Monday, August 20, 2012

18 days and counting

Finally ordered our flowers. From Sam's club......i know right. SAM'S CLUB. and they were crazy affordable so Cross your fingers that they are crazy AWESOME.

Now all I need is my trail run for my hair......I forgot about that. I chalk it up to my strong dislike for girly crappy. But I wasn't thinking and the next two weeks my schedule is completely jacked up because of work. So I have literally 3 days I can do it. Cross your fingers on that for me also. LOL.

I should have taken a wedding 101 class or something so I would know what I'm doing.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

nice way to spend the day

Yesterday we went to Knobles amusement park. I had never been before and we ended up having a very nice time. The fiance, his son, myself and my brother and his family and his brother and his family all went. The little ones weren't so keen on the rides. Last year Sarah loved Hershey park......this year she wasn't so thrilled. Could have been the 2 hour ride there. Could have been the heat. Could have been she was confined to her stroller.

But we had some fun. I rode a roller coaster with the boys that made me pray for my life. But all in all everyone had a nice time.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

1 month

WE just hit the one month mark. 1 month till we become Mister and Mrs.

I had my first dress fitting last Friday and my dress is...........more awesome then I even remembered. I LOVE my dress. So PRETTY! However I'm afraid I'll need a very detailed MAP of how to put it on at the wedding. The lady was mentioning hocks and snaps and loops and that was just for the bottom. HMMMM. I'm not a dress girl. I'm not a make up girl. I'm not a hair girl. I'm a Jeans. T-shirt. and Flops kind of girl. So I nixed the head piece my mom tried to "talk" me into....which wasn't as much of a talk as an "I'm getting you this, you need this for the wedding." NO. No I didn't.

And don't get me started on the over priced mosquito netting she insisted on buying. I borrowed a very simple and nice veil from my friend. It was my something borrowed, I don't even like veils.......BUT mom says "it's white it wont match your Ivory dress". So she buys me a new one....And at the fitting says......"you're dress looks white I don't think your new veil is going to match" YAAAAHHHHH. My friends are asking me about nail appointments and how I'm wearing my make up. It was hilarious the collective gasp i got when i told my bridesmaids i wasn't getting my nails done. Apparently that's a must. Something about hand pictures. WTF.

I meant with our photographer, who works with me, yesterday and now I'm really excited about the wedding and getting our pictures done. We came up with some fun and funny photo ideas. Not stuff everyone standing in a line photos for me. I'm a hair down heels up kind of girl. I'm looking to have FUN.

So I still new my something borrowed and something old. I'm using an old dress shirt of my dad's for my something blue. My plan is to use stripes of it to wrap my bouquet in. He looked pearl snap button shirts so I'm hoping to use the snaps on the wrap as well. I need to start making that. And my something new is a necklace my mom insisted on buying me.