Sunday, December 28, 2008

Not Me Monday

I'm so excited to back to work today. I couldn't imagine anything more wonderful then working so many hours for the great base rate of basically free. Thank goodness.

I did not sleep in late everyday while on my mini vacation. I did not drive to BWI airport with my best friends dad to pick her up from her flight in on Tuesday/Wednesday. Her flight was not an hour late which certainly did not push her landing time to 1:30 in the AM. She did not take forever to find her shit and we didn't get on the road back to york after 2 AM. I was not the least bit concerned that her dad was going to kill us on the way home. He was not the least bit tired from being up ALL DAY. and at no time did her veer into the other lane, nod off, or smack himself in the face to stay awake. My friend did not have diareira of the mouth, and she wasn't tiring to keep her father awake on the ride, because he was CLEARLY not falling asleep.

Before picking Kitty up we did not swing by the hotel he owns in Baltimore to "check" it out. While we were not cruising very slowly all around the parking lot peeking into the front lobby I did not say "I feel like we are casing the joint".

I did not have to squeeze myself into his spacious backseat and i had plenty of room to stretch out for the 1 hour 45 min ride home. It was at no point raining and icy. Thank god his Mercedes luxury car comes equipped with 4x4 (it doesn't).

Kitty and I did not hit up all the local hot spots while she was here. We certainly did not partake in the food at Isacas of Palasta. We did not make SEVERAL trips to Target and i did not let her give my gift to her cousin. The gift was not a huge hit like i knew it wouldn't be. I did not give Kitty the furry slipper like socks her mom gave me and she did not stow them away in her luggage today.

I wasn't the least bit mad that I didn't get the jersey i asked for AGAIN. And I'm completely over it. My brother didn't give me the SAME steelers blanket he gave me last year, that would have been awkward. My grandmother did not purchase me a gift basket with crest whitening strips, toothpaste and a tooth brush and I didn't stop smiling all night. I wasn't the least bit annoyed at that gift and couldn't wait to smile for photos after opening it.

I didn't log a lot of time with my friends and we didn't stay up til 2 int he morning reliving the "glory days". there was no gossiping about our old classmates and no ill will towards them. We didn't make fun or joke about any of the weird kids we went to school with and there certainly wasn't alcohol involved. We did not make a sheetz run at 2:30 in the am on the way home from Ms. PhD's and we certainly didn't witness 3 couples feeling each other up INSIDE the store.

I didn't return a few gifts and use the money to buy the last two presents I need to get. I didn't look high and low for a DVD of On the Line for preggers and I surely wouldn't have been disappointed if i couldn't find it.

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Diane said...

I don't think Not Me Monday should be held on Monday. Or I should read Not Me Monday postings on Tuesday. Because Monday is not a good day and I get confused when I read them... I keep thinking, 'did she or didn't she?'. Of course, I could just be stupid... I'll read this again tomorrow and if I'm still confused, I'll just shut up and you can post Not Me Monday stuff whenever you want (I'm really scared that I'm just stupid).