Friday, March 18, 2016

Learning curve

Things I've learned since becoming a mom

1. Showering is a luxury. On the off chance that I'm able to fit one in the baby will punish me for it. Example- I was able to shower quickly while the baby napped and once he was awake he spit up formula in my hair.

2.  On an average day I'll change my shirt at least 2x's because of the many bodily fluids he will produce.

3. The baby will sit contently for long periods of time UNLESS I'm trying to eat dinner.

4. My child will smile for any and everyone BUT ME!

5. I really don't need hours of sleep, 2 to 3 hours straight at a time will do just fine.

6. Laundry, laundry LAUNDRY. So much laundry. And endless supply of dirty laundry.

7. My husband and I will disagree about everything that pertains to the baby.

But for all the bad or annoying things that happen NONE of them make me regret having him. Even at 3 am when he's screaming his head off but refuses to drink his bottle I'm glad he's here. Tonight while giving him hugs and kisses I told my husband 'I can't wait till he's able to show us love back. Till he can give me hugs and kisses.'  For now I will just cuddle him as much as I can and I'll enjoy the times he fall asleep on my chest smiling.