Thursday, November 27, 2008

What I'm really thankful for

Enjoy this wonderful Turkey Art I stumbled upon while surfing the adult sites, I mean while working. I thought it was funny. I added the color via MS Paint. Oh the secret talents I have. You would be so surprised and thoroughly impressed with my capabilities. So today is Turkey day. Oh boy. The day we give thanks for all the things that have happen this year, and all the things everyone tells us we should be thankful for. So who decides what is a good thing to be thankful for and what is something you don't mention. For example. I'm thankful for condoms, no babies here yet. I'm thankful for cold draft beer, good rum and thick steaks. I'm thankful for the Steelers, good looking guys, and good sex. I'm thankful for hot dogs, my dog max, corn dogs, the fair, and sheetz mto's. I'm thankful for not being hung over this thanksgiving, friends with benefits (otherwise I wouldn't ever get any benefit's) and ice cream. My mom said those aren't the things I should be thankful for. I should be thankful for my health, minus that bout of pink eye, the sinus infection, really bad sprained ankle, migraines, chronic colds over the summer and two week long aunt Flo visits. Yeah my health, that's working real well for me. I should be thankful for my job, which I hate and doesn't even come close to paying my bills, with hours that make it almost impossible to get a part time job and which told us NO ONE is getting a raise this year. Yeah I'm real thankful for this place. I should be thankful for my family. I am, for the most part. When they aren't driving me up the wall. But really how many times can you hear I'm thankful for my health, my family and that we are all here to enjoy this dinner before you want to take your desert fork and plunge it into your eye. Really. Come on people. Be different. My list is different. Maybe it's not PG 13, maybe Nana did choke on her turkey at the mention of condoms, porn and sex, but maybe Nana shouldn't have been such a hog and waited until everyone finished our little lists before chomping into her plate of thanksgiving yummy goodness. The nerve of some people. Telling me what I SHOULD be thankful for.
My mom asked my nephew, "Kanyon, do you know what Thanksgiving is for" and he responded with an answer that earned him a high five over the stuffing bowl, "Yeah Nanny it's for STUFFING OUR FACES!" I love that kid. Seems maybe he should have gotten a talking to for an answer like that nanny! Of course then my mom proceeded to tell him about the harvest and eating with the Indians which caused him to say "Oh yeah pilgrims I've heard this before nanny!" and he earned another high five for SHUTTING NANNY DOWN! He told my mom they had a play at school and he was a pilgrim, he said he didn't want to be an Indian because the pilgrims had cooler hats to wear. (high five) and I quickly added "yeah you didn't want to get small pox, forced off your land and then killed either huh" (no high five for me). He totally left me hanging.
To be honest I'm thankful for my families health, no trips to the hospital this year, always a plus. I'm thankful for my job even if it keeps me just high enough to not be considered poor. but I'm still broke and have a ton of bills I can't pay, and I really do loath this job. I'm thankful for my friends, what a weird crazy, mixed up bunch of tools. But I love them all. I'm thankful my car is fixed and I'm thankful for my up coming days off. But I'm still thankful for all the things listed above and i see those as perfectly acceptable things to be thankful for. So up yours mom!


Kitty said...

I'm thankful for the Martin's potato chips waiting for me when I got to Chicago :)

Diane said...

Sweetness, NO ONE can tell you what to be thankful for! I LOVE your list!