Monday, December 22, 2008

Random thoughts

I'm cold today. Very cold. I'm not a huge fan of winter. I blame Slippery Rock and all things Western Pa for my hatred for snow. Don't get me wrong I love Slippery Rock and all things Western Pa it's just the snow i can do without. The wind was 60 mph here last night. What the hell was that about.
Examples of why I love Western PA. Love my Grove City Prime Outlets, still my all time favorite outlets, trust me I've been to a few. Grove City is by far the biggest and best I've ever been to. If you even say the Hershey Outlets I'll spit in your face! Kings Family Restaurant. Kings! Ahh come on who can't like a place that has the Kings Castle! Tear.Rt.79. Gets you every where you need to be. New Castle. I hated that place. The town time forgot. Sharon and Bunny World. Quaker Steak and lube. Which has it's own funny stories. I never heard of till I moved there and I couldn't understand why you would buy wings at a garage. My friends informed me it was Quaker STEAK and Lube and Quaker STATE. Made more sense. Favorite memory from there was when Bryan, Carl, Tara, Christy and I went there for all you could eat one night. I had 30 wings and lots of beer. Come on. You had too. What a good time. Clearview Mall, so lame but so many trips to cheap skates with Nick. The Nasty Buffet. Morraine State Park and sledding with Ben. McConnells Mill. The Rock House. Bowling in Butler.
But now I hate snow. I blame my sledding accident for the first taste of dislike but Slippery Rock forever the majority of my hatred for snow. I realized early on that they don't cancel college for a snow day. And tracking up and down the hill to class was wicked! Sure I canceled classes for a snow day. by canceled i mean skipped. But i canceled classes to watch Trading Spaces, see I was just really lazy.
Imagine my anger when i heard the weatherman calling for 3 inches of the white shit last Saturday night. Now imagine the happy dance i did when i awoke Sunday morning to nothing! HAPPY DANCE HAPPY DANCE! I was Thrilled to say the least. I was FREAKING ECSTATIC. Look I'm guilt of being all "ahh look at the cute snowflakes, and how pretty it looks" that lasts for about an hour then all I see is a vision of me freezing my arhs off while scrapping a pinhole size space on my windshield so i can drive with the rest of the crazies. Note to self while a SUV is a wonderful purchase, it sucks to clean snow off the top of a car you can't even see.
So I'm poor, not thrifty. I'm not trying to be more green, I'm trying to keep more green in my bank account. Over the weekend, well Sunday morning when i woke up and realized I can't fight the inevitable, it will snow sometime, I started putting plastic over my windows. See My apartment is in an old house and the old windows on the porch leak a lot of air. Those windows are in my bedroom and kitchen so i bought plastic that you tape up and then run the hair drier over. Worked well, it was really easy, which is surprising. I also put some new foam stuff around the door onto the porch because i had a few gaps that let in a lot of air. And the results... It still seems cold around the windows and door. Ahh time and money well spent.
So who else is on the edge of your seats for tonight's season finale of The Hills?? anybody.....anybody....hello is this thing on. Come on people Heidi and LC talk, Spencer looks like a lazy bum, LO is there I'm sure. Hello. Ahh you guys aren't any funny. Don't you remember when you were young, and skinny and lived in California and worked for a clothing company and were video taped for MTV. God Feels like just yesterday for me.

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