Sunday, September 8, 2013

1 year down........a lifetime to go.

Today is our 1year anniversary!! It's also Sunday so I'll be heading to work shortly. BOO!!! 

However the hubby came home at 12:30 on Friday and said...lets go to Atlantic City!! I was all 'I didn't do the laundry yet and I don't have any clean clothes, we don't have a hotel booked that's crazy i hemmed and hauled around with the idea.....BUT I said ok and I packed a suitcase in about 15 minutes for the both of us while he booked a hotel online.

We pulled out of here at 1:30 bound for Atlantic City. After some hiccups with our GPS. That bitch is crazy. I'm pretty sure she tries to 1.kill us 2. Drive us crazy and 3. Take us the longest way EVERYWHERE.  We finally rolled into AC around 5 pm. (Traffic was a nightmare around Philly.)

I had never been to Atlantic City. Everything I knew about Atlantic City I learned on HBO's Boardwalk Empire or that Hooker Documentary they ran a few years back. 

We stayed at Chelsea 
Cute room and it was right by the boardwalk. Overall the hotel was nice. If we go back we will try to stay at the Tropicana, it's right next door and is CRAZY! 28 restaurants and 20+ shows. 

Saturday we soaked up some sun on the beach. The weather was great.....the water was freezing cold.

After taking in the wonderful sun we grabbed lunch at the Caesars boardwalk Buffett. It was AMAZING.  So much food. So yummy. I could have stayed there all day. Caesar's was a beautiful casino. 
Me and the namesake.

This light was so pretty. It sparkled.

That my friends is what a million dollars look like in $100 bills. QUICK GET THE CAR!

We didn't have much time in AC. We weren't even there 24 hours, but we had a very nice time......even if I may be wanted in New Jersey for running a toll. But that my friends is a story for another day. 


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pool time.

I LOVE swimming, the beach, lakes, pools, pretty much anyplace I can get my feet wet. 

My hubby.......not so much. 

However, he does indulge me sometimes and go swimming with me, twice in the last weekend actually.m

We spent Saturday morning and early afternoon in the pool with my nephew and step-son and then went for another dip on Monday with my niece. She is SO MUCH FUN. She loves to jump in and slide down her slide. She does a great Jon swimming with her arm floats her her life jacket. She's so dang cute. And I don't have a single picture from this summer of her. I had my camera on Monday but I was in the pool the whole time with her. 

Oh we'll I did snap a few of the boys.
My nephew Kanyon


My hubby. Oh he'll love this picture.