Tuesday, December 30, 2008

TOPS for me in 2008

hooray for Moma Kats writing assignments. Oh How I've missed you my dear writing assignments. I know we aren't "supposed" to post until Thursday but I'm doing one as my entry today. I can't help myself. I was having bloggers-block but thanks to Moma Kats I can now blog my heart out.

What are my top 10 things for the wonderful year of 2008. tough. question.
I understand the concept of "Top 10" however mine are in no particular order. OK. That's just to hard for me to do right now, as I'm at work and SHOULD be working. teehe teehee.

1. Making new friends this year. I'm very proud of my antisocial self for making so many new friends this year. OK maybe i only made 5 new friends but I haven't made that many new friends TOTAL over the last 5-7 years. I'm a very picky friend picker. But I've branched out and made some great new friends and because of them have made some GREAT new memories.Oh yeah I've opened up at work and now count more of my co-workers as my friends. Those gals are swell. :)

2.Going to DENVER to see Kitty. We had such a blast. I'm glad Always the bride went with me. The three of us had such a great time. I loved the RMNP. It's was amazing.

3. Entering my photo from the trip into a photo contest. I'm my biggest critic (aren't we all) so working up the courage to do it and believing that I had the right to be there was hard. WINNING 2nd place was just icing on the cake!

4.Becoming a local band groupie! We've gone to a lot of local venues to watch our favorite band play. Drop of Grey you rock, come back soon.

5. Going to the county fair...TWICE! I had a blast with Preggers, Mr. Preggers, Jimmy Jam, Always the bride and Steeler Fan at the Breaking Ben concert. It was cool having Preggers, Mr. Preggers and Jimmy Jam over to hangout in York for a change. Go to my local bar, drink at my place, and crash there for a change. Going back to the fair the next day was a blast. Betting on the pig races, by far the most exciting part.

6.Jimmy Jams. That whole thing was fun. He's a nice guy it's a shame it only last a short time.

7. I only woke up next to Mr. Ship once this year. That's a new record for us. I wish i could say that was over, but until I toughen up it'll never be over.

8.I didn't lose my job. trust me you don't know how close I've come to killing some of the people i work with or the customers i deal with. I'm not a huge people person.

9.Hunting with MaJunior. What a blast. Nothing like me and her in the woods with Mr. Ship and MaJunior's hubby to make them rethink taking us again. GOOD TIMES!

10.BLOGGING! I'm back to blogging religiously. I have trouble keeping the blog on my myspace page up to date but i try. This blog is just so much BETTER. I know parents shouldn't have a favorite. But lets be honest. They ALL do. They might say they don't. But they DO. Deal with it. I love this blog more. It's better. It's smarter. It's easy (she gets that from mommy) and the people I meeting aren't friending me with half naked pics. This place is great.

So there is my top ten list for 2008. It's not super funny, it's not super sappy. It is. What it is. Peace out 2008. It's been real!

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Diane said...

Love your list (especially #10!) :)