Tuesday, December 23, 2008

more of the same

So how thrilled am I that today is Tuesday! Yeah I know. Whoopie doo it's Tuesday. But it's TUESDAY!! My BFF flies in tonight from Denver and I couldn't be more stoked! I'll be at the airport with her Dad at midnight. Send some positive wishes this way for a safe flight and a timely one as they are calling for snow in Denver this evening. She doesn't leave the mile high city until around 7 her time. Ugh. What a long night.
so here's some housekeeping business before I get into my blog for the day. I watched The Hills last night, and it was so-so. That Justin Bobby guy is one odd duck. But the good news is they are going to air some more episodes later this spring...uhm they are starting to do that a lot more often now. Come up with more episodes after they hype up the finale. Interesting. Spencer was as gnarly as ever. Am I the only person that thinks he looks like the beast from the TV series beauty and the beast? That's going old school on ya isn't it.
So I posted yesterday about SRU and my love/hate of the snow. I also mentioned a few things I loved/missed about the Greater Western Pa area I called home for 5 years. I shall continue down that path today. Call it nostalgia, call it happy memories from years past. Whatever. I feel like talking about SRU. If you haven't done it stop over and read Darcie's Blog at Mommy on the Edge. She was kind enough to grace me with her friendship while at SRU.
You know how a smell or a certain song will trigger a memory. The smell of cookies might help you recall the time the fire department was called after you forgot you had a dozen rum balls in the oven and passed out while finishing off the rum. A certain cologne might remind you of a guy who stomped on your heart. I think you get the point. More often then note I'll be driving and hear a song that I can place to a certain time in my life. Like Baby got back, reminds me of singing karaoke at the 8th grade pool party. Or anytime I hear that song that goes, "Nicky boom boom bam" I remember Roller -R-Way and going roller skating EVERY Saturday! Well there are a few things that I associate with Slippery Rock and Western Pa.
1. all things Nelly. That was our soundtrack for move in day freshman year, thanks to Gadget. What an ass. Our floor was rocking 24/7 with Nelly for the first couple weeks. And i swear 4 years later when he stopped over at my apartment to visit Nick he stole my glasses. I don't care what anyone says. He did it. I know it in my heart. He was a jerk and he stole my glasses. My proof we never saw them after that night and we moved out the next year. Still no glasses. He's a dirty glass stealing jerk. And that's all i have to say about that.
2. JCC. Yeah you hear Jewish Community Center. I hear drunkin rule less children. Can i get an Amen!
3. Curly fries, ahh Rockies had the best curly fries and the flu had the best captains catch on Fridays! I miss our cafeteria food, it was good.
4. BBQ sauce and ranch. I really started using them as more of a food group once I moved out there. Ranch goes on everything.
5.School buses will forever remind me of the Happy Bus! and my was it ever happy.
6.The smell of snow or the feel of breathlessness when you walk out into the blistering cold before it snows. That feeling like you can catch your breath and the sky is bright and you can just feel the snow coming.
7.Eat N Park, never been till i moved there. not nearly as good as Kings.
8.Rain. Rain. Rain. Those were 3 of the 4 seasons we had at SRU the other. SNOW!
9. MTO's while i visited Sheetz prior to going to college I never truly appreciated the wonder and ah that is a sheetz MTO until i was wasted and hungry.
10. The first thing I think of when someone says the word Flu is the dinning hall. That was the nickname.
11. Vodka. Will forever remind me of college and getting drunk in the dorm.
12. Natty ice will forever remind me of frat parties.
13. I now know a million ways to sneak alcohol into a dorm.
14. Peaches and cream~ the song not the food, reminds me of the numerous car trips to Butler with Tara.
15. Napster! It was in it's prime and I have the gazillions of burnt cds to prove it.
16. CiCi's Pizza! We finally got one out here but i have pledged my allegiance to Palasta and now feel torn between the old friend i loved so much and the new friend who stepped in when i really needed an outlet for my all-I- Can-Eat built up pizza rage.
17. Dumb and Dumber always reminds me of Tara and Meghan and watching it a million times together, and the cable guy. What can i say we were huge Jim Carey fans.
18. Survivor reminds of the hours I logged in Tara's room watching our favorite show at the time.
19. I still wish I had a movie channel at my house like we did at school, even if it would mean watching the same 3 movies all day for a month.
20. And finally the smell of Doritos reminds me of the night Tara and Meghan held me down and breathed in my face because i couldn't stand that smell. Still can't. gross.

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Sam_I_am said...

Sheetz was a staple at WC, too. THe cafe food was terrible and I'd always be sick after I ate there and MTOs were the cure.