Monday, December 15, 2008

No me Monday

I did not take two days off work just to allow for extra baking time. During the time I did not take off, I did not bake roughly a ton of cookies. I did not bake for 2 days with the end result 9 big yummy looking gift bags of tins of cookies. If i had done this i would not have hand delivered all but one gift bag by today. And I'm sure the lone gift bag still at my house wouldn't belong to my friend who isn't going in for surgery this week to remove his gallbladder. If it was I'm sure I wouldn't contemplate eating or re gifting it to someone else.

I didn't unwrap too many peanut butter cups for my peanut butter cookies and i wasn't forced to eat all the unused ones........not all 50.

I didn't drive to Mt. Joy to give Pam her cookies at 10 o'clock at night and it surely wasn't because I couldn't stand to wait a second longer. I also did not purchase two baby items for her after she told me no gifts for the fetus yet. I did not spend all night referring to her love child as 'the fetus" and i surely would have stopped when she asked me to. I didn't leave cookies for James and i surely did not give him my most coveted Christmas card. If i had I'm sure he would not have found it funny and would definitely not have laughed at my inscription. I'm also most positive it would not have earned me a hug :)

I did not go to lunch with my favorite cousin for the first time in MONTHS on Friday and we did not spend a large portion of the time shopping for baby stuff that I wasn't buying.

I did not sleep in on Saturday. I did not get up and deliver more cookies to my brother, grandmother, and cousin. I did not go Christmas shopping with my brother and i surprisingly would not have had a good time i had gone. I did not suggest my brother go to a jewelery store at the mall which did not happen to be going out of business, and was not having a huge sale. He would not have found a nice bracelet and he surely wouldn't have bought it. I was thrilled to not go see my twin 10 month old cousins and glad i wasn't forced to play with their pudgy faces. I did not get sucked into spending all Saturday night with my cousin and her kids. We did not go out to eat and drop $100 for dinner. I would not have drank a huge Blue Moon and ate way to much food. And I surely would not have been sucked into watching a lame SCi Fi Movie with her and i surely wasn't disappointed at the end.

I was not excited to not have to work Sunday. I didn't deliver my last batch of cookies to my friend who was home and i wasn't forced to hangout with her boyfriend and watch football. I did not cheer on the STEELERS on Sunday. I was not remotely interested in the game, and i surely didn't yell at all. I also didn't fall asleep in the 3rd quarter because it was so exciting. I didn't wake up in time to meet my co-workers to decorate for the office decorating contest. Which we did not take 1st Place in. We didn't have the best stuff, like always and I'm not proud in the slightest. I did not see the looks of envy on the other departments faces and we shouldn't go down in company history for being the freaking best.

We are not doing our department secret Santa's tomorrow and I'm not super excited about that. I did not spend hours icing sugar cookies (refer to yesterdays post) to bring in for this event and I'm not happy with the results at all.

so that's my no me Monday.

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Melissa said...

Great not me's... I hope you enjoyed your peanut butter cups!!