Friday, December 9, 2011

Sure is a keeper

With Christmas coming up i'v been scrambling to find something for the boyfriend. Racking my brain......trying so darn hard to think of anything, something that would give him at "AHHHH " Christmas morning surprise. So far NOTHING!!! However, He has not had that trouble.

Two weeks ago he told me that he planned something for us to do on December 4th that could only been on that day. Oh my surprises, I love surprises. Actually I love finding out surprises. So when he handed me an envelope with a slip of paper inside i tore that thing apart. inside a paper that said STEELERS GAME!!!!!

WHAT!!!!! STEELERS GAME!!! Me at HEINZ FIELD. ME. Me. ME! Well, US, of course i meant US. I cried. Cried like a little baby. and hugged him, and cried. And repeated for real. for real!!!

Fast forward----Saturday we drove to Pittsburgh and stayed over night. got to the stadium at 11 a.m. (2 hours early) and took in all the sights. it was GREAT! GREAT! GREAT!! I couldn't believe how exciting it was. All the black and gold pride, the towels waving. Jumping to my feet every time they ran for more then 15 yards. SCREAMING my head off....surrounded by 63,000+ people SCREAMING THEIR HEADS OFF. It was freaking great. here are some pics.

Me and the BF

Fast Forward to halftime------While everyone else was standing in line to use the bathroom and buy a $9 soda (pop), I sat in my seat in the 530 section just smiling away. Checking out the stadium, looking at the city, pointing out the mushroom on Mt. Washington, the inlcine, station square, explaining about the gate way clipper, and just watching everything..........He PROPOSED! Right there. In section 530 seats 9&10 with about 4 minutes to go till the game started back up. HE ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM!!!! My response "Is this real"

my AWESOME ring!

After congratulating us the nice girl sitting in front of me offered to take our picture.