Sunday, December 28, 2008

Long time no bloggy!

My my my.It's been for ever since I've been back to the blogging world. While I'm thrilled to be back I'm not so thrilled too be back to work. I've had the last 5 or so days off and it was wonderful. nothing exciting happen, nothing for the books, but is was great to not be here at work.
I hope everyone had a great holiday and I'm sure most of you are gearing up for another fun round of holiday excitement this week. I am not. I work New Years Day so I wont be attending any big bashes New Years Eve. While I will try and plot something to do involving drinking, I'm sure i will come up empty handed. I will however Be getting off work Wednesday so my friend Preggers and i plan to visit the Sweet lights display at Hershey Park. Yes thanks for the information I am aware that Christmas is over and all things Christmas will be wrapping up fairly soon. This is the last week for the lights and I have a free pass, and we have some free time, as Preggers also wont be enjoying the drunkin fun of this New Years Eve. I'm holding out my cousins might want to hit up the bar that night, but that's like holding out that the titanic might make another voyage. My Christmas was interesting. Seems I'm the least liked family member. Hard to believe.
Worst Christmas gift this year- Crest Whitening Strips, whitening advanced toothpaste and a electric toothbrush gift set. Needless to say I wasn't smiling to big for the photos. Thanks NANA. Nice to know you think my teeth are gross. Last time I checked NANA had dentures, so there lady!
Best Christmas gift~ Well it wasn't the Jersey that i didn't get for the 3rd year in a row. But that's ok. It's not about the stuff. It's not about the stuff. Unless you are agnostic like myself. then it's ALL ABOUT the shit I can get. Best gift magic bullet, because I've wanted it for so long. True the drinks we made with it Friday night left something to be desired but I'm confident that it can redeem it's self. I still have to make pesto sauce with it, because there's something I'll use. But I also really liked my apron, thanks preggers. I would have loved the scarf, had it been done Kitty!
It was cool having the BFF home for Christmas. Safe trip back to Denver Kitty.
Well unfortunately i have work to do. hope everyone had a super holiday.
Geez Mike Tomlin this wasn't a do or die game you could hvae thrown the 3rd string in for a longer time. Maybe Big Baby wouldn't have gotten hurt going into the playoffs.

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