Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Writers workshoppe!

uhm?? I already did the first prompt because Sam tagged me so that's out. My pets are usually pretty well behaved so #4 is out. That leaves my high school friends or the reality TV show prompt. Hum? I shall go with the high school friends.

I still have a contact with a select few of my high school friends.

First Taylor. She's my BFF. We do everything together 9or have at least once.....well almost everything). We talk 5-6x's a week. We know each other's extended family, we are family.

We've gotten into so much trouble. SO MUCH TROUBLE. I mean I've never vomited in any of my other friends Dad's Mercedes. I've never thrown up in anyone elseses nieces Christianising cups from to much drinking. I've never drank in a hotel room with a bunch of hot Marines with anyone else (well Julie was there also). NONE of my other friends have ever had to change my clothes after a night of drinking because I was SO intoxicated that I couldn't even form a sentence. Needless to say she is a keeper. me, not so much :)

Let's see then there's Michelle. I don't see her nearly as much as I would like. See I went to college in Western Pa and she went to college in Central PA. then I graduated and moved back here and she finished up and moved to Pittsburgh for grad school. Hum Michelle I just left there what are you doing? So now we see each other over the holidays and when we get a chance. She's fun. This photo is from a weekend trip home to york.

My last girl friend from high school I still talk to is Erica. I don't have a photo of her. she moved to Mississippi right after she finished culinary school, so i really don't see her much. She's been home ONCE since she moved there. ONCE! I went down ONCE for her wedding. I was the maid of honor after all. We have completely different schedules so I never get to talk to her. but she's my girl. she introduced me to the greatest little snack called muddy buddies!! YUMMY.

Now there's a few guys from high school I still talk to. Mike, Brad, and Terry. Mike was in my post yesterday. he also has an awesome web site check it out sometime. You can refer to his photo from yesterday's post. Terry I've known FOREVER! Since elementary school sometime. He's funny. Brad and i have none each other since high school. We had Spanish class together. and I think gym. Plus we all worked at Weis markets together so that's where the friendships really bloomed into a mess of trouble and hijinks's.

Terry & Me

Brad & Me

These photos are from mike's wedding. What can i say you can dress them up but you can't make Terry act normal. Brad is getting married this summer to a girl we worked with at Weis Markets (we're a keep it in the Weis Markets family kind of group). Tom and Melissa are married and they worked with us also. CRAZY!

so there is my writing assignment for this week. I feel like i took the less creative of the 4. but it could be because I'm just not feeling overly funny or creative right now. I'm tired and grumpy. Maybe that holiday cheer is pulling the rest of my body and soul down! maybe it's the threats of pending bodily harm from sad holiday cheer ;) I don't know I'm feeling blue today. I'm stoked for warm apple cider at work today! It's our count down to Christmas fun. We start today and have something different everyday. Christmas cookies, hot chocolate, and warm apple cider. My favorite!

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Melissa said...

Sounds like I might want to come party with you sometime!! oh wait-- I guess I better bring a change of clothes in case you puke on me... he-he!! :)

Diane said...

Sorry you're feeling so blue... as everyone said to me this week, 'this, too, shall pass'... yeah, I know, it doesn't really help, does it? Sorry, darlin'.

BTW, you sound a lot like I did at that age in your first friend story... lots of throwing up and drinking. Or drinking and throwing up. Good times ;)

Damama T said...

HI! I popped over via Mr. Linky from MamaKat's.

How wonderful that you've been able to stay so close with so many of your HS friends. Not all of us were so lucky. ;o)

Hope to see you again next week. You've got a fun style.


Damama T said...

oops! Forgot to check the "email me" box... Dang C.R.S. kicks up at the most inconvenient times! LOL!

Slick said...

I hardly ever see any one I graduated with....

Kinda sad and all...

Jenners said...

Stopping by on my tour of MamaKat's writing assignments. Hope you feel better soon -- the cider and cookies should do the trick I think! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

La Pixie said...

ooh, Im glad that you still have your high school peeps. the only ones I still have are the ones that married into my family!