Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey, How I loath you

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving this year. My family.....well we opted to skip it. Sort of. Look I'm in favor of skipping Thanksgiving every year. I know. I know. I would have made a horrible pilgrim. I know. But I just can't get into the whole THING. We just sit around eating food, I hate turkey that might explain my dislike for thanksgiving, and giving thanks. Doesn't make sense to me. I'm thankful all the time. I don't need one day devoted solely to being thankful. But that's just me. It might also have something to do with the whole "family togetherness thing" it's not fun all the time. I really hate those tense family dinners when you are just waiting for it. Waiting for someone to say something that will set off my Dad or brother and then BAMN! We all have to endure the yelling. AHEM PASS!

Well this year, I worked, Dad Worked and Big Brother worked, so we passed. My mom bought a small turkey (10lbs. doesn't seem small) and made a few things, stuffing, potatoes, rolls, green beans, corn, gravy. Yeah she said she wasn't going to make much. But she lied. She ate alone, while watching tv I'm sure. And my dad and I made ourselves plates when we got off work around 8:30 p.m. Yeah. Happy thanksgiving.

But I hope YOU enjoyed your thanksgiving. And if you would like to see a Pro's and Con's list for Thanksgiving swing by my friends site I will warn you their sense of humor is much like mine....a tad off.
Enjoy your weekend I'll leave you with this little gem. Preggers little boy's first Christmas Photo. I here by declare he will know as heart breaker.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

No more showers!

I'm done. NO MORE SHOWERS! No Wedding showers, no BABY SHOWERS, no rain showers! NO MORE. YOU hear that all my fertile friends. NO MORE SHOWERS! FOUR! 4 showers this year. NO MORE! Should have been 5 but I couldn't make the one, so I'm done. No MORE! Don't get me wrong I love me some shower cake, and note pad prizes. But no more....PLEASE. No more this year at least. Maybe we could hold off on anymore till maybe........JUNE! I think I could be ready by June.

Saturday we, meaning ME and my mom, hosted a shower for my Big Brothers girlfriend. She's due in January. It's a girl, Sarah Katharine Macneal. COULD SHE SOUND ANYMORE CATHOLIC. and we aren't even catholic. I told them she's destine to be a nun with a name like that. BB said that sounds great to him.

So back to the shower, it was a lot of work. Made worse by the fact that A LOT of people didn't RSVP! Must have thought it was optional.

WE had a ton of food. Made by my mom and I.

I decorated the place up very girly.

Made some very cute pink and brown chocolates shaped like baby animals and booties. Plus I put together the favor boxes with mints and pink Hershey kisses. and set up the very nice display.We played my favor game. Dirty Diaper. We used 6 different kinds of candy bars and melted one bar in each diaper (in the microwave) and then smashed it together, so it looked like........well poop. And then they had to try and guess what candy bar was in each diaper. It's great.

But here's what I can't figure out. WHY do people insist on doing this to the expecting mother or the bride to be.

I had no part in this. My cousin TAMMY jumped up and was like "Oh we make bow hats in this family". Why? Why do we make them wear these things???? Anyone?

Monday, November 23, 2009

End of somthing great

So today is my first day back to work. 9 WONDERFUL days spent not here at this gloomy cubicle have come to an end, and I find myself back here in my familiar chair staring at the same mind numbing computer screen. Oh GREAT.

My vacation, in a nutshell, was SUPER. I spent 5 and a half days cuddled up to this little girl.

Taylor Nicole Smith. Isn't she dear. Please excuse the messy hair and glasses. I was on vacation. Taylor takes after her AWESOME Aunt Amy, we both like pink (those are pj's I don't wear crazy pattern tops like that). It was nice to get to spend some much needed time away from work and with my cute little niece. I was concerned that I might not get to see her till spring, since driving to the Snowy City of Buffalo during the winter isn't on my to do list, but lucky for me I could take some time off now. I was sad the day I left. I hugged her told her to be good and that the next time I come back I expect her to be crawling. I'm hoping to be able to go up in March or April, we'll see how things go.
WE spent 90% of the time doing this. Apparently babies sleep a lot. and poop a lot. oh and eat a lot. What a life.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Only a few more hours and I'm OUT OF HERE!

I can't WAIT! Buffalo here I come. In 6-7 hours from 2 p.m. that is. So buffalo HERE I come anywhere from 8 to 9:30ish p.m. Get Excited Buffalo. Amy Mac is on her way........almost.
Baby Smith~ Can't wait to meet you. Here are a few guidelines to help you get on my good side.
  1. Please refrain from vomiting on me. That's so unbecoming of a lady. Seeing as how mommy booby feeds you that shouldn't be much of a problem. But when I'm holding you I would appreciate it if you could keep the milk in the tummy.
  2. I have no plans of changing your diaper so if Mommy is in the shower, making me dinner, or otherwise disposed I would suggest you don't poop unless you want to lay in it for awhile. Just a heads up.
  3. Let's try and keep the crying to a minimum when Aunt McMean is sleeping, watching TV, eating....pretty much the whole time I'm there. That would be swell.

uhm....I think that might be it. If you Can abide by these I think we shall get along swimmingly. Just remember no one loves a cry baby.

xoxo Aunt McMean

p.s. Please let Shelby know there is to be NO jumping on aunt McMean at 6 a.m. in morning. No WET paws, no wet NOSES, no hairy FACE, no LICKING at 6 a.m. in the morning.

Thanks a bunch

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm here......just not much.

So I've been MIA a lot lately. It's just that EVERYTHING is a bit over whelming right now. I don't even know where to start. hmmm.

  1. My body has taken on it's own plan and doesn't seem to care much how i feel about that. I've been really run down and tired lately and Cathy, you were right. My blood tests came back that I'm borderline Anemic. My sugar levels are dangerously high also, but my doctor is confident that my weight loss will help bring that down. GREAT. The Anemic thing wasn't much of a surprise to either of us seeing how I've been bleeding a slow death for awhile now. CAUTION TMI AHEAD. My cycle has never been normal. They always said it was because I was YOUNG and it would fix it's self. Well I'm 27, and while I know that's not OLD it's old enough to have a NORMAL period. I mean, figure I've been having them for more then 15 years now. Seems like normal should have worked it's self out. I've been on and off birth control all my life to help "try" and make them "normal' not much help. 3 months ago my doctor put me on a new pill. The one that gives you one cycle every 3 months. I was so excited. I normaly have it once a month for at least 2 weeks. YES. 2 WEEKS of wonderful fun. The new pills worked.........the first month. The second month not so much and by this month I'm pretty sure I was just taking them for fun. They did nothing. I've had my "cycle" since the end of October. Started the week before Halloween until now. I told my doctor I would rather DIE then keep doing this. So she upped my levels AGAIN. But she also told me to finish the 2.5 weeks i have left on the old pill plus a week of "no pills aka period week" and I said. PLEASE GOD NO. not another 3 weeks of this. I'm so run down and tired, i look like death. It's not pretty. so I'm going slightly rogue. I threw the other pills away, I'm not finishing them. I have cramps really bad and if I'm going to get it I just want to get it and get it over with. And of course I'm going away this weekend and I feel so run down and tired i just want to spend the next 9 days in bed.
  2. 9 days what a strange number you might be asking yourself. Well I'm off for the next 9 wonderful days. As of Sept 18th I've been working the morning shift here at the dead desk. Since Sept 18th I have NOT had more then one day off a week, with a few 7 day weeks thrown in there for fun. We trained a women to work with us for 8 weeks, the whole time telling our boss that the women wasn't picking anything up. They just let her go this week. So I'm still working 6 days a week. This has been going on since Sept. I'm so tired from work, stressed about everything that's happening here, in my life, and with my body, I'm going insane. They told us they don't plan on hiring anyone until after the holidays. GREAT. Because I LOVE working 6 days a week. Who needs more then one day off a week, exspecially around the holidays. I worked 57 hours the other week and I'm so looking forward to my 9 whole days off and away from this place.
  3. I'll be heading up to Buffalo tomorrow to see Soccermom and Baby Smith. Our first meeting I'm so excited. I'm staying with them until next Wednesday then it's home to get ready for my Big Brother's girlfriends baby shower, I'm throwing. I just want to relax, kick back and sleep.
  4. I've spent the last two weeks trying to fix and straighten out all the damage the "new lady" did in her 8 weeks here. What a mess. After 8 weeks she still didn't know which paper published in the morning and which was the evening paper. Everyday was like a sick joke of RETEACHING her everything I taught her the day before. A Sick Sick Joke. It was extra upsetting to KNOW we had gone to our boss about her in week 2 and she wouldn't even listen to what we had to say. I don't know what they plan on doing the next 9 days. There's only one person to work the obit desk, I feel bad but I haven't had two days off in a row since Early September. I need this vacation. I'm so frazzled all the time. The other night i stared at the page for 5 minutes and told the guy in composing i had no idea if it was ok because I couldn't remember what I should be doing. I NEED some time off. I'm so glad it's finally here.
  5. the last week the women was here, I had to come back in every night and help her dig herself out of the whole she was in, and try to prevent her from messing things up to bad. Every morning I was greeted with angry phone calls from customers, funeral directors, the editor, my boss. My answer, She's stupid! then to top off the week my picture card went bad and i lost all the pictures from summer and from the Halloween party. It has not been a good few months here.
So that's my story. I've been reading your blogs. I might not comment but I do read them. I'm hoping to be back to "normal" sometime in the not to distant future.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Adventures in Babysitting.

I love that movie when I was little. I thought it would be so cool to have a babysitter who would lose me in New York City, get us chased by gangsters, and sing the blues in a jazz club. Now that would be cool. Sure would have beat pizza and a movie at my house. Those would have been the days.
I babysat Logan last night. Preggers had an open house at the local community college and needed a sitter. Of course Aunt Amy was more then happy to volunteer, or be drafter.
We played with toys. Well.....I played with his toys. He ate them.

He yelled A LOT! He normal doesn't do that, but I think he was testing me. It wasn't angry crying sad yelling. It was just yelling. I think he was faking. I put him in his jump-a-roo and he yelled......while he played with his toys. FAKER! Then we ate some green beans, which was a MESS. Then finally he fell asleep.

So....there were no tow truck drivers, no kids hanging from buildings, or threats of death, but it was an Adventure in Baby sitting none the less.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Writing prompts

Ok here's Mama Kat's wiriting work for the week

The Prompts:

1.) Describe something you're proud of.(inspired via Twitter by Summer from Le Musings Of Moi)
2.) Tell me your most humorous wedding experience(inspired by Bree from Breezy Butterfly Creations)
3.) 10 reasons why you can't sleep at night(inspired by Roxane from It Really Is All About Me)4.) Describe an experience that you wish you could shake from your memory.
5.) Write a love letter to the object of your affection.

2.) So if there's one thing I'm good at it's being in weddings. Lucky me. Whats the saying, always the bridesmaid never the bride. 2 years ago? My friends Soccermom and Mr. Soccermom tied the note. I being the INSANELY awesome person I am, was of course, maid of honor. On the day of the wedding Soccermom and I showed up to the wedding site before everyone else. We planned to get dressed in the large bathroom area they had in the rear. No problem. We hung our dresses up, checked all the stuff out and then went to hang in the commode room until it was time to get ready. It was at this point that I thought it would be GOOD to mention a thing some people don't think about. That's what I do. I'm an idea person.

SM~ Ok well I want to get my dress on before the mothers get here and the rest of the girls, can you help me.
Me~ Sure. Look I'm not trying to be gross or anything but you might want to try and go number 2 before you put that thing on. Because well, I love you and all, but I CAN'T hold your dress up for you while you poop later. I'm not that good of a friend.
SM~ (laughing hysterically) Ok. good idea.
Me~Uhm. I'll wait outside.

Fast forward to middle of reception.

SM~ uhm...McMean.
Me~ Yeah.
SM~ Can you help me go to the bathroom. I just have to pee.
Me~ Sure.

Inside the bathroom stool I'm bent over holding my her dress and she's doing what you do on the potty.

Me~ So.... nice wedding. Everything went well, people seem to be having fun.
SM~ I can see right down your dress! LOL
SM~ I'm done.
ME~ You can like......wipe yourself right.
SM~ Yes. can you hand me some TP.
ME~ WOW I must really like you this is real friendship.

Outside the bathroom

Me~ Your wife was just checking out my rack
MR. SM~ Oh yeah.
Me~ yup. Maybe you should hold her dress up next time.

Dear object of my affection,
Love truly can be a tortuous affair. When i see you through the glass my heart starts to flutter, even after all these years. I can't help but think of all the great times we have had and will have. You've been there for so many things. Weddings I was forced to attend, parties, funerals, always there next to me, showing me I wasn't alone. You are truly a great love.

It hasn't always been cherry, we've had our rocky roads. I've left tracks on you and you've left tracks the size of moose prints on my heart. Somehow we always find our way back to each other, it must be fate. I've cried and you've listened. I've laughed and you've listened. You are one in a trillion.

Your soft, kind and sweet by the gallons. or quarts, whatever you prefer. to our endless love, or as long as this tub of french vanilla ice cream lasts. I love you Ice cream.
Love, ME