Thursday, April 28, 2011

moving stinks

So June will be a year since the boyfriend and I started seeing each other. And I've agreed to MOVE IN. However it involves doing the thing I loath the most in life.......PACKING. I hate packing. Hate it. Trying to decide if I really need that flesh colored penis shaped tray I bought for someones bachelorette party or if it's ok to toss it (it made the cut). Don't tell the boyfriend, I pulled it out of his trash pile and stuck it in a box i taped up RIGHT away. HA. Trying to throw out my penis tray, the nerve of some people.

I gave my landlord notice. I'm aiming for the end of June. We want to paint the living room at the boyfriends house, I'm going away for a week soon, and I just don't want to be rushed, so the end of June sounds good to me.

WE packed a bunch of stuff that I'm not really using .....i.e. a penis tray, and brought a load of stuff up. so it's official I'm moving......and I have a ton of stuff to pack yet. BLAH

Anybody want to come pack up my stuff........there might be a penis tray and ice cube trays in to for you.

Monday, April 11, 2011

I'll be 29 in a short 3 days. 29. where has the time gone.

This is by NO MEANS where I thought I would be at 29....but I'm surprisingly OK with that.

Now last year, that was a WHOLE other story. Last year at this time I was MISERABLE. Well maybe miserable is the wrong word( no i think it's pretty accurate). Conflicted maybe, angry for sure, confused most likely. I was just all around disappointed in every aspect of my life. Well I did and do have some pretty great friends, that was one highlight. But everything else was a train wreck. Fast forward 1 year.

I'm pretty content with my life right now. Still hate my job, but seriously who doesn't most days. My personal life has done a 360 from where I was last year, I have a great guy who's GREAT...and oddly enough turns 35 in 4 days. Weird. His birthday is the day after mine. Weird.

My family is coming through the last couple of months after the loss of my Dad..the best we can. Some days are easier then others, but we are mending the best anyone can given the loss of someone you loved so much.

I guess things are looking up.

And for now, this might not be where I thought my life would be by age 29, but it's not to terrible of a place to be. Shit after the mess of last year, this feels like living the high life.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

It always sounds good at first.

My boyfriend and I decided it would be good to paint his house. Ok. Ok. Ok. After months of me telling him that I couldn't stand his white walls he finally caved in and we bought paint for the kitchen.

Painting sounded great in my head. It's like when i invite my 2 nieces and and my nephew over for a sleep over. It sounds great in my head. It sounds great while I'm calling their moms and it sounds great right up until it comes out of my mouth. As soon as the words SLEEP OVER come out of my mouth my brain immediately goes "didn't you learn anything from the last time, this will suck!" Well that's what happen with the whole painting idea.

Sounded GREAT. It's just painting. Not rocket science. Tape off the trim roll some paint on the walls. TA DA! Done. an hour or so and done. But as soon as we cracked the paint can my brain went "You never learn do you" and then it sucked. don't get me wrong it looks great now that it's mostly done. Just a little touch ups and it'll be great. HOWEVER, we still have the living room to do and it's well.....much large then the kitchen. MUCH larger. And I'm sitting here looking around the living room thinking, "Well it won't be so's just paint" and my brain just punched me in the face. Thanks brain, you're's going to suck.



Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Aren't i Lucky

Dear McMean,
Thanks for being such a great sport here at work. Thanks for not complaining when we brought in that new system that did NOTHING that it was supposed to and you still can't use correctly a year later. Thanks for not getting mad when we continued to add more and more shit to your list of job duties while making it perfectly clear that NO ONE else was going to be taking on anymore responsibilities. Thanks for not getting mad when we trained you on how to do jobs in a DIFFERENT department, and the people in that department haven't even been trained to do them yet. Oh and we wont be training them anytime soon.

You've been a great sport about the fact that you have asked REPEATEDLY to have your stuff up graded (computer, scanner, and printer) while watching everyone else get the nice flat screen monitors and new stuff all around you. We know it takes 30 minutes to load a picture in the program, but they really need those flat screens to get rid of the glare when they watch Youtube. It's been great that after over a year of promising to get the new system up and running for you to be able to do your job with less hassle, (double entering EVERYTHING i do is a blast) you aren't angry that we are NO closer then we were this time last year. You've been such a great employee that we were nice enough to let you use your vacation time to extend your leave when your dad passed away, even though you had 8 sick days from last year you never used.

We really would be lost with out you............Oh by the way from now your 7-4 shift is no longer an option. You'll be working 10:30-7p.m. everyday. Or at least until we get everyone cross trained, which so far has taken over a year and we have successfully cross trained......NO ONE!Oh don't worry you get to keep Friday and Saturday as your days off.....but we still can't make the Sunday day off work. So we'll need you to work Sundays until we figure that out. But with our track record we should have that cleared up in about the time you DIE. So M-T 10:30-7 and then back on Sunday. Oh, you don't like need time to do things during the day anytime do you? I mean this wont effect your life that much.
The Boss's

Friday, April 1, 2011

Who's right?

Yesterday i did something so frowned upon I can barely type the words. I had lunch with a co-worker.......a male co-worker. I know I know. What's wrong with that? Well apparently it's a bad thing to do when your boyfriend is bringing you lunch to work as a SURPRISE. The boyfriends side~He had text me and called the office to see if i could meet for lunch. So since he didn't think I would be able to gnaw through my shackles to get a lunch break, he took it upon himself to bring me lunch.Check Spelling My side~ I was working diligently at my job so that I could get things finished in time for lunch. I've been training in another department so I don't have my cell phone attached to me. something tells me my supervisor wouldn't be thrilled if i was texting while laying out the papers. I called him when i finished up and was heading to lunch with my co-worker Michael. the boyfriend informs me he bought me lunch and is on his way to my office to drop it off. OH NO! I tell him while that's very nice we are leaving now to go to Chick Fil A. He is not pleased. Boyfriends side~ he thinks i should have told Michael to go alone and i should have stayed to lunch with my boyfriend. My side~ I asked Michael to get lunch earlier that day and he had agreed to go to lunch late so i wouldn't have to go alone like every other time this month. Boyfriends side~ He didn't care. and what was he supposed to do with all this food. My side~ I told him to bring it to chick Fil a and eat with us. that was a no go. So I've been listening to him tell EVERYONE how horrible I am. I even took him to dinner to make up for what if i had a buy one get one free coupon for Smokey Bones.