Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Repent my child

So I wish I had some great word of wisdom to wrap up the new year......but I don't. I could make shit up if that would make you feel better. But I'm not feeling to funny/creative. I do feel as though I should repent for my recent bad behavior. I may or may not have said something REALLY awful out of frustration. The thing I said happen and now I feel bad. I know I'm not the cause of the action. But I did set the ball in motion. And I do feel bad for wishing ill well towards anyone.

Who would have thought of all the things I've said in my life, and all the things I've asked to happen to myself, my friends, family and enemies this would actually come true. So I'm repenting for wishing ill well towards Mr. Ship. We have a very complicated "ship" not relationship, not friendship, just a ship. Well Mr. Ship had to have sugary. I called him prior to the sugary to wish him well and to tell him to call me after he was better and if he needed anything. Me trying to be a good person. Well he never called me back but i didn't fret because i figured, "He just had sugary". Well after about a week or so i was annoyed. so I might have said "I hope he gets an infection and gets really sick" who would have thought that would be the day my named came up on someones wish granting list. Trust me had i known it was my turn I would have wished for some money. I feel bad.

After saying those awful words i followed it with "I don't really wish that, it just makes me feel better to say something mean right now." I know my words don't have that much power, but i still feel bad. I feel slightly like scum if scum had feelings. I feel better now. Sorry I'm such a horrible person.

So I'm going to steal another writing assignment for my post today. I'm going to try doing it list stlye like Diane.
things my mom hates that I do.
  1. My mom thinks I should wear make-up.
  2. Spend hours getting ready.
  3. Do something with my hair.
  4. Dress nicer and try to be "noticed" more when I go out.
  5. She thinks I don't try hard enough to meet guys.
  6. I try.
  7. She hates that I don't have a husband and kids yet.
  8. I'm not so thrilled about it either but her consistent comments push me farther from her wishes.
  9. I eat what i want.
  10. And she hates that
  11. Every conversation starts or ends with "hows the diet".
  12. When was I on a diet.
  13. she stuffs her face with candy and burgers.
  14. she monitors what I eat when we go out for dinner.
  15. She always makes us get appetizers.
  16. She says if she can't tell me I'm overweight who can.
  17. No one.
  18. I repeat that same statement to her.
  19. She doesn't appreciate it.
  20. Me either MOM.
  21. She's homophobic.
  22. I'm not.
  23. that bothers her.
  24. I like to say, "Oh look Mom those guys are kissing".
  25. she hates when i do that.
  26. She refuses to ride with me in my car.
  27. She taught me to drive.
  28. I refuse to let her smoke in my car.
  29. We ride in her car a lot.
  30. When she acts like my grandmother i tell her.
  31. I call her NANA, she hates that.
  32. I gang up on her with my Dad, brother, the mailman, whoever is there.
  33. she hates that also.
  34. I always side with my Dad, just to annoy her.
  35. She always points out "cute" guys when we are out.
  36. We have different taste.
  37. She hates my clothes.
  38. Hates my taste in all things for her home.
  39. And thinks she'll never have grand kids from me.
  40. Ouch Ma.

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Rachel said...

i have hear by forgiven you.

hahah. don't you wish you had that kind of power?

i also wish i had the power to make my mom stop commenting on my appearance too. sigh. i think they think its part of the job description...