Friday, February 27, 2009

I heart Fed Ex

So here we go. My post for today. I recently (today) received my new purse in the mail via Fed Ex, via the Steelers store on Yes my friends it's a Steelers purse. And I heart it. I heart it for so many reasons.
  1. I've yet to see anyone sporting it in my area.
  2. It's Steeler related, whats not to love.
  3. It's the closest thing to a jersey that I have.
  4. It's # 43!!!

I also purchased one for my friend for her birthday but hers is Mr. Ward # 86 along with a terrible towel. See she's a Pittsburgh transplant in Buffalo. We need to stick together. So needless to say it was like Christmas when i got the mail today. So exciting. I can't wait to start using it. So here's the question. Do I start using the purse now or do I hold off until next season so it's not gross and dirty by then. My god the decisions.

P.S. I had the worst McDonald's experience today EVER! I bought a shamrock shake and wow. They didn't even try to mix it up. I stirred it around but not enough. Which i learned the wrong/ hard way. I stuck my straw in and took a huge slurp. AHHHHHHH it was pure mint extract or whatever mint shit they put in the shake to give it it's great shamrockiness. thought I was going to gag. I ripped the lid of and spit pure dark green liquid back into the shake. gross. I needed to stir it up really good. yuck-a-roo!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


HELLO everyone! Long time no bloggy. The furlough is now officially over! I just looked at my blog roll and I'm so FAR BEHIND! It's almost discouraging. You crazy fun bloggers have been busy busy people. I'll try to play catch up but it's rough. So I'm sure you've all been dieing to know what I've been up to. And let me tell you it's been CRAZY!

Maybe I went into this whole furlough thing with the wrong mindset. This has been the most boring but productive week I've had in a long time. I've been working on putting together a scrapbook for Preggers. The kind where I do all the work and all she has to do is add the photos. Well needless to say it was a work in progress. I tried to do a few pages a week. Hey the shower isn't until April, I was pacing myself. So needless to say after this week I'm one page away from DONEZO. And it's pretty cool. Here's some examples of my creativeness.

So that took some time. There's another 15 pages where these came from. Needless to say I've been busy. What else have I done........ Oh I became quite the little cook. I've made eggs (I hate Eggs) for breakfast everyday. I made meatloaf one night tacos the next. I'm usually not home before 8:30 p.m. everyday, so i don't usually make dinner. I've been going to the gym and having a great time.

**Disclaimer TMI ahead***

I also made a STUNNING discovery today. STUNNING! I needed new bras. Yes Bras. I hate bra shopping, but as we all know when your depressed nothing makes you feel better then new bras and underwear will. But i still dislike the process it's such a pain in the ass. getting dressed, undressed, dressed, undressed. Pain in the butt. So I broke down and went up a size. 40D (from 38D). NO DEAL. Shit. So i got measured, which is completely unlike me. I have a thing about my personal space, but I let some strange lady stand really close to me and wrap a tape measure around my circumference. Thanks lady. And then she says 42DD. DOUBLE D. are you kidding me? DOUBLE D! Ahh man. when did that happen. So I stocked up, 4 new bras and 5 new pairs of underoos! Matching stuff. I bet Mr. ship is kicking himself now. hott matching undies and bras, that he's not going to see. New underwear always makes me feel better. In your face Mr. ship!

for the record the photo makes them appear much larger then they are :) so that's what I've been doing on this FUNlough!

Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm a winner

I WON!!!! I'm a winner! HAHA all you naysayers! To everyone out there who said I'd never make it........IN YOUR FACE!! I'm a winner.

Thank you Mama Kat and Maile for pulling my name! I'm so excited. I never win anything. Well anything good. I won baby shower bingo in January, that was good, but it's no apron. So huge thanks to Mama Kat and Jennifer for supplying the awesome aprons! This rocks!

As some of you know I'm furloughed this week so I didn't have computer access. My best friend called to alter me.
Kitty~ Did you see your blog today?
Me~No, I'm vacuuming, I'm not working this week.
Kitty~ More importantly did you see mama Kat's blog?
Me~ uhm no....OH my good did i win?
Kitty~ sure did
Me~OH MY GOD!!!!! I WON (jumping up in down in the kitchen!!!!)

Ask Kitty she'll tell you i screamed in her ear. I'm so excited!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stimulate this

So I've noticed some pretty fun things around town lately. Like a sign in front of "the hop" local dive bar that reads, "our stimulus is rum and coke" Amen. I hear that. So here is where i will shameless plug my friends web site. Mike and Stefan make "skits" and put them online. These guys always cheer me up. They did a stimulus skit. My favorite skit is this one it cracks me up EVERY TIME. or this one or....well i like them all their....... grrrrreat (think Tony the tiger on that one please) . So swing over and check them out.

Mike~ Please make my check payable to Amy Macneal (lowercase n) thanks. You are a doll. like Barbi not Gi Joe, the consensus is he was totally an action figure, not a doll.

Consensus has two common meanings. One is a general agreement among the members of a given group or community, each of which exercises some discretion in decision making and follow-up action. The other is as a theory and practice of getting such agreements (for information on the practice of achieving formal consensus, see consensus decision-making).

My life in an egg shell

I totally stole this from Diane I saw it on her blog today and thought WOW could that BE more accurate for me today. She posted it Friday but since I'm off Friday and Saturday (and don't have accuse to the Internet at home) I play catch up on Sunday. Yes. I come into work an hour early to read all of your lovely blogs. That's dedication. That's love or proof of how lame my life is. So I saw this and wow does it sum up my life, my weekend, and how I feel today. I want to get into why I feel so down, but I just don't want to deal with it. I'll tell you this. IT involves Mr. Ship (refer to this post if you don't remember who he is). In a sense he's my kryptonite, my garlic, my holy water. He just kills me every time. Builds it up just to send his wrecking ball right through my heart. over. and over. and over. again. And I let him. I fall for it. over. and over. and over. again. What does that say about me? Not much i fear. nothing good at least. He did it this weekend. It wasn't my idea. I didn't bring it up. He did. He contacted me. He filled my head with promises. And then sent in the wrecking ball. It wasn't my idea. It was his. And then he did the same thing he ALWAYS does. He made me cry. How do YOU call and make plans with someone and then just not SHOW up? How do you act like it's not a big deal? How do you care that little for someone?

Welcome my 2 new friends Diva Ma and Twisted Serenity. Thanks for reading ladies. Everyone swing by their sites and say HELLO!

Well dear friends this week is my furlough week so I wont be blogging everyday. I'll probably blog sometime over at my friends house using his computer when i can but I make no promises to be around much this week. Nothing like sitting at home because your job says you have without pay for a whole week. great fun.

I have big plans of feeling sorry for myself (because of work and Mr. ship), going to the gym to burn off some of this anger and by anger i mean (fat), and watching a lot of day time TV. sounds fun huh? I guess.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

All signs point to yes!

1.) If you were starring on American Idol TONIGHT and HAD to sing, what song would you choose and why.

2.) Take a picture of yourself right this minute without primping and explain to us why it is you have not washed your hair today.

3.) I just asked Pat to help me with a writing prompt so here's his: "What do you think about the NBA All Star game"...blech.

4.) What's your number one pet peeve? Develop a punishment for anyone caught in the act.

5.) Write about something mean you did to a sibling growing up.

So those are this weeks writing assignments. Hum..... If i had to sing I would want to rock out I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL. I always make Kitty sing that when we go to karaoke bars. well when we did go. It's 7 a.m. there will be no pictures at this moment, but I will gladly tell you I DID NOT wash my hair today because's 7 a.m. and I'm already at work. I didn't watch the All star game but good for those fine gentlemen. I don't know what my number one pet peeve many to choose from. So I'll go with the mean thing you did to a sibling for $500 please.

I was, shall we say.....and angel growing up. a cute little blond haired pig tails sporting darling. Maybe the post should be list the things your sibling did to you that was wrong 5 ways from Saturday. That I could do. Let's see. Big Brother once tried to cut off my toes with a sword. He spray painted my head and dumped a feather pillow on me (the poor mans tar and feathering). His favorite thing was putting his remote control car up to my head and then turning it on so the wheels would get wrapped up in my hair and then standing there laughing while I had a remote control car hanging suspended from my hair. Yeah Big brother is AWESOME! I'm sure the list could go on forever. But Alas I will write about the actual prompt.

One day Big Brother and i were fighting, go figure. At our childhood home the first floor had doors into every room, contacting the whole first floor (minus the bathrom) to each other. We were able to chase each other all around the first floor in a circle, it was very tom and jerry of us. Anywho, we would fight and then the chase would begin. Well it always ended the same, with me getting beat up. Well not this time my friends. Off we go, around, around, around, and then up the stairs to the second floor, which is a really bad idea since there's only one way down and it's through Big Brother. So up the stairs I go into my parents room, who have a huge bed that we would roll across run around and back out the door. Typically that would be it. not this time. I went to roll across the bed and Big Brother grabbed my ankle. I'VE BEEN CAUGHT! MAN DOWN, MAN DOWN! So i did the only rational thing I could think of. I reached over grabbed the Magic Eight Ball (that my mom had confiscated from one of our fights) gripped it in my hand turned to my brother and cracked him right in the face with it. MAN DOWN, MAN DOWN. Needless to say that didn't score me any brownie points with the parents. Big Brother's eye swelled up and was black and blue and he REFUSED to go to school the next day. NO way would anyone know his LITTLE SISTER gave him a black eye. But i told everyone anyway. I plead self defense and was out on my own recognitions.

Swing by Moma Kats and see what everyone else had to say this week. and don't forget to enter my name in her giveway, not yours.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

I don't usually post photos on Wednesday. See I do all my great blogging at work and I don't have photos on my work computer. But today I made an exception. On Saturday we celebrated my little cousins 1st birthday. Twins with cake. who couldn't post those photos. And a shot to show what a lucky family we are. stop over an see more wonderful photos at Seven Clown Circus

This is Autumn Marie. She enjoyed shoveling as much of her chocolate cake into her mouth as she could. You'll see how one of her hands is in her mouth, the other one was refilling with cake and icing. She was using the two hand method.

This is Rayne Elizabeth. She enjoyed playing in the frosting and ended up with it all over. She didn't mess to much with the actually cake part. Strictly icing for this one.
And here are our twins. From left to right
Rebecca (pink) and Jessica- age 7
Rayne and Autumn- age 1
Jessica and Rebecca are actually my second cousins and they are aunts to the two younger girls. What can i say we like things that come in two's in our family. I also have a set of twin aunts. WEIRD.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A slap in the face

So you might remember me mentioning that my company is making us all take a week off without pay. Seems the company is hurting for money and this measure is supposed to save the world, as far as they are concerned. Well look what just got delivered yesterday.

New LEATHER chairs for one of the conference rooms we think. Uhm glad to see i need a week without pay and you're buying new leather chairs. and not just one box.

But 4 boxes of leather chairs. And do you even have the common courteous to bring them in the back door. You just set them here in side the lobby door for all to see. THANKS! Wow Wait what does that say.....oh fantastic!

Thank god it's on all seating surfaces. Supple? Hey maybe they thought they would help out the porn industry during this hard time. Because I don't know another time people use the word "Supple" to describe a product. We waited all day to see who would claim the chairs, when i left at 3 p.m. they were still sitting inside the door like the forgotten child at the gas station. The lady who does all the ordering was out yesterday, by out i mean on her furlough. Thank heavens for supple leather chairs.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me Monday

Alas I am apron loser. But I have hope. 3x's the charm right? Oh well. Congrats to the winner of Moma Kats apron giveaway! Good for you! So we are down to week 3 now. This weeks apron comes from Jennifer and her stuff is really freaking cute. I also give her points for showing how versatile the apron can be. she wears them while gardening in her photos. Thank you for taking for helping remove the stereotype that all aprons are used for is cooking and surprising your husband with nothing on but that. Good for you! My two favorites, yes i know I'm so indecisive are 1 and 2. I can't pick. So there is this weeks awesome giveaway. Good luck! So swing by and enter the giveaway at Moma Kats page.

Well it's Monday and I'm feeling like this just CAN'T be me. This must be a dream. I'm still snuggled up in bed with my blankets and it's night time and I'm asleep......right? I'm not at work already at 7:15 in the A.M. Oh dang it's really or this tea is really hot in my dream.

So for this weeks Not me Monday is as follows.

I did not collapse Friday as soon as I got home and sleep on my couch for about an hour. I was not tired in the slightest after getting up early all week for work. I can not tell you down to the minute how long it is until I'm done working mornings. I am not at all excited for my 2 days off this week. I do not feel the slightest bit annoyed at working 6 of the last 7 days. I love my job.

I did not plan my evening Friday around watching Friday Night Lights and I did not completely enjoy the show.

I did not go out of my way to stop at McDonalds and enjoy my first Shamrock shake of the season. I did not order a large and then almost poop my pants when they handed me a GIANT cup of Shamrocky greatness. The cup was not ENTIRELY to BIG to be a LARGE. And it didn't make me the slightest bit sick. The girl at McDonalds did not ask me, after I ordered 1 large shamrock shake, if i like them? I did not stumble over the obvious answer.

I did not have some truly yummy Hawaiian pizza Friday night for dinner.

I didn't wake up at 6 a.m. Saturday because my body thought It was supposed to. My body was not completely confused about the time change I've been working and did not punish me by making me sick all day Saturday.

I did not attend the twins birthday party and they did not turn 1. Since it wasn't their first birthday we did not allow them to play in the cakes. They were not a complete mess (photos to come later this week). They didn't have a great time.

Time did not fly on my one day off and I did not wake up Sunday to the realization that I had to go back to work.

I did not encounter any problems at work on Sunday and today hasn't been busy as ever. I did not start out my day by being yelled at because of a press problem, which I have complete control over. I did not pull into the parking lot and yell in my car very loudly "I don't want to be here!!!"

So that's my not me Monday

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Babies, babies, babies,

Saturday we celebrated my youngest twin cousins (yes i ave 2 sets of twin cousins and a set of twin aunts) birthdays. They turned 1. the big numeral 1. They were so cute. I think I'll post the cake pictures on Wednesday. So remember to tune in then. today I'm going to put up a picture of all my twin cousins (both sets) Jessica and Rebecca who are 7 and their nieces Autumn and Rayne who turned 1. enjoy.

What can I say, our family is a pretty family. Jessica and Rebecca are identical while Autumn and Rayne are fraternal. I like how both the younger ones have their fingers in their mouth. I have a photo of the two old ones when they were about 2 maybe and they are eating and they both of their arms held the same way and are looking at me it's almost eerie. This photo was pre-cake. All I can say is, WOW those girls had fun.

Side note~ Soccermom my friend in Buffalo called to inform me she is PREGNANT! Another friend who's having a baby. I'm surrounded by babies! God Gosh!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Call me Bond...... James Bond

As some of you may know I'm not to thrilled with my boss. She's a real gem. Around the holidays we refer to her as the Bi-Polar Express. You just never know what you're going to get with her. If you go to her with a problem that needs to be handled by upper management (her) she asks why you can't handle anything yourself. If you make a decision without her she asks "who you think you are?" Come on lady pick a side and get on it already. She's a gem.

Anyway. I have a desk calender called the SMART ASS calender. It has different trivia like questions and what not. It gives you a list of things and you have to figure out what it is, where it is or who it is. My co-workers and i do the questions everyday, it is the one bright and shiny moment in our otherwise dull day. Well the Kahuna always tries to figure out the answers when she's around my desk. Which is far to often for my liking. Although I have almost perfected the art of completely ignoring her. See I'm not one of those people who feels obligated to carry on conversation with someone I don't like, I'm perfectly find with just completely ignoring the person. I perfected this technician after many nights in the bar. Well one day after we had already done that days question she stops by to try her luck. Below is the page from that day. I had to include it because otherwise you would never believe me.

So........what do you think she guessed?...........??????

CUFF LINKS! CUFF LINKS! She said CUFF LINKS! What kind of James Bond shit does she think this is. Please refer to the 1st point. I am an electronic device! CUFF LINKS! The kicker. she REALLY thought that was right. And then after she read some more she went with HANDCUFFS! Again. Please refer to the first clue they give you. HANDCUFFS? What the hell. So I did what an respectable person would do, I looked her right in the face and said, "Oh I don't known we didn't do it yet." and turned back to my computer. Then of course I told EVERYONE what she had said. This is my boss. the person who makes a gazillion dollars more than me (that's the exact amount), the person who's in charge of 16 other people, the person who get's up everyday and DRIVES to work. And she said CUFF LINKS!

(fill in religious icon here) help us all!

Cuff Links! Really? WOW! So what do you think the answer is?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

OH what a feelin........

When you're dancin on the ceiling!

So it's that time of the week again. Moma Kat's writing assignment time! Here are this weeks prompts.
The Prompts:
1.) What was the first CD (or record or cassette) you ever purchased? Write about the way that particular album made you feel then. Write about how it makes you feel now.

2.) You were recently laid off. Instead of moping around, you've viewed it as a chance to
start fresh. Pick a new career and write about your first day on the job.
3.) List your five most recent favorite things.

4.) I'm hungry. Share your very favorite recipe!!

Well number 2 hit a little to close to home so I opted to skip that one. I don't have recipes, I'm more of a trial and error kind of cook. My five most recent things, I thing I did something along this line not that long ago so I'm opting for #1. Now I can't remember the first CD or Tape I ever bought so I'm putting a slight spin on it.

One year for Christmas my parents bought my brother and I both Record/tape (combo deals) stereos. I would have to say it ranks up there with best gift EVER! Because it played my two BEST gifts EVER. My Lionel Richie record and my Madonna tape that my mom bought me to go with it. Hard to believe this girl, who would rather throw herself on the floor and wail around then be forced to dance, would spend hours in her room "Dancing on the ceiling" (I'm doing the hand movements and mimicking climbing up the walls as we speak.). I LOVED that record. I'm not even sure LOVE is a strong enough word.

You have to understand that was the first record, aside from my Disney records and lame oh plastic records with educational stuff, that was MINE. Fun thing. Lionel Richie wasn't something you would have EVER heard in my house. My parents were more into Aerosmith circa Toys In The Attic, Boston, Eagles, and country kind of people. not Lionel Richie kind of people. But she bought it for me, which leads me to believe it must have been on sale at Ollies. I remember everything about that record. I'm pretty sure my family regretted giving it to me the moment they heard "OH WHAT A FEELIN....WHEN YOUR DANCIN ON THE CEILING!" coming from my room for the 50th time that day. Boy me and old Lionel really used to get down. Him with his crazy white suit and long white trench coat and me with my pig tails and Rainbow Bight t-shirt. We rocked a room full of my little ponies and barbies every night. I kinda looked like Nicole...well minus the odd shaped face and large head.

Ahh those were the days. Those were the days.

I also enjoyed the Madonna tape I played that a lot also, but Mr. Richie was by FAR my favorite!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's all about me (not you)

So I've been busy with this mess of a job that I haven't been able to post since Monday. And Monday be honest. Half assed on my part. So here goes.

Work update~ The Kahuna called me into her office at 5 p.m. on Monday to tell me about the whole furlough situation. which obviously i had heard about. It was after all, the end of the work day on Monday. She "acted" all broken up about the fact that I had to hear this kind of news through the grapevine instead of from her. My thought, "Well I've been here since 12:30 this afternoon you could have come to me then." But whatever. She then proceeds to do what she does best. Make the whole thing about her. How unfair it is to HER. How she HAS to take her week without pay all at one time because she's SALARY. And how she plans to take it in place of her vacation time in March, when she'll be heading to EGYPT. And then no lie looks me dead in the eyes and says this..."I..... I just don't know how I'll pay my bills with the week missing." Had it been ANYONE else saying this I would have assumed i was on some kind of candid camera show. Maybe Punk'd but I'm not that cool so more like the How We do it show. But Since it came from her I knew it was real. She was really trying to tell me that she, the lady with the company car account, the company credit card, the lady who pays no rent or house payment (because she's brags about that ALL the time) the women who just came back form a week in Hawaii and spent a week in China over the summer. Just doesn't know how she'll pay her bills. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME. For a moment I thought If i kill her I wont have to worry about this furlough shit, mainly because I'll be in jail. But at least I could learn a trade, work out in the yard and find God. I hear he hangs out at jails a lot because it seems everyone finds him there. So when i say i have the most un compassionate boss ever. I DO. It's no lie. She's a gem. Can't pay her bills. What bills. She always goes on and on about how she doesn't have any bills and she can travel and what not. Then she tells me she's glad this happen now and not when she was sending her child to college. Which really pissed me off because I understand money loss is a hardship for everyone but my dad lost his job in September of my junior year of college. That was a problem. A huge problem. a week without pay in February wouldn't kill your daughters college. At no point did she ask me how I would handle this, at no point did she suggest anything I could do to make the impact less for myself, at not point did she ask if I needed anything or show ANY kind of CONCERN for me. She told me to figure out when I'll take my days and let her know. She's a gem.
So this whole mess is...well just that. A mess.

So as promised a few weeks ago I have finally uploaded some pictures from my trip to Buffalo so here are a few of my favorite.
Soccermom shoveling her snow. I did not shovel I was...cough cough...sick :)
I took this on my flight home from the plane.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Not me Monday

Gosh dang it. I didn't win Moma Kat's apron giveaway. Congrats to Peace love and applesauce who did win. enjoy my apron! Lucky for myself and all of you Moma Kat is hosting a whole month of apron giveaways. So swing over and try your luck for this weeks apron from Lelie's Shop I love the super cute floral apron. How freaking cute is that thing. It's so Joan Cleaver. I love it.

Well it's Monday so we all know what that means. NOT ME MONDAY!
  • I did not scarf down 4 pieces of pizza and 4 bread sticks last night for dinner because I was pissed about my pending furlough.
  • I did not burst into tears while reading a letter to the editor in the newspaper because I was upset about the pending furlough.
  • I surely won not have gone to target 3 times in one day and 4 times in a weekend, just for something to do.
  • I did not spend way to much money on my cousin for her baby shower only to find out I'll be giving up a week of pay in the near future.
  • I am not harboring any ill will towards my company, the economy, my government, and my aunt and uncle who informed us they grossed over 2 million dollars in their construction business and plan to spend $160K to remodel their farm house.
  • I am not secretly hating everyone who has money right now.
  • I did not watch 3 movies and spend a girls night in with Jules and Preggers.
  • I did not start planning for the scrapbook I want to make preggers. I did not spend an hour walking around A.C Moore wishing I had money to buy EVERYTHING!
  • I did not get into a fight with my dad last night because he was so compassionate towards my furlough.
  • I did not miss my cousins baby shower and seeing my family who i haven't seen in FOREVER because I had to come to work, where I was not greeted with a letter stating I MUST take a week off without pay.
  • I did not toss out my old couch and move in a slightly used futon from my brother.
  • While moving said couch I did not almost bite it on the ice and fall into a puddle of water.
  • The weather here is not nice and refreshing and i did not drive all weekend with my windows down and my music up.
  • I did not go to lunch where i did not eat a huge fish sandwich on Friday with my cousin while we gossiped.
  • It was not fun.
  • I have not been craving Chinese food for over a week.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Support and Dedication!?

I was in a bad mood when I got to work today. It appears that the bad mood is going to continue. Why you ask? Because here in Amy's real world. Life sucks. I was in a bad mood for a dumb reason. I'll admit to that. A real dumb reason. Valentines Day. I was feeling sorry for myself. It's dumb. But I'm a girl and I blame it on that. However, my current bad mood is entirely related to this.......

A letter from my company telling us we ALL must take a mandatory 1 WEEK FURLOUGH. Between Now and the end of March. Here are some of my favorite lines from this letter.
  • I know this action will create a strain on our personal budgets.
  • I know I cannot GUARANTEE that a furlough will prevent any future layoffs.
  • A Brief period without pay is better than many more layoffs.
  • Please understand that I am not trivializing the serious nature of furloughs.
  • A question and answer sheet is being prepared for distribution.
  • Thank you for your understanding, your support and your dedication.


  • You have no fucking idea what kind of STRAIN this will place on my personal budget as you make MUCH MUCH more then I. I'm a single women with one income. I currently don't have enough left over out of my bi-weekly paycheck to go grocery shopping. I eat most meals at my parents because after $400 in rent, $326 for my car payment, $50 for my phone, $86 for electric, $40 for gas, $86 for my student loan, I have a roughly $290 a MONTH to take care of the necessities like food, clothes, anything I might need to buy for the MONTH! So no, you don't know the strain. With your company car, company credit card to pay for your meals 5 days a week, and company expense account. I don't think you can even begin to understand.
  • Well that's reassuring.
  • But you said you couldn't guarantee us you wont lay us off in the end. So really you're just blowing smoke up our asses.
  • Well thanks for that. Also thanks for the heads up. This all starts well according to the letter "over the next few days". I'm glad you cared enough about us to give us some advanced notice so we could try and prepare for this. Thanks.
  • I would think the Q&A sheet should have come out....oh i don't know when you gave us this letter. Thanks for passing it out on Friday and then not giving us this handy dandy Q&A sheet until the next week. That makes for a stellar weekend. Nice job with being half ass prepared.
  • You aren't welcome. Because I don't understand. I don't understand how you can have the guts to send us this letter after my department has hired 5 NEW people in the last week. 5 people. I'm not getting my raise, I'm being forced to take a week off with no pay, but you're hiring new people when you can't afford to pay the people who already work here. Are you fucking kidding me. My department has 5 new people LAST WEEK, Advertising has 5 new people in the last 2 weeks. And you Understand my strain. FUCK YOU! I don't support this at all. I don't support this company. I don't support the fact that no where in this letter does it mention that while the other 2 obit ladies are off for their weeks "To be determined by the department head" that I'll be working 6 days both those weeks with one day off. Or how they wont be paying us for any overtime accrue during these "Furloughs". So no I don't support you. I don't support the fact that I've been given extra work since you laid off everyone at the Hanover evening sun, making our job harder and you aren't paying me now for my extra time. And dedication. Trust in the fact that if I could find another job, I would jump this ship and never look back. This company by far has the worst employee relations. This company cares only about the money. They don't care that our department head talks to us like we're trash, they don't care that she explodes on us and other employees when ever she feels like it. She has never ONCE been reprimanded for her actions. She is the scum of the barrel.

So in short.....GO FUCK YOURSELF MEDIANEWS GROUP! Go fuck yourself.

So needless to say I have no idea what I'm going to do. I know it's just a week, but it's a WEEK with no pay when i can hardly afford to live on what I make now. I don't live an extravagant life. On this note I'm going to try and do some work and try not to short circuit my keyboard with all these tears.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Top 10 on the McMind

I've been having trouble with Moma Kat's writing assignments. I don't know. I feel like all my creative juices have evaporated. I should wear a hat. It could help hold my brain in...and those creative juices. None the less i will attempt this weeks assignment. Talent or list?

I'm a girl of many talents. I can stand on my head while drinking water and painting a picture of unruly kids. I can pull Greyhound Buses with my teeth and push an airplane all by myself. I. AM. AWESOME. A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Awesome. But I don't feel the need to brag. gloat. or anything like that. but I'm pretty creative please refer to this post or even this post for a taste of my talents.

So instead I will do the list. List 10 things on your mind this week. Might not be as EXCITING as the talent portion, but I'll do my best.

10 things on my McMind this week.
  1. How fantastical my NEW contact lenses are. I can see! I can see! It's like a brand new day.

  2. I'm really glad to be over my cold I hate being sick. Not to mention cold stuff is EXPENSIVE.

  3. Why do I have heart burn? All day? EVERYDAY? Will Ice cream make my heartburn less burny?

  4. I sure hope MaJunior and Dinky want to go out for her birthday this weekend. I REALLY need a trip to the bar. And a if the opportunity came up to YELL at Mr. Ship. Well Who am I to look a gifted horse in the mouth. I swear all I would do is YELL. I swear. I think. I don't know.

  5. To bad mystery man wasn't a ringer. One day my prince will come. Right?

  6. I really need to clean my apartment. I just need to buck up turn off the TV and...tackle......oh wow the magic bullet infomercial.

  7. I can't believe Nana pulled one over on me. Dang it. Nana-1 Amy-0. That sneaky S.O.B.

  8. I wonder how long I can drive on my tire before it just completely deflates. It's been looking low since Sunday and so far so good.

  9. I have a hankering for some Grand Buffet (Chinese). I could nos on some egg rolls. Maybe MaJunior will want to go to her birthday lunch at the GB.

  10. Cake or Cupcakes for Preggers Baby shower. I guess we need to get planning on that Extravaganza. Decorations, food, people. Parties. One of my many talents.

Hello bloggers my new FRIENDS

I've been seriously slacking in my blogging lately. I'm so sorry. I was sick then I was away and then I was just to BUSY here at work to blog. I blogged but not very much, and mainly i did it out of fear. Fear that someone would go "forget this girl". i doubt that would happen, because I'm so crazy cool.

Well the wonderful Diane gave me an award the other week (sorry) and I'm just finally getting to posting about it. Again i was sick, deathbed, started willing my stuff to people SICK. So now that I'm feeling all Peachy Kean Jelly Bean (I just threw up in my mouth). So now I shall pass it on to some other friends. Friends I have meant here in bloggyland and a few I've known longer. If I don't pass it to you....well....get a clue. I must not like you. Hey what can I say.....I'm KIDDING.
First off I'm giving it to Kitty because she is...well my real life best friend, so if i didn't give it to her she would more then likely not get anything COOL for me for my birthday.
To Rachel because she is my first bloggy friend and she cracks me up. If you haven't you have to check out her blog, she posts the coolest pictures of her little boy and she's a pretty funny mommy. I hope I'm a cool mom like her someday.
La Pixie is such a sweet heart. I love reading her blog and living vicariously through her life. Plus we both share a love for baking/cooking and she's always cooking up something yummy.
Melissa oh Melissa. Your strength over the last few months and your honesty amaze me. I don't think I could have held up the way you have. I would have been a huge blubbering (not so) hot mess. I hope that when i need to be strong in life I am able to be half as strong as you are. You are truly amazing. and you have a cute little family. total package
Darcie I've known since college. She took me to my first frat party, did shots of vodka with me until i vomited all over our friends rug, and introduced me (the new kid) to her closest friends. She is also strong and when life gave her lemons she threw those fuckers in life's face. GO DARCIE!!
I could keep going but i wont. I'll stop. I'll leave some love for someone else to pass around. Oh and Thanks Diane for passing this to me! you're a DOLL!

Best Card (?) EVER!

I like to fancy myself a pretty creative person. I get off decorating and making things for parties. I write funny stories and fake memos to make my co-workers laugh. Do I even need to mention the AWARD wining PAC MAN outfits I made for our work Halloween party. I love that stuff. Well my co-worker Ruth is equally as funny and creative. We get along great. I think it's because we both of the same sick twisted sense of humor. Ruth is in her mid 60's (I think, trust me it's important to the story) and she LOVES South Park. For Christmas this year Sharon got her a south park desk calender. While I was away last week Ruth had some time on her hands and this is what was waiting for me when I returned.

I do believe this is by FAR the BEST Valentines Day card I have ever been given. I couldn't stop laughing. I LOVE it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Death....who needs it

I haven't be able to post because.....well sorry people, but everyone is dieing this week. And it's only Tuesday! 25 obits. that's how many I did for yesterdays paper. 25 obits. it was insane. not a great welcome back!

Can't help but notice there was no ticker tat parade when I returned from my trip. No "hey how you doing?" No glad to have you back. Just work waiting for me. No screaming 250,000 fans waving signs and towels and shaking their money makers when they saw me pull into the lot. What gives?

Busy busy!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Melting Pot-O-Blog

Ok I'll start with this. Everyone knows who Moma Kat is. What? You don't? I don't even know what to say if you don't. Buy a clue. buy a clue. Well the ever fun Moma Kat is hosting an apron giveaway. I love give aways! Who doesn't. You don't? Wow your a strange one. Anywho. Stop over to her site and check out the giveaway. If you win because you see this post you'll have to share custody of that hot little apron with me. Fairs fair. If you like what you see at Moma Kats you have to swing over to Carolyn's Kitchen and check out what else she has to offer. I love this one and this one and about a million other aprons. So fun.

Ok. Second. I'm no longer sick! Can I get an AMEN! AMEN!

Third. GO STEELERS!!! WOW! I thought I was going to throw up, poop my pants, and lose my voice all at the same time in the 4th quarter. I flew out of Buffalo at 6 p.m. Missing the start of the game. Got to Baltimore by 7 p.m. in my car and found a radio station broadcasting the game by 7:30 p.m. Just in time to Hear about my boy James Harrison running back that 100 yard touchdown. Not bad for a (2 time) cut player. Then halftime. I got to my house with 2 minutes left in the 3rd and watched the whole 4th quarter. DEAR GOD! What a quarter it was. Thank goodness for Holmes and his pointy feet.

Fourth. My trip was great. I got over my cold mostly by Friday and we had a lot of fun. I had some yummy hot dogs from Ted's and got some great wings at Elmos. I love Buffalo food. Can't forget to mention the tasty MONSTER Burger. It was Yummastical.

Fifth. For those of you who are on the edge of your seat. Mystery man was nice. We all had a good time at dinner and playing cranium. Good times. While Mystery Man was nice he reminded me of my Ex. A LOT. I don't know.

I'll post more about my trip after I get the photos uploaded. I'll also post about my misadventures with the Netty pot!

"you and the netty pot are not Bf's" Soccermom's best comment from the trip.