Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Insanely awesome randomness that is ME

So Sam over at http://samiamland.blogspot.com/ tagged me today in her 50th post!!!! Hooray for her! You're good Sam, I was in desperate need of something to post today. Thank you so much for spurring my post. Which Is #60 for me!!!
The rules:
1. Link to the person where you received it
2. Share 7 random/weird facts about yourself
3. Tag 7 Random people at the end of your post and include links
4. Let 'em know they were tagged.
So 7 random facts about me?? I wow, where to start. Is 7 enough? hum? I'm a pretty random person.
1. I have trouble sleeping at someone else house. This is not something that bothered me when I was younger, we always had sleepovers at friends but sometime after college it got really bad. I also have trouble sleeping when there's someone else in the bed, led to some very long nights of being awake when I had a boyfriend. (not in that way guys)
2. I can fit my fist in my mouth. Stupid person trick. Don't ask how I found that out, I'm pretty sure it had something to do with a sleepover and some not so pg-13 talking.
3. My first name should have been Amylee but the hospital messed up (I think it was an act of God) and put Lee as my middle name.
4. I hate the snow. It might have something to do with the horrific sledding accident I had when I as in 6th grade. It involved ice, me and some serious damage to one side of my face. Lucky for me no major marks. Words you never want to hear, "Look at all that blood" in reference to you.
5. I pick my nose. and I'm not sorry about it.
6. I use all the hot water EVERY morning. Yes I understand I could save gallons of water if I shortened my shower time, but I could also save gallons of water, tons of food and space, if I shortened your life expectancy. which sounds like the more green option. you have your morning coffee I have my morning shower. Bug off.
7. I went through a phase (roughly 7 years) when I wouldn't drink anything I couldn't see through. don't ask. No clue.
Those are only a few of the totally random things about me. Maybe you'll get more when I hit the magic 100! which I'm sure will be around March. So it's tough to tag people because I still don't have many bloggy friends, and the ones I do have were tagged by the great and wonderful Steelers Fan SAM! how about our boy Troy Sunday night, yeah interception. Wow totally off track, stay focused Amy.
I'll tag Kitty because she is my real life bestest friend. and she just loves when i do this stuff. You should check out her No me Monday post from yesterday.
Darcie over at Mom on the Edge because our girl could use a little love and encouragement right now. Plus I have to show love to the girl who introduced me to my first frat party!
La Pixie gets tagged because her blogs crack me up. http://chroll.blogspot.com/
So there you go. 3 people. I'm not one for conformity, I'm a rule breaker, a rebel, I'm blazing this trail by posting 3 instead of 7. So if you read this, leave me some love and feel free to post the tag yourself. If you do let me know so I can read about your random awesomeness!


La Pixie said...

nothing like getting tagged to make one feel popular, huh? =)

I have such a hard time coming up with facts about myself. you make it look easy!

Darcie said...

Oh my god that's right, I did take you to Theta Xi with me, didn't I? You, me, Tara and Gadget! Ha ha.

I'd love to pass on this meme thingy but I've actually already done it. Does that make me a blogging old-timer?

Thanks for thinking of me though!