Friday, May 31, 2013


Today I hope to unpack.........something. 

My goal is to have our garage cleaned out and ready to park in by.......WINTER.  Yeah I know that's like 6 months away.....that's why I picked it. I like realistic goals. And since I've never had a garage to park in I think I can manage to park in the driveway for a few the peasants. 

I could say 'Oh I want the garage cleaned out by this weekend' and I could work my butt off to accomplish that.......BUT. I. Don't. Want. To. We just moved. And I want to relax and enjoy a weekend, or few weekends, or my whole darn summer. So what's it to you. 

See our house sold in 3 weeks and we moved exactly a month later. So we've been busy. Not to mention my brother got married during that time as well. So I spent many a day off running wedding errands with my sister-in-law. So. I'm. Tired.

Pics from my brothers wedding.
The Mister and I

My beautiful sister-in-law

Big Brother

Thursday, May 30, 2013

AwEsOmE! AWESOME! aWeSoMe am I!

15 reasons I'm awesome........

It's so hard to pick ONLY 15 reasons. 

15. I'm an amazing candy crush player....until I hit level 65 where I've been stuck for weeks. This has made me more then once want to toss my IPad out the window.

14. I have a wonderful sense or restraint when it comes to wanting to toss my IPad out the window.

13. I can WATCH my husband cook dinner like a champ..........and play candy crush at the same time.

12. I offer up constructive criticism to make said husband a better cook. For example, 'Do you know what you are doing cause right now it doesn't appear that you do..but if you did know what you were doing this probably wouldn't suck so much.' He finds it very helpful.

11. I have the reflexes of a ninja. Which comes in handy when the husband tries to throw dinner at me.

10. I once made two full sized PacMan costumes for our office Halloween party. We won prizes....cause I'm awesome.

9. Have also made a flying monkey costume.... Because I'm FREAKING AWESOME.

8. I can count past English. Which is my first language.

7. I HATE  painting which I think makes me pretty normal actually.

6. I'm an awesome party planner and love making decorations myself. Nothing says love like scoth taped blood smeared bridal shower decorations. 

5. Because my 3 year old niece says SO!

4. I once drove 4 hours home from college just to help my best friend clean her apartment after she found out she had fleas. 

3. I saw the people who sang the Macarena in concert........beat that!

2. We rocked light sabers in our wedding photos

And the #1 reason
.....Once my mom bought me a card that said 
"TO AN AWESOME DAUGHTER" so there you have it, it's hallmark confirmed. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Adventures

So the Mister and I bought a house!

We settled on Friday and moved entirely to much junk from our old house to our new house. 

We purged a lot of stuff.......but clearly not nearly enough.  As we filled our two car garage with junk.....but not cars :(

We also bought a new washer and dryer........which made me ever so happy.

We have a LONG WAY to go. And are excited to "make it our home" ......well maybe me more than the Mister. Making it ours means LOTS of work for him.