Friday, December 9, 2011

Sure is a keeper

With Christmas coming up i'v been scrambling to find something for the boyfriend. Racking my brain......trying so darn hard to think of anything, something that would give him at "AHHHH " Christmas morning surprise. So far NOTHING!!! However, He has not had that trouble.

Two weeks ago he told me that he planned something for us to do on December 4th that could only been on that day. Oh my surprises, I love surprises. Actually I love finding out surprises. So when he handed me an envelope with a slip of paper inside i tore that thing apart. inside a paper that said STEELERS GAME!!!!!

WHAT!!!!! STEELERS GAME!!! Me at HEINZ FIELD. ME. Me. ME! Well, US, of course i meant US. I cried. Cried like a little baby. and hugged him, and cried. And repeated for real. for real!!!

Fast forward----Saturday we drove to Pittsburgh and stayed over night. got to the stadium at 11 a.m. (2 hours early) and took in all the sights. it was GREAT! GREAT! GREAT!! I couldn't believe how exciting it was. All the black and gold pride, the towels waving. Jumping to my feet every time they ran for more then 15 yards. SCREAMING my head off....surrounded by 63,000+ people SCREAMING THEIR HEADS OFF. It was freaking great. here are some pics.

Me and the BF

Fast Forward to halftime------While everyone else was standing in line to use the bathroom and buy a $9 soda (pop), I sat in my seat in the 530 section just smiling away. Checking out the stadium, looking at the city, pointing out the mushroom on Mt. Washington, the inlcine, station square, explaining about the gate way clipper, and just watching everything..........He PROPOSED! Right there. In section 530 seats 9&10 with about 4 minutes to go till the game started back up. HE ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM!!!! My response "Is this real"

my AWESOME ring!

After congratulating us the nice girl sitting in front of me offered to take our picture.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Love Halloween

We take Halloween very SERIOUS at my job!

my homemade Cheshire cat
our mad hatter


Queen of Hearts

Our whole group

I worked really hard on my costume this year.

HOWEVER.................................... We didn't win for best group.....we didn't win for anything.

IT won for best group this year and i do have to say that is one fine Mystery Machine

Friday, October 21, 2011

Weekend get-a-way

Last weekend the Boyfriend and i went to the Poconos. We went for my friends wedding and were able, thanks to her parents timeshare, to stay in a nice condo for the whole weekend for.....$50!!! AWESOME

our condo we shared with another friend

the view from our room

Shawnnee Inn, site of the wedding

Jeremy and I at the wedding

Pam, Julie and I

us by the waterfall

the cool stone bridge to the waterfall.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Just a little down

I've been sad lately. And I'm not sure how to put that on paper.....or a blog. I've been missing my Dad a lot lately. A LOT. I've tried to write a blog to express my feelings. Actually I just wrote a long blog but deleted it ALL. I cry in the car while driving to work. I cry in the car while driving home. I cry in the shower. I cry all the time. Sometimes it just comes out of no where. Sometimes it's because I'm looking at a picture or thinking of a memory.

Maybe it's the upcoming holidays. I don't know. I'm just tired of being sad.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

What IN the WORLD

I live in Pennsylvania. I'm considered "East Coast" but I'm not along the coast. the largest body of water to me is the Susquehanna River.

So why? Why? Why? Are we dealing with HURRICANE damage. WHY?

We have no ceiling in our insulation....can't use it..........and of course we are in the middle of a cold spell! AWESOME

The BF has had a MILD leak in the master bath for awhile........since forever......and once I moved in he finally called a roofer to fix the leak. Which is another run around story. no sooner had we had the "original" leak fixed. BAMN!!! Hurricane Ignorant IRENE. And suddenly the little leak we had fixed was back FULL throttle. After much debating the BF called his insurance company to look at the damage.

But since everybody within 100 billion miles of us was also calling it took over a week for them to get someone out to look at the issue. At which point the small leak we had contained to a small area had.........expanded. Soon water was leaking inside the wall down tot he first floor and dripping out of the archway (directly under neath). So Insurance guy shows up on Tuesday, says "we will give you X amount to fix all the drywall and fix the shingles on the roof, as we had a pile to show him that blew off. Ok Great.

WEDNESDAY (the very next day) we get roughly 6 inches of rain. 6 inches....mass flooding. Mass LEAKING. Suddenly the ceiling is leaking in about 6 places. it's leaking downstairs through the walls, the water is traveling through the ceiling and making water marks out into the bedroom. the water is pouring in around the trim at the windows on the first floor (directly under the majority of the leak upstairs). After much yelling and arguing about the POS house he bought, we hear BAMN!!! And this is what we find...only slightly messier.

So now we are again waiting for the insurance company to come out and let us know if they will us any more money. We've had three different roofers out and all 3 said "A whole new roof" is what we need. It rained no stop for 3 days. 3 days of dripping, bucket dumping, and the nasty smell of wet drywall, insulation, and just disgusted. If you know the smell you could pick up the strong stench of HATRED. We had the roof tarped to try and stop the helped but it still leaks

oh and the insurance lady told the BF when he called the second time it was OUR JOB to make sure the damage didn't get worst. OK. Thanks.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

6 months

It's been six months. I can't even believe it. One day it feels like just yesterday we were planning a funeral, and the next it feels like it's been FOREVER. I felt better, I thought i was doing better.....but lately. I don't know. I don't know if it's the summer and the fact that we spent so much time at my parents house in the summer, that it just doesn't feel right this summer without my dad. Or maybe it's the fact that things are happening and i just really wish he was here. He never got to see Jeremy's house, where I'm now living. He never got to see Sarah swim in the pool or see Kanyon's new Mohawk.

I've spent some time recently going through the old photos at my mom's house. I want to make copies for my brother and I and get all the photos saved onto disks. It's pretty hard. So many memories. So many good times. So many tears from just looking at them. My plan is to make a few photo books for my family of all the old pictures so we'll have them forever. Here are just a few of the ones I've found so far.

Dad and I goofing off

on his motorcycle, which my brother is fixing up

I love this photo, he was on his bike

my parents- so young

George and Dad

Dad and I at Easter

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Not again

I'm not sure what happen.

When I came home from the beach in June i suddenly started sleeping great at the boyfriends house. For as long as I can remember I've never slept well any place but my own bed. I've had many sleepless nights over the years. Sleeping, all around is a problem for me. But since June, no problem. It's been great.

I was pretty concerned about the issue of not sleeping well here......what with me moving in. but it's been great. Or was Great. up until about two weeks ago it was wonderful. But not anymore. I'm back to not sleeping well. He leaves 2 hours before me and I'm having a lot of trouble going back to bed after he leaves. I'm not sure why this started all the sudden again.

But if i had to guess I would assume it has something to do with the stress from work and the DEEP hatred I have for my job. Because about two weeks ago they started playing "change McMeans schedule around every week" and they changed the entire way we do things. No reason to be stressed right.

I just wish I could go back to sleeping well again. I'm so tired. and my body hurts all over.

Things to do this weekend~ 1. quit my job 2. get massage :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

so much.... but yet so little

I'm sure so much has happen since the last time I blogged. I'm sure I've been busy. Going places. Seeing people. Working. Laughing. Crying. Spending money. Spending time. Sleeping. Eating. Watching TV. Reading books. I'm sure it's been a time to talk about. To write about. To share.

But for the life of me......I can't think of anything worth mentioning. I'm not sure what's wrong with me. But I know something is. I'm not sure if I'm mad, if I'm sad, happy, or content. I just don't know. Some days I find myself asking I trying to convince myself I'm happy.....or convince myself I'm not.

I feel like I have huge case of the winter blahs. But it's August. It's summer. And next to Fall, this is my favorite part of the year. Cookouts. Swimming. Reading in the sun. Laying by the pool. Playing with my nephew, my niece, my little cousins. Picnics at the lake. Trips to Crisfield. Sitting around the table chatting with the family. But for the life of me.......I can't remember ONE thing that I've done that really mattered all summer.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fresh start

Well it's done. OVER. Finished. I've moved. Not just moved to another place, but moved in with the boyfriend. Who on a separate note I marked 1 whole year with on June 15th. a YEAR. Geez, that's the longest relationship I've had in ...............a forever. Well, I don't count that one with those nice gentleman Ben and Jerry. That relationship will withstand anything :)

I cleaned out my little apartment, loaded all my boxes into my brothers truck and trailer, shampooed the carpets, mopped the kitchen floor, tossed my keys on the counter and closed the door behind me.

And now.....finally, it's time to kick back and relax. Those boxes in the basement don't need unpacked anytime soon.............not like the boxes are going anywhere for a long time. But I've come up with a plan for when we move out of the boyfriends house.........burn the place to the ground and buy all new stuff. Sounds like a good plan to me.

I'm sad to see my little place go, I liked my apartment. It wasn't much 4 rooms total, but it was perfect for me. I have a lot of memories from that place. 4 years of my life wrapped up inside those off white walls. Four years of laughs, tears, heartache, and perseverance. Now I'm starting all over inside these red and green walls, and can't wait to see what happens next.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Myrtle Beach 2011

for the first time in a long time i went on a VACATION. My best and friend went on vacation FOREVER together, 11 years roughly, until we finished college and life got in the way. This year we made our way back to Myrtle Beach, SC with her family. and it was great. Here are some outtakes

taylor at johnny rockets

Pawleys Island, SC sunset

Me on the beach

Me under the pier

Taylor and I at Barefoot Landing

empty beach one morning

Sunday, May 1, 2011

this thing called packing

I've been spending some quality time packing lately. I know. I know. I'm not even moving until the end of June. But, I am a Procrastinator. So I've decided to go ahead and start packing. I mean after all, most of the stuff is just sitting there unused anyway. So I gathered some boxes.....mostly I just dumped the packets of paper from inside the paper boxes at work, all over the floor and took the boxes. What? I dumped them out in as orderly a fashion as I could. Geezz. the boyfriend scavenged soem boxes from his palce and I've managed to pack up a good amount of stuff.

What I've learned

  1. Packing sucks......strike that. I already knew that. This has simple confirmed the fact that I STILL think packing sucks.

  2. I have to much stuff. not to much stuff like, Shit we better call Buried A Live, or anything like that. just to much stuff for one person to have and or need.

  3. I REALLY should dust more often.

  4. I've read entierly more books since I've been out of school then i ever did while in. I have 3 big boxes of books. and by big I mean HEAVY!

  5. the stuff that is still packed in boxes and sealed up from the last time i moved.....can most liekly go in the trash.

  6. when packing I should open the boxes mentioned in #5 because I'll end up getting side tracked looking at all my old my Varsity plate from high school, or a bag of ticket stubs, or my college sophomore portfolio.

  7. Living on the second floor sucks...I've packed the stuff but now I just don't want to deal with carrying it all down the STAIRS OF DEATH.

  8. I REALLY REALLY should dust more often.

  9. I most likely don't need, and will never use that stupid scrapbooking stuff again.......but you never know, in the box it goes.

  10. I need a beer.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

moving stinks

So June will be a year since the boyfriend and I started seeing each other. And I've agreed to MOVE IN. However it involves doing the thing I loath the most in life.......PACKING. I hate packing. Hate it. Trying to decide if I really need that flesh colored penis shaped tray I bought for someones bachelorette party or if it's ok to toss it (it made the cut). Don't tell the boyfriend, I pulled it out of his trash pile and stuck it in a box i taped up RIGHT away. HA. Trying to throw out my penis tray, the nerve of some people.

I gave my landlord notice. I'm aiming for the end of June. We want to paint the living room at the boyfriends house, I'm going away for a week soon, and I just don't want to be rushed, so the end of June sounds good to me.

WE packed a bunch of stuff that I'm not really using .....i.e. a penis tray, and brought a load of stuff up. so it's official I'm moving......and I have a ton of stuff to pack yet. BLAH

Anybody want to come pack up my stuff........there might be a penis tray and ice cube trays in to for you.

Monday, April 11, 2011

I'll be 29 in a short 3 days. 29. where has the time gone.

This is by NO MEANS where I thought I would be at 29....but I'm surprisingly OK with that.

Now last year, that was a WHOLE other story. Last year at this time I was MISERABLE. Well maybe miserable is the wrong word( no i think it's pretty accurate). Conflicted maybe, angry for sure, confused most likely. I was just all around disappointed in every aspect of my life. Well I did and do have some pretty great friends, that was one highlight. But everything else was a train wreck. Fast forward 1 year.

I'm pretty content with my life right now. Still hate my job, but seriously who doesn't most days. My personal life has done a 360 from where I was last year, I have a great guy who's GREAT...and oddly enough turns 35 in 4 days. Weird. His birthday is the day after mine. Weird.

My family is coming through the last couple of months after the loss of my Dad..the best we can. Some days are easier then others, but we are mending the best anyone can given the loss of someone you loved so much.

I guess things are looking up.

And for now, this might not be where I thought my life would be by age 29, but it's not to terrible of a place to be. Shit after the mess of last year, this feels like living the high life.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

It always sounds good at first.

My boyfriend and I decided it would be good to paint his house. Ok. Ok. Ok. After months of me telling him that I couldn't stand his white walls he finally caved in and we bought paint for the kitchen.

Painting sounded great in my head. It's like when i invite my 2 nieces and and my nephew over for a sleep over. It sounds great in my head. It sounds great while I'm calling their moms and it sounds great right up until it comes out of my mouth. As soon as the words SLEEP OVER come out of my mouth my brain immediately goes "didn't you learn anything from the last time, this will suck!" Well that's what happen with the whole painting idea.

Sounded GREAT. It's just painting. Not rocket science. Tape off the trim roll some paint on the walls. TA DA! Done. an hour or so and done. But as soon as we cracked the paint can my brain went "You never learn do you" and then it sucked. don't get me wrong it looks great now that it's mostly done. Just a little touch ups and it'll be great. HOWEVER, we still have the living room to do and it's well.....much large then the kitchen. MUCH larger. And I'm sitting here looking around the living room thinking, "Well it won't be so's just paint" and my brain just punched me in the face. Thanks brain, you're's going to suck.



Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Aren't i Lucky

Dear McMean,
Thanks for being such a great sport here at work. Thanks for not complaining when we brought in that new system that did NOTHING that it was supposed to and you still can't use correctly a year later. Thanks for not getting mad when we continued to add more and more shit to your list of job duties while making it perfectly clear that NO ONE else was going to be taking on anymore responsibilities. Thanks for not getting mad when we trained you on how to do jobs in a DIFFERENT department, and the people in that department haven't even been trained to do them yet. Oh and we wont be training them anytime soon.

You've been a great sport about the fact that you have asked REPEATEDLY to have your stuff up graded (computer, scanner, and printer) while watching everyone else get the nice flat screen monitors and new stuff all around you. We know it takes 30 minutes to load a picture in the program, but they really need those flat screens to get rid of the glare when they watch Youtube. It's been great that after over a year of promising to get the new system up and running for you to be able to do your job with less hassle, (double entering EVERYTHING i do is a blast) you aren't angry that we are NO closer then we were this time last year. You've been such a great employee that we were nice enough to let you use your vacation time to extend your leave when your dad passed away, even though you had 8 sick days from last year you never used.

We really would be lost with out you............Oh by the way from now your 7-4 shift is no longer an option. You'll be working 10:30-7p.m. everyday. Or at least until we get everyone cross trained, which so far has taken over a year and we have successfully cross trained......NO ONE!Oh don't worry you get to keep Friday and Saturday as your days off.....but we still can't make the Sunday day off work. So we'll need you to work Sundays until we figure that out. But with our track record we should have that cleared up in about the time you DIE. So M-T 10:30-7 and then back on Sunday. Oh, you don't like need time to do things during the day anytime do you? I mean this wont effect your life that much.
The Boss's

Friday, April 1, 2011

Who's right?

Yesterday i did something so frowned upon I can barely type the words. I had lunch with a co-worker.......a male co-worker. I know I know. What's wrong with that? Well apparently it's a bad thing to do when your boyfriend is bringing you lunch to work as a SURPRISE. The boyfriends side~He had text me and called the office to see if i could meet for lunch. So since he didn't think I would be able to gnaw through my shackles to get a lunch break, he took it upon himself to bring me lunch.Check Spelling My side~ I was working diligently at my job so that I could get things finished in time for lunch. I've been training in another department so I don't have my cell phone attached to me. something tells me my supervisor wouldn't be thrilled if i was texting while laying out the papers. I called him when i finished up and was heading to lunch with my co-worker Michael. the boyfriend informs me he bought me lunch and is on his way to my office to drop it off. OH NO! I tell him while that's very nice we are leaving now to go to Chick Fil A. He is not pleased. Boyfriends side~ he thinks i should have told Michael to go alone and i should have stayed to lunch with my boyfriend. My side~ I asked Michael to get lunch earlier that day and he had agreed to go to lunch late so i wouldn't have to go alone like every other time this month. Boyfriends side~ He didn't care. and what was he supposed to do with all this food. My side~ I told him to bring it to chick Fil a and eat with us. that was a no go. So I've been listening to him tell EVERYONE how horrible I am. I even took him to dinner to make up for what if i had a buy one get one free coupon for Smokey Bones.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Full range

I'm an outdoors person. I LOVE it. I've always been an outdoors person. Maybe it's because we spent a little more time outside as kids and a little less time vegging in front of video games and tv. In the summer we were outside from morning till night, sure It did change a little once we got our first Nintendo. But we did most of our video gaming in the winter.

We built forts, where one day we decided it was a good idea to start a fire in our fire ring, it was NOT a good idea. We played in the creek by our house, even after our parents told us time and time again not to. I mean infantigo isn't that BAD, you sort of get used to it after awhile.

Oh man we had tree house in every body's yard, the pulley system we developed to get the kerosene heater and blankets up to the tree house in the back yard was...GENIUS. Sometimes i really wonder how we managed to survive our childhood. I mean tree house with limited exits, kerosene heater, a bunch of kids (4 actually) and fuzzy blankets in the dark = Devastation. But we managed to live. It think it might have surprised our parents a little also. If they only knew.

  • There was the great idea to pull someone on roller blades behind the go-cart in the parking lot, we said it was like water skiing....sort of.
  • The ramp we built for the sleds in hopes we could ramp the creek in the winter.......we hadn't had enough science classes for that theory yet.
  • Someone, who will remain nameless, suggested making a pipe bomb to blow up some dirt in the little island in the creek.....sounded like a good idea, thank goodness that was a dud.
  • Then there were those "Adventures" up the drainage pipes to see where we would end up.
  • My parents had built us a club house, it was huge, and tall and had a ladder so you could get up on the roof. so of course that meant we had to put cushions on the ground and jump the 12 feet off the roof to land on them.
Yeah I'm still not sure how I made it through childhood without any broken bones....but i did. My bikes, roller blades, sleds, and cushions......not so lucky

WOW tangent.

I was going to say, My boyfriend....not an outdoors person. Not. At. All. But he's working on it. We did a few things outside last summer so he's getting better. And he's given me permission to redo his backyard, from DRAB to FAB. I bought him a fire pit for Christmas and we picked up some outdoor chairs. I'm so excited. Now we just need that nice warm weather!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

not as young as I once was

Last night we went out for my friends birthday. To a bar. to get drunk. and we didn't meet until 9:30. In the PM. Man i must be getting old. I know 28 isn't old, but in my defense it is the oldest I've ever been to date. And i will be 29 in roughly 3 weeks or so. Which some how has been able to sneak up and take me completely by surprise. 29. GREAT. But 9:30 just seemed LATE. Oh man did i just type that. Anywho, the boyfriend went out with myself and a few friends to a local place where myself and the birthday girl preceded to drink from 9:30 until last call. NON-Stop. Because that's how we roll. But in OUR defense, we haven't drank like that in...............Forever. It was great. He asked if $50 was enough to take along, and since i hadn't been feeling well at all ALL day i said it would be more then enough. My game plan was to stop in stay about an hour and come home. that WAS the game plan. That however was not what happen. Once we got there I started to feel better, and was having a good time. So i drank. and drank. and drank some more. I had (that i remember) about 5 rum and cokes, a vodka cranberry, 3 double shots, and a beer. so all in all a good night. And the boyfriend got to see me tipsy. I had no trouble walking the two blocks to the car, or up two flights of stairs, or any trouble making my ramen noodles last night, so i wasn't WASTED. good times. but i don't plan to do that a gain for a long time.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

enough with the clicking

I'm not even sure when the last time was i participated in the writing prompt. It's been awhile, but now that I'm back I'm going all in. Back to the things I loved.

I picked #3

Something you do that drives your significant other crazy.

My boyfriend hates. Hates.HATES when i have the remote. I'm not sure why. It might be the non stop clicking up and down and up and down through the channels until i find something that doesn't appear to suck (in my opinion). It might be the fact that he has a penis and isn't as thrilled by Teen Mom 2, Kim and Kourtney Take New York or Shedding for the Wedding. Maybe you can only watch some many Auction King, Storage Wars, and say Yes to the Dress marathons. I don't think that's true . But I don't have a penis....thank god. I don't know how you couldn't love those shows. So what if i like to surf the channels during commercials, so what if sometimes i get so confused i can't remember what i was originally watching. SO WHAT. I'm sure my boyfriend has voiced his dislike for what I do and actually told me why it bothers him....but I'm watching tv, and he knows not to talk to me while I'm watching tv. I am TOTALLY incapable of holding a conversation while I'm engulfed in TV........and it's worse when the Steelers are playing. WOW! hmmmmmm.....maybe that's what he dislikes about my tv watching. not the shows. not the flipping through channels. Maybe it's the fact that everything he says is meant with a delayed "What?" from me.

the other night we had a heated debate about the fact that I wasn't ignoring him, I was watching tv.

Me~ can you put the laundry in the dryer for me

BF blah blah blah blah

Me~ (5minutes later during a commercial break) So where are we on that laundry situation?

BF~ Weren't you listening to me

Me` Yeah i heard NO and then nothing after that

BF~ That's not what i said blah blah blah blah

Me~ (5 minutes later during another break) I'll just do it myself.


Me~ Clearly i don't know, I was watching tv. I thought the conversation was over at NO.


Me~ Well what did you say?

BF~ I'm not repeating myself, Amy needs to not ignore me

Me~ Oh that's mature, Was i or was i not watching tv, you know i don't listen when i'm watching tv, so you can't get mad at me

BF~ WOW, some defense

Me~ Just tell me what you said, are you going to put the laundry in the dryer or not?

BF~ I'm not telling you what i said, i already told you once

Me~ WOW!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Are you kidding me..

I haven't been sleep well for the last.....lifetime. I'm not sure when it happen but apparently somewhere between high school and now I started having trouble sleeping anywhere but my own bed. But lately I'm having trouble even sleeping at my house. I hardly EVER sleep through the night when i stay with the Boyfriend, and I usually end up on the couch at some point. Which is really annoying when I'm there for more then one night, i tend to leave exhausted.

So I asked my doctor about it at my last check up. Told her it takes me forever to fall asleep, i wake up numerous times and I can't even remember the last time i slept the whole way through the night. Her wonderful educated advice. "Try tiring yourself out before bed"

NO SHIT! I never thought about trying to be tired when i want to go to bed.......that's crazy, could that be the magical secret. Because I thought I was tired. I thought I was freaking exhausted most nights since I'm not sleeping.....but apparently i have no idea what tired or exhausted feels like. So I'll do a better job of exhausting myself. She told me to check back with her in 3 MONTHS!

Look lady I'm not sure where you got that fancy degree hanging on the wall but I couldn't be more exhausted most nights if i tried. So you can take your 3 month check in appointment and shove it up your ass. I'm not paying another $25 for advice from the gumball machine. Thanks.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's that time of the year again............

It's SPRING. The first day of spring to be exact......which means free Rita's!! However I'm working today so i wont be standing in line for my free ice. But that's' OK I had a very yummy coconut ice the other night from Rita's it was GREAT.

Anyway....I posted a pic of the flower that was just popping through the ground the other day. This is what i found in the same spot the next day.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


It's almost Spring my little friend...... ALMOST!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The last six months

So here is what I've been up to in the last 6 months since I've been MIA

Niagara falls in October
taught my mom to play Wii bowling

took Mr. Lego to the range


went to the PA farm show (butter sculpture)

first Christmas together

Trip to Hershey gardens

pumpkin carving

Halloween costumes at work we won I'm the flying monkey

the county fair

Monday, March 14, 2011

The public stinks

I really shouldn't be allowed near people. Not certain people, or groups of people....people in general. I'm just not a people person. I like people...for the most small doses. VERY SMALL doses. I mean I like me. I'm a person, and I like me. Actually I'm pretty fond of myself. I like my nephew, he's a person. I like my niece....she's a person. A very small person, but a person none the less.

Maybe i just shouldn't be allowed to WORK with the public. As whole the public SUCKS. I try to be kind and caring.....the public, not so much. I'm a pure delight to deal with...the public, not so much.

Today the public ticked me off. They ticked me right off.

I came into TWO emails from the same person. I'll be honest she should have stopped after the first email. the first email was OK. It's the second email that made me contemplate driving to her house, yes because i do have her address, and punch her square in the jaw. Below is the first email.

I just had my engagement announcement printed yesterday in the Sunday paper, but I made the mistake of leaving out an important line regarding the name of my father: xxxxxx of East York. If there is a fee for adding this correction and re-printing it in the paper and online, perhaps I could get a discounted rate if possible. Thanks for your help in this.

See. It's ok. Mistakes happen. I often make mistakes, I'm human...and a person :) So i started to draft my response of Yes we will gladly rerun the announcement with the corrected information.......Then i notice I have a second email from the same person. so i read that email. It is as follows.

After looking at the original PDF form for the information regarding the engagement information, there is clearly a section for the name of both parents and addresses, which I definitely filled out, since my parents are divorced and have two different addresses. If you don't mind looking at the original copy that was mailed, I am sure you will find this information to be correct. I am at fault for not finding it in the initial printing, but it is very upsetting to my family that this standardized piece of information is lacking despite the fact that it was included in my initial response. I'd appreciate any help in having this reprinted accurately.

OH REALLY! So i pull up the form she mailed me that was DEFINITELY FILLED IN and BAMN! No it was not lady. now a better person would probably let this go. NOT ME. I'm pissed. REALLY PISSED. First I don't give a crap that you are so SMART and don't make mistakes and your family is upset. Second, Don't ever blame me for something I didn't do. Third....go F*ck yourself. So i do what anyone would do in this situation. I took her original paperwork that she mailed me. Scanned it into photo shop, made a PDF and emailed it to her. My email back is stated below.

We will gladly rerun the announcement in this Sunday's paper with the corrected information at no cost, however we will need you to send the information for your father as it was not on the form you sent in. I've attached your original form to this email for you to view.
Thank you.
Celebrations Clerk

The customer is NOT always right. JERK.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Itty bitty Sarah Catherine

My little niece has grown up. Not like driving and dating grown up....more like walking and babbling non stop. So here are a few pictures of little miss Sarah who celebrated her first birthday in January.
My nephew and niece and I at Christmas

Sarah kissing her toy Mr. Lego gave her when she came over.

Now she just needs a little hair :)