Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Because I'm just that AWESOME.

For whatever reason I decided that TODAY I should BACK into the driveway. 

Normally I just pull in unless I have a bunch of stuff to unload. I suppose my pea-brain decided today that 2 normal sized grocery bags equalled a 'bunch' of stuff. So I backed in. Backing in wasn't the problem. I've been BACKING IT UP since before Miley Cyrus started acting cray cray. SORRY for that. 

Anywho. I backed in and thought....'I'm pretty close to the grass on the passenger size'. Now it's important to mention...WHO CARES. I didn't have a passenger. And I won't anytime soon. So I should have just left WELL ENOUGH ALONE. 

BUT. I. Didn't. I pulled forward and then backed up while watching my side mirror. I have to say I was now leaving the perfect amount of space between my car and the grass. 

And I backed up perfectly......INTO MY CLOSED GARAGE DOOR. 
Outside view. Ahh man. Now. I wasn't planning to park INSIDE the garage, that's important to say. Don't want you thinking I'm 'that much' of a fool. I didn't just forget to put the door up, I just FORGOT to not hit the door.

Inside view. I told the hubby it wasn't that bad.....but after looking at the inside I'm not so sure. It looks worse from the inside. 


You can see the light coming in at the top of the door on the left, which was dented when we bought the house, and now you can see light coming in from the bottom of the door on the right. 

Yup. We are slowly becoming 'that house' on the block. I bet our neighbors were so excited to have someone move in because they THOUGHT we would take care of the house after having sat empty for almost 2 years.

Well we'll show them. Hahaha 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I never knew

You know what they never tell you in high school.......... That sometimes having a baby isn't easy. 

From what I remember of my few years of sex ed if you have sex, if you even think about having sex your will get PREGNANT and no one wants that. 

The way they talked it was easier to get pregnant then it was to cross a busy street. I know they don't want to tell high school students that it all comes down to ovulation and sperm count. Because that's just confusing not terrifying. But I feel like I was misinformed. I feel like if I had know that it might take months for my body to get back to normal (which it's NEVER been) once I stopped the pill I might have stopped sooner to start the process. I should have known. That's my fault. It's a drug of course there will be some down fall when you quit it. Looking back I see that. But I didn't even think about it then. Now I have no idea when my period is coming, as its been a different time every month....well except for the first 4 months after I stopped the pill  when I didn't have it at all.

I THOUGHT when I was ready to have a child I would just........have a child. Because if you have sex or even think about having sex you get pregnant. Isn't that what Mrs. Sweet told us, right after the awkward condom and banana demonstration. I THOUGHT that's what happen. I THOUGHT when you were ready for a baby you had sex and 9 months later......baby. 

I THOUGHT wrong. Apparently the actual window of conception is pretty small. Apparently years of birth control can delay conception even after its out of your body. 

I THOUGHT. We would wait till my prescription was done and then we would start "trying". Well that was January and its now almost September and ..............nothing. I know in the grande scheme of things that's really not that long. 

I THINK I'm just frustrated because I didn't realize until NOW that it might not happen as quickly as we would LIKE. I've read articles, talked to my doctor and used websites to to try and figure out when I'm ovulating. Never in my life would I think I would be buying stock in ovulation kits.......and I'm still no closer to figuring it out. How many sticks does a women need to pee on in her life.

Every time I take a test the hubby says "I don't know why you think it's going to say anything other then no." Uhmmmmmmm........because I WANT it to say yes. Duh. We've recently had the 'Hubby you better start trying to be more positive about this and less negative nelly or I'm going to kick you in the junk.'

I just don't understand why all these 15 year olds are out there having babies left and right like its so easy. Well for them it is I guess. I know I need to be patient and it'll happen when it happens but it's frustrating when you can't make things happen when you want them to. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

A tiny bit more progress

When we moved in May we decided to unload everything into the two car garage. It would be easier to sort through. WELL. That left our garage PACKED full of STUFF. Packed full. I thought I had a photo of what it looked like but.....I can't find it. I probably deleted it in disgust. 

We have too much stuff. We donated a ton prior to moving but we should have donated a ton more. 

We've thought about working on the garage but then we look at the mess and it gets overwhelming so I usually just shut the door. 

WELL this weekend we attempted to tackle the issue. I would LOVE to park in my garage. I've never had a garage in my LIFE. And hopefully come winter we will be able to do that.

We were able to clear something out. There used to be a small narrow pathway that one person could walk through. 

We were able to clear out the majority of the center there is a desk chair box that is full of cardboard boxes that need recycled. Once that's gone this week they well be a nice big empty space. 
We stacked the boxes and crates up better which opened up more space. We also went through a bunch of boxes and condensed things. 2 bags of trash, a car load of stuff for Goodwill, and some more boxes moved inside to unpack and we have made a 'Dent'.

We haven't done anything in the back half of the garage. It took us 4 hours to do what we did. AND we know it will take many more days till we get it CLEANED OUT. But......it's progress. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

So this picture........

One of this weeks prompts was to explain my Facebook photo.

This is said photo

It's me and the hubby.......but in this picture he was just the boyfriend. YES it's an old picture. But I LOVE IT.  For one I look AMAZING. And he looks wonderful as well. 

But it's also a big step in our relationship. This was our first 'trip' together. AND it was his first time meeting some important people in my life THE SMITH'S OF BUFFALO
That's them......cute huh. (Fast forward a few years this pic is from our wedding).

Soccermom ( Amy) is my best friend from college. And Steve is her wonderful husband she met while in college so we all go back... Way back.  

Jeremy and I had gone to Buffalo to attend the 1st birthday of their first child Taylor ( they are on child 3 now). It was a big deal because Jeremy would not only be meeting them for the first time but he was also going to be meeting the SMITH family, which I call my Buffalo family. love those people. Steve's parents are super nice and so is his sister and brother and grandparents. Love those peeps. 

After the party Jeremy and I made a trip to Niagara Falls for some couple time. There is where my profile pic is from the American side of Niagara Falls. It was a great trip and. great 1st trip for us to take. We had fun with my friends and fun with each other. And we didn't kill each other during the 6 hour car ride up or during the 6 hour car ride home. It must be love.  

Monday, August 12, 2013

Room update.

Over the weekend the hubby and I went looking for things for MY ROOM. It's really a guest room......because we get so many guests lol. But I'm also going to use it for.....well for whatever I want. Because its MY ROOM. 

I knew that with the color of the room being so BLUE I wanted to lighten it up with some white accents. 

So we picked up a white desk at Target for $39 and a small end table that matches for $12. I LIKE THE SOUND OF THOSE NUMBERS.

I also bought some curtains at Boscov's. I have to say I'm pretty happy with the choices at Boscov's and the prices. I just wanted plain white curtains. $9 a panel. 
Sorry it's hard to get a good picture of the windows, what with them being windows and letting light in.

You can see a chair in the photo with the desk but that was a surprise from my hubby. 

I didn't have a chair when I left for work yesterday and when I came home 6 hours later.....I DID. 

The chair was his mother's old sewing chair. It was dark brown wood with a red pleather looking seat. From the before picture he took (which I don't have to share on this post) you could tell she used it. I never saw the chair prior to its make over. Hubby picked it up from his brothers house bought some white spray paint to paint it. AND picked out the seat fabric and reupholstered the seat. Which he informed me "looks much easier on tv.' all while I was at work Sunday afternoon.

And it looks like to came with the desk. I love it. It h a little drawer that pulls out from under the seat to keep sewing supplies in. I don't sew but I can keep something in there. 

I we an awesome silver metal mirror at Home Goods.....but it the glass was broke. Boo. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Joys of home ownership

Now that I'm not longer busy making shower decorations I decide I should paint the guest room.

The hubby says "If you want to paint at least paint a room that we use.'

And while I think he has a point, WE can't decide on colors for the kitchen and living room. PLUS we still don't know what's going on with the dumb wall that separates the two living rooms. Look I know me and nothing about this girl 
Screams  I NEED A FORMAL LIVING ROOM. Nope nothing. My miss manners training stopped with Yes sir and no Sir. This girl was seen spitting over the railing at her wedding in her bridal gown and veil. Sometimes you just can't help it. So a formal living space is wasted on us. Hello, we decorate with Legos. Wasted on us. So once we figure out if and when the wall will be brought down THEN we will revisit paint choices for the "rooms we use". That should be a nightmare. Hubby is color blind but sure has a hell of a lot to say about color. 

Hubby told me I could DO WHATEVER I WANTED with the guest room. So I'm thinking craft area/ guest room/ reading place for ME. 

Ooooohhhhooooo my own room what to do what to do. 
1. Start reading home DYI blogs. CHECK
2. Form some ideas. 
3. Buy some paint. I opted for a blue. It's called Slumber by Valspar. 

So today on my day off I sweated and sweated and sweated. But I have two coats on the walls and it looks good. Maybe should have gone a shade lighter. But I wanted some COLOR so I'm happy with it. 

Started out like this.
Yes the old owners painted it yellow and light purple (2yellow walls and 2 purple walls). Cute. For them. Not really my choice but they had a little girl so I'm sure she loved it. 

Now I taped off everything. HOPEFULLY it'll be worth all the hard work. But I'm sure the blue paint is seeming onto my trim as I type this. I had to take a break after each wall just to wipe the sweat out of my eyes. Once the first coat was on I took a lunch break and watched Days of our Lives because.......that's what I do on my day off. Here's how one coat looked.

Then it was back to more painting. After the second coat I thought I might be close to passing out. But here's how it looks now 

It's blue. A lot of BLUE. But I like it. And I did it all my self. Hubby helped tape and fix a few holes. But the painting......that was all ME. And I'm betting he's pretty surprised I ACTUALLY did it. 

Next steps
1. New curtains. Nice crisp white curtains will do the trick. And I think I might hang some artwork and pictures. And I need a cool end table and lamp. My mom tried to give me an old wood desk and now I'm thinking it would look pretty good in that space. But we'll see. I'll post more when it happens. 

Now I need a shower and a nice cold drink.........with rum.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

He loves me....he loves me not.

The Prompts:

1.) A lesson you learned.

2.) The first concert you ever attended.

3.) Write a post inspired by the word: brave.
4.) 10 Things Will and Kate will need to survive baby’s first year.
5.) First crush.

My first crush...... JOEY DANTRO in kindergarten. I mean really who wouldn't fall madly in love with the little Italian boy who could color in the lines. We were going to get married. I just knew it. Of course at the age I probably would have married anyone who shared their crayons and juice box. ( I wasn't to pick in those days.....or even well into my 20's but those are stories for another day). Joey DANTRO was the cutest boy in class....all the girls thought so. And I was a looker. I was an itty bitty skinny blond with two long pigtails and those really cute jumpers that were popular in the late 80's. I was a real catch. And Joey knew it. WE went steady till second grade. And then. Things really fell apart in Mrs.Jacobs  2nd grade class when I kissed Dennis Marsh on the playground. Joey didn't like that. NOT AT ALL. And our love affair ended. Joey and I went our separate ways.....as much as you can when you have assigned seating. You know who was happiest about our "break-up"? The other girls. They had been circling Joey for years (since kindergarten) like starving sharks just waiting for him to be available or to tire of my awesomeness. And they started biting like crazy. His heart throb status sky rocketed and I faded into the shadows. On Joey Dantro my first crush.

Who was your first crush. 

Busy weekend

My wonderful best friend is getting married in roughly 52days and 6 hours. Not that we are counting. 

When I got married she, along with my mom, threw me a lovely shower. Lots of homemade decorations and thought went into my shower. SO it's only far that I, along with her mother, threw her a very lovely shower over the weekend. 

Now it's important to note that the BFF lives in Denver, Co and I live here in our hometown of York, Pa. It's just a short 4 hour plane ride. It was a bit of a whirlwind weekend. She flew in at 1 am on Saturday morning and flew out at 4pm on Sunday. WHIRLWIND. 

 While it would have been great to spend more time with her the shower turned out wonderfully and I think she had an awesome time..... I think. 

I made the tissue paper garlands it was SUPER EASY. And they looked cute. We had planned to do the shower outside where they would have popped against the white porch. But it was raining.

My FAVORITE Thing was this picture board I made. I cut out brides from a bridal magazine and then found pictures of the bride that I blew up and replaced the faces with hers. And a few of the groom.

more decorations

The soon to be bride and I

Everyone brought a pair of underwear and she had to figure out who brought which and pin it to the person. It was fun and comical.

Her sister made some AWESOME COOKIES she also made some shaped like dresses and decorated super cute.

 Fun touch

We also played KISS THE GROOM. THink pin the tail on the donkey only with misses. For a fun touch I made everyone wear a 'Taylor kissy face" to block their vision. Made for funny photos.

We were all over the place. A big thanks to the bride and groom for sending me pictures of themselves without knowing what it was being used for. 

Ready to party!!!

Friday, August 2, 2013


I love minions. I waited FOREVER for Despicable Me 2. FOREVER!! 

I loved The first one and the second one was also great.

My wonderful husband bought me two minions at Toys r Us. And me being an awesome person/grown up....I took them to work. Below is what I did with them. 

Stuart and Kevin make their first appearance

Day 2 they are already busy running up the company long distance

Scanning each other!

Fighting Thor! 

They are still adjusting to the new work environment.