day would be very difficult.
  12. no one would be able to put together the celebrations page that fast.
  13. Lot's of pissed off brides, which I'm strangely fine with.
  14. I would have to move out of Casa de McMean and back to Casa de parents.
  15. I GOT UP!

So needless to say I'm here and watching the minutes tick away. I've had my morning breakfast of Oatmeal, which i despises, and will now commence with the making of hot coco. thanks have a great day.


Sam_I_am said...

I don't think I could ever get out of bed at 6 am for work. I don't know how I did it for high school.

Slick said...

Working sucks doesn't it?

Did I tell ya I'm off until Monday?? :)

La Pixie said...

ooh, Im with you. I would LOVED to have stayed home today.

p.s. the tiny lil fairy people visit you, too?

Rachel said...

just wait until you have don't even get sick days...hahah

hope you are feeling better. :P