Sunday, December 7, 2008

Not me Monday

I've never done this but here goes. To check out more Not me Mondays go to

I did not spend all weekend helping my parents do more remodeling stuff. I have not spent 5 out of my last 6 weekends helping them remodel their house.
I did not buy a pint of Edy's Mint Chocolate ship brownie ice cream and I most certainly did not eat the whole container while playing on the computer and watching the hallmark channel.

I did not spend $66 on baking supplies and i certainly did not use my club card and clip coupons that would have saved me $25. I did not pile all my baking goods on the table and salivate over them.

I did not make plans with Mike to go on our annual Christmas shopping trip together, and I am differently not excited about that.

I'm not going to Julies tonight and will not see her and Pam, together, for the first time in over a month.

I didn't purchase two bottles of win yesterday for Julie and Keith's birthdays and i surely didn't buy them because the goat on the front of the bottle was cute. I did not then take the bottles home and wrap them in tissue paper and tie them with ribbons so it would look like I put way more effort into them then i did.

I did not go home last night and fall asleep watching America's most wanted. I did not watch Cops and laugh hysterically when the dog bite a guy trapped in a Mexican restaurant. I did not repeatedly say "I love this show".

I did not tell my brothers girlfriend that nothing less then a Steelers Jersey would be acceptable for my Christmas present, and I surely did not tell her of two stores at the mall where she could find one, and i really didn't express the number I wanted.

I did not spend all day Friday with my dad hanging the new chair rail in order to score a free dinner out of my mom. I didn't suggest we go to Chiles because of the cute guy that works there, and I didn't eat my whole yummy buffalo chicken fajitas. I didn't also score a free lunch from my dad for the same work.

I didn't learn how to lay linoleum tiles in my parents dinning room, and I didn't enjoy doing it.

I didn't whine about the temp. at Deaksters house until he got out the electric blanket. And i really didn't cover my eyes during parts of Cloverfield. I did not watch Cloverfield and I did not enjoy it more then i thought I would. I was not happy with that movie choice.

I'm not looking forward to my four days off this week and I'm not looking forward to Christmas.


La Pixie said...

four days off!! YAY for you!!

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Cute list. I am drooling over your awesome baking down below.. looks FANTASTIC!! I also like pizza, cookies, and a good book! Leave the rest for you!

Sam_I_am said...

I did not demand a number 43 jersey two years ago for Christmas. My mother-in-law did not eye up my number 43 when she got a number 7.

Melissa said...

I certainly "do not" ever throw hints about what I want for Christmas..oh and I "never" buy wine just because of the cool label on the bottle

angie said...

OK, you are doing some serious baking with almost $100 worth of goods.......wish I was your in person friend! :)

Diane said...

These posts always crack me up! I never try it, though, as I'm afraid I'll get the did nots and dids mixed up (I'm not always very bright).

Sam_I_am said...

tagged ya again!