Monday, August 11, 2014

Moving forward

It's been a while since I've posted anything.........we have shifted our focus, much to my husbands dismay at times, to working on our house. I posted the half removed wall awhile ago and it's safe to say that's finished. 


We added an island in our kitchen 

Hung up our MILLER WALL

Painted the living room and kitchen and hung up a wedding canvas.....finally  and some other decor

Hubby decorated his room some as well 

So We've been busy doing little things around the house and yesterday we finished the sign and photos for over our bed . 
Pretty happy with how it turned out. Just two boards we nailed painted wood letters to the top one and I found some cool old rusty drawer pulls at the habitat store which I used to hang the pictures from. The pictures are from our honeymoon. And the saying while odd is something we say to each other all the time. 

And an update of my craft room 

And a mirror I re-did with spray paint and fake flowers.

So that's what been up too.