Friday, January 30, 2009

To whom it may concern

Dear COLD hearted son of a bitch,
Why? I thought we were solid? I thought we were squared away and dare i say even. I THOUGHT those things. I now realize that you are the most inconsiderate, self serving, bastard of a virus around. You only want me when i have other plans and you only stick your germmie, stuffy, mucus ways into my life when you know you can RUIN a good time.

Why? why do you do me this way. What have I ever done to you. the last time I let you hang around for a month. In the Summer. ruining my whole social life. I let you bring me down. Infect my spirit and making me feel less then human.

Do you remember that time? DO you remember how I had just meant someone. My how that must have pissed you off. My how you must have been so stoked when you shoved yourself into my life and put that on the back burner. Thanks. Thanks for ruining my good times. Nothing is worse then what you did to me that month. Nothing is worse then the pain you brought me that month. You left me sick and in bed feeling nothing but self pity. Cold, sore throat, water eyes, sinus infection, and PINK EYES! Yes EYES! In both. WHO gets pink eye over the age of 8. Christ. I hate you cold virus. But after all that I thought maybe we are even. Squared away for at least another year. No. guess. NOT.

You wait until 3 days before I've leaving on my vacation. 3 days before I'm FLYING to Buffalo. Thank you. Thank you for once again NOT LETTING ME DOWN. thank you for being the worst thing in the world I hope you die. I'm drowning my sorrows in Dyquil, Nyqil, Theraflu, ColdeZ, and anything else I can get my grubby hands on. I swear to God. I'll vanquish you.

I think my favorite memory of you from this trip was the flight. Nothing like waiting for my head to explode for an hour. I know I had a blast with that. Nothing is more fun then feeling the pressure building no matter how many times you try to pop your ears. Nothing like water eyes and coughing in a closed in space with 75 of your best traveling friends. Good times. And now there's always the pending dinner with mystery man. Oh boy. Nothing like looking and sounding sick to make the best first impression. Thanks COLD! I LOVE you. If by love I mean loath and by you i mean all things related to and representing you. I loath you water eyes, runny nose, sore throat, scratch voice, mucus, and nose tissue burn. I LOATH YOU.

I hope you don't have a nice day.
Amy McMean

Aside from all this my trip to Buffalo is going well. It's nice to be away from home and relaxing. Even if i do have this crappy cold. I'm feeling better, but not great. In case anyone cares it's snowing like crazy here. I'll take pictures and post them when i get back.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A pool of rabbits

So I've decided to kill some time on this, the longest day ever. I'm going to blog about one of the prompts from Moma Kat's page. Talk about a time when you took in a stray animal. No problem.
My brother and I were notorious for bring home things. animals, people, lawn mowers, and broken down stuff we dug out of someplace we more then likely shouldn't have been. My mom would get so mad. Spring-Fall we TRIED to turn her house into an animal sanctuary. What can i say we had caring hearts. Mostly it was baby rabbits we would find, or little birds. Well once we found a whole bunch of little rabbits that we decided we would raise as our own. We would make them a little house and give them all great names like shadow, midnight, the brown one, etc. We would bottle feed them and make them a play area and when they out grew that we would build them a new "Rabbit home". we would be the Rulers of Rabbit Land. Well much like our other "big plans' Mom didn't think that was such a great idea. She also didn't think it was a great idea when we tried to teach them how to swim. Looking back this might have been a cry for help. Please remember we were kids.

We were playing with the rabbits on what I'm sure was either the first day or second day after finding them. I'll be honest My brother has ADD so getting him interested in anything for longer then a day was a real treat. We were outside playing and had a brilliant idea we would put the rabbits on the slide that was attached to our kiddie pool and push them down into the water so they could cool off. It was very hot, who wouldn't want to cool off in some nice water. Rabbits. That's who. Needless to say baby rabbits do not swim well. I don't believe any animals were harmed in the process, scared.....yes. Harmed no. And that's the last time I really remember taking in any animals. I've blocked a lot of my childhood out due to the fact that we did some real dumb stuff and I don't want to acknowledge it.

so yeah. that's my stray animal story.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ground Control to Major Tom

Well it's official. If I BELIEVED in signs I would believe the universe is trying to tell me DON'T GO TO BUFFALO. DON'T GO. But since I don't believe these things are signs, I'm going regardless. I always have crappy luck. That's nothing new. I have a cold and now it's snowing. Thank goodness. I would not want this trip to go EASY for me. I like to have to WORK for my vacation. Makes me want it more. Makes me need it more. So even though my mother is practically planning my funeral, I'm going. My mom thinks I'm going to die every time i fly or drive to Buffalo. Good God take a Zanax mother.

So I'm off to Buffalo tomorrow and I can't wait. I'm super excited and looking forward to hanging out with my Buffalo family. Soccermom and Mr. SM are planning a dinner meeting between me and their friend I shall call him Mystery Man. It's not a date. But I compared it to a cattle showing. I feel like I'm going to be paraded around the corral on a lead and people will make comments.
"Oh....look at her lovely color and shiny coat"
"Those wide hips will be good for birthing "
"Check out those utters!"

Soccermom has assured me that is not the case. Mystery Man is a nice guy and it's just some friends getting together and having dinner. She fails to mention the part where she's talked me up to him and vies versa. She fails to mention the pressure "My future BF"(what she calls him in regards to me) and myself don't hit it off. Will we or wont we? this should prove interesting.

Let's not forget people I'm sick. So I'm not at my best showing. this poof heifer is pale and sickly looking. Her coat is dull and flat and her utters aren't getting the respect they deserve from these crappy sports bras! I can see it now. Maybe the dripping from my nose, the red puffy cheeks, the pale ghostly skin, and the runny eyes are a huge turn on for him. Or maybe he'll freak out at the sight of my raw red nose and grease hair and ask to reschedule when I'm not feeling so...ugly.

My flight to Buffalo isn't until 8:50 p.m. tomorrow night. With touch down in the All American City (Buffalo's nickname) at 10 p.m.

Monday, January 26, 2009


So While this post/ announcement isn't about me....(In the long run isn't everything about me) I still feel the need to share the news with all of you here in bloggy world. If you read my blog often I'm sure you've heard me refer to my wonderful friend Preggers who is currently........well Preggers. Today was the day we've all been waiting for patiently (well not that patiently). today was " Find out What Baby is Day". She called me after leaving her appointment to tell me Baby was moving around like crazy during the ultra sounds and shaking it's baby fist at them. I had instructed her that if they couldn't tell what baby was she was to jump around and shake her baby belly so they could try again. She informed em that wasn't necessary. Baby moved around plenty and showed the world what baby is. Drum roll please...........barahm barahm..............

I'm super excited. this must be the year of the boys. This will be the 4? person I know to have a boy this year. Crazy. I'm super excited because now i can start buying boy stuff instead of gender neutral clothes. I already have a ton of little tan outfits. But....I did buy a few 'boyish" things because......well We've all been calling it a him since she told us she was preggers. How exciting. They are leaning towards Hayden as a name. I would say it's in the top 2. It's Mr. Preggers grandfathers name, and Preggers is warming up to it. Now if only Mr. Preggers and I can convince her to use Blasare (Blaze-R) for the middle we would be sitting pretty. So yeah that's my news that's not really my news.

(fill in holy icon) Loves the Steelers

I'm sick. If you read yesterdays blog you know this. This will be old news to you. I'm sick. I ran to the store to buy cake mix today because yes on top of being sick, packing for my pending trip on Wednesday, working and trying to get myself ready to leave town for Buffalo, I also have to bake a cake for work. Why? Because I volunteered. Because I love to bake and offered to bake the birthday party cake this month. Manly because it's for the Tabster and I know that while she'll appreciate she is also the only person in the office a side from Moma Bear who would secretly be thinking, I might have snuck poison in it. so I bake. FANTASTIC. of all the weeks in the winter to get a cold I picked this one. Stellar. So I was grabbing things at the store today like those people on supermarket sweepstakes. Remember that show. I looked like those chicks. Throwing boxes of detergent and frozen steaks in my cart, minus the detergent and frozen steaks....oh yeah and minus the cart. See I went for 3 things. Cake mix, veg. oil, and OJ. The juice not the criminal. Then i decided i wanted some "breakfast" so i grabbed a pint of Turkey hill Ice Cream. don't judge me. I'm SICK! Then as I walked towards the register doing my best balancing act I spotted a box of tissues. AHH I need those, runny nose, must have. And my friends. These are what I found.
Now you tell me God isn't cheering for the Steelers this Sunday!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pity party of 1

I'm sick. S.I.C.K. sick. I knew this would happen. I haven't been sick all winter and now with my pending trip to Buffalo on Wednesday I, Amy McMean, get sick. Ahhh not fair. I woke up yesterday morning and swore up an down that I must have been struck by a truck during the night., I felt AWFUL. Friday I was fine. Towards evening my throat started to hurt and i knew what was coming. I had the twin terrors over for the night (Jessica and Rebecca my 7-year old twin cousins) but they weren't sick. Saturday morning I woke up. I'm sick. I took the girls to my brothers house so they could play with kanyon and I proceeded to lay on his couch for the next 5 hours or so while he tending to the children. Thanks pal. This is very unlike my brother. I dropped the twin terrors off at their grandmothers house around 4 and made a trip to the store to stock up on medicine. Must get better before Wednesday! I bought, Dayquil, NyQuil, cold ez, Vicam nose swabs, and theraflu drink stuff. MUST GET BETTER ASAP! After I got home Yesterday I ate a whopper (comfort food) drank a few capfuls of NyQuil and went to bed. Yes ladies and gentleman I was in bed by 5:30 p.m. yesterday. I woke up around 10 p.m. took some more drugs and went back to sleep. I'm sick.

I've been taking stuff since I got up and I bought some vitamin water. My brother gave me some of his one a day vitamins and told me to take them everyday (again he is not usually like this) he was being very mother hen like.

How I am feeling currently. Kind of drunk. I feel a little loopy. I'm not even sure this blog will make much sense. But I feel sluggish. I was trying to leave comments for my friends earlier but i couldn't put together clear thoughts. I have big plans of leaving work tonight and going home and taking more medicine and going to bed early again. I figure if it doesn't make me better at least it'll make me sleep.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lucky Number 4

WOW. i had a lot of trouble with this weeks assignment. i think I might need to come in for remediation Mama Kat. I couldn't pick any prompts. I just didn't know what I was going to go. Here's the prompts what would you do?

1.) Tell us about a memorable blind date.
2.) Other than the birth of a child or your wedding, write about a joyous moment.
3.) Write about one of the most difficult decisions you have made in your life.
4.) Share the best picture you took last month and explain why it's your favorite.

I can't do #1, I've never had a blind date. Well........yeah no. I couldn't list something as a joyous moment in my life. difficult decisions? I could do that one but I'm not in the mood to be sad right now. I'll do #4 but it wins by default. and really this is one of the only pictures I took last month.

It's of me and my nephew, Kanyon. We took it one night while the family was over at m parents house. he had a ton of toys from Christmas to play with but all he wanted to do was play with my camera. i have to say. the kid has a pretty good eye. He took some really cool pictures, but i haven't had a chance to upload any of those. I told my brother maybe next year we should get him his own camera. He really had a blast. So this is a self portrait of the two of us. I love this kid. we are best buds when he's around. That's why this is my favorite picture from last month.
so that's what I have to say about this weeks assignment. It sure stomped me. Stop over at Mama Kats and see what everyone else thought.
have a nice day!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The big 100

YEAH!!!!! Today is my 100th post in case you didn't know that. In case you've missed the last 2 weeks leading up to this pinnacle point in my bloggy life. If you are new to my blog. WELCOME. Big bloggy hugs and high fives all around. Ok, I'm sorry this isn't that blog. I'm not the happy cheer person shoving rays of sunshine down your sore throat. I'm usually much less EXCITED then this. If you doubt me read some of my older stuff. I swear I'm not the over the top perfect life blogger person.

so I'm going to attempt a 100 things about me list. As I'm not sure of the normal criteria for such a list I've decided to do it Amy McMean style. It'll be 100 things about me such as things I like, my behavior, things i hate, my personality, whatever fills up 100 things. Since I'm insanely honest I'll admit to the fact that I've had some help with this list. My best friend Kitty. Has helped me with some things. Look I'm sure I could have come up with some really funny stuff about myself, but I'm just so modest. So I asked her to help me compile a list, asked, begged same difference. So Below is my list of 100 things that will never help you in your life. But now you'll know them about ME!

  1. I love butter pecan ice cream.
  2. I eat more ice cream in the winter then any other season.
  3. I can eat a whole jar of olives by myself in one sitting.
  4. If i could bake cookies all day everyday I would.
  5. I hate milk.
  6. It freaks me out, it's like drinking white out.
  7. I hate the snow.
  8. I love having sleep overs with my little cousins (7 year old twin girls)
  9. I love it more when they leave the next day.
  10. I won second place in a photo contest at our County Fair (yes you read that right) for a photo i took in Rocky Mountain National Park.
  11. I could lay on the beach everyday and feel the warm sun on me.
  12. I don't wear much sun screen. I know I know. I'm working on that.
  13. I tried smoking when i was younger but never really 'got it"
  14. Here are some courteous of my best Friend Kitty (15-50)
  15. Amy absolutely cannot watch tv and talk on the phone at the same time… ever
  16. Amy threw up in my dad's Mercedes after drinking entirely to much
  17. She hates feet. (ahh they are so gross)
  18. She'll drink pickle juice right from the jar like it's nothing.
  19. used to take karate and do a routine to eye of the tiger
  20. Amy is a terrible winner… and loser
  21. she collects m&m things of all types
  22. Once almost got us killed while playing tennis because of her big mouth. (now that was a good time).
  23. She initiated the "night of bad decisions" with her once in a lifetime suggestion of "let's go talk to those guys"
  24. holds a grudge (like no other)
  25. Amy is capable of remembers dumb dates like the date we broke Chris's cabinet (Feb. 7, 1997 I remember stuff)
  26. Has child size hands.
  27. Which fit in her mouth as a fist
  28. Will tell you she thinks your dumb(to your face), but still stand by you while you board a plane to go live with your nut case aunt.
  29. she dips her pizza in ranch dressing. (Everything is a little better with ranch)
  30. has an unhealthy love of ketchup (this is very true)
  31. Is one of the last people I know that actually pays for porn. (I like to stimulate the economy).
  32. dips French fries in her frosty's… just like me
  33. loves anything with bacon (yummmm bacon)
  34. would like her steak… a la mode. (I don't really eat ice cream on my steak, it's s joke.)
  35. does not eat strawberries. (Once I sucked all the yummy ice cream off a desert made by kitty's mom and spit the strawberries back in the glass)
  36. For the record I love strawberry FLAVORED stuff just not the actual strawberry.
  37. does not like corn. Unless it's on the cob or cream style.
  38. Does not see the point in lettuce (I'm getting better with this also)
  39. Is not the best speller (or writer, or dancer, or talker...etc.)
  40. she can drink a whole bottle of wine alone now that she has a cork screw (and I did Saturday night and then....passed out)
  41. And i don't even like wine. yuck-a-roo.
  42. Amy almost killed us on her brother's 4wheeler (this is a bit dramatic Kitty, we at no point were going to die, we hit a tree. That's it)
  43. Amy loves throwing parties for little kids. (I do I'm such a mom-in-training.
  44. Amy was there when her brother shot the paperboy and had to hide in the shed when the cops showed up. (not our families proudest moment, but there was no damage done to the paperboy.)
  45. Amy hates dancing at clubs.
  46. I hate dancing period, I'm not sure where you got the "clubs" thing.
  47. Actually I mainly just also dislike clubs.
  48. Unless it's like book club or blogging club. Just no dancing.
  49. Amy hates when the people at Cici's say, "we'll Cici you later!"
  50. Amy is a super friend!
  51. Thanks for the help Kitty.
  52. Sometimes when i watch shows on TV I got so embarrassed for the people I have to change the channel.
  53. I feel like then they don't have to be embarrassed, because I don't seem them.
  54. I still close my eyes and cover my face during the REALLY scary parts of the movies.
  55. I cried while watching MADE the other day.
  56. I try not to cry to often, but that doesn't work out sometimes.
  57. I NEVER cry in public unless I can't absolutely help it.
  58. I.E. at a funeral.
  59. In one year I had 3 funerals, that was rough.
  60. My last real relationship was damn near 4 years ago.
  61. And I haven't dated since.
  62. Since we all know Mr. ship doesn't count as dating.
  63. I'm not great at making new friends.
  64. I feel the need to be IMPRESSED.
  65. On average it takes me about 6 months to warm up to new people.
  66. Then watch out, you;ll never get me to shut up.
  67. I try to help EVERYONE and sometimes that spreads me to thin.
  68. I call my mom Wendi because we used to work together and it seemed more professional then Mommy.
  69. I color when I'm upset or bored.
  70. I've filled up all my nephews coloring books and i get mad when he wants to "help" me color.
  71. I spend way to much time blogging.
  72. And not enough time working.
  73. I don't give very good advice. When my friends come too be with a problem I usually ask if they would like me to beat up someone for them.
  74. I try not to drink alone because I have a problem knowing when to stop.
  75. I enjoy drinking but can't let loose in front of my family.
  76. I read the book jacket 5 or more times before I every buy the book.
  77. I'm a pack rat.
  78. I still have cards from High school graduation, college, my ex., I keep the strangest stuff.
  79. I'm horrible at calling me.
  80. I don't want to bother them.
  81. I've asked one guy out in my LIFE!
  82. It was Mr. ship.
  83. And he turned me down.
  84. I hate making the first move and I usually let opportunities slip past me because of it.
  85. I can come off as rude, or unfriendly.
  86. But it's really just me being shy.
  87. I try not to think I'm better then anyone.
  88. I try to accept people for who they are.
  89. Key word TRY.
  90. One day I hope to accomplish something worth wild.
  91. I love my nephew and cousins and would do anything for them.
  92. I've planned what I would do if i won the lottery. but i never play.
  93. I'd rather spend my money on other people then on my self.
  94. i have trouble telling me people no when they ask for my help.
  95. I played tennis in high school and still have my varsity jacket packed in my cedar chest.
  96. I try it on every few months.
  97. i just took my Christmas tree down two days ago.
  98. I sing REALLY loud in the car.
  99. And dance in the car.
  100. I love to make people laugh!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOD!!! i did it. I reached a 100 things. WOW. So i hope you enjoyed my list of insanely awesome ME-ness!!!

Prelude to the big 100

Ok people. guess what. this is post number 99! post number 99. I'm surprised, impressed and a little proud I've made it this far. Ahhh it seems like only yesterday I started blogging about my exciting life on here. At that time I had NO FOLLOWERS! Now I'm rolling 7 deep with some really great bloggy friends. I might never win an Oscar, an Emmy, or really anything of any monetary value so I've decided to take this moment to thank the people who helped me reach post 100. I know I know this is a little premature. It's like planning the wedding date before the proposal or spending the prize money before the heavy weight fight. I get that. But I'm having a hard enough time coming up with my 100th post and I didn't want too forget to sent out some bloggy love.

So to all the people who visit me on a daily bases....get a life, invest in some hobbies, explore your surroundings, I really have nothing to offer you. Reading my mindless dribble is the equivalent of spending eight hours a day slaving away for "the man". Yes my friends I'm just that rewarding. I kid I kid. I'm so thrilled you all choose me to follow. I'm just glad "following" means you read my insanity because if you were following me any other way that would just be down right creepy. i.e. following me to my house, to work, in my dreams, off a cliff, in a cult group, or really even my advice. That would be cause for alarm.

To all the people who stop by and read me on the occasion....please. really. just follow me. You know as well as I do that you have nothing else better to do with your time. After all I'm funny, I'm smart, and my mom says I'm a real catch (this is my way of hooking new people). So come on you know you want to. And rest assured that you wont be breaking any MAJOR laws by becoming one of my bloggy friends.

So to Sam who shares my love for the Steelers, La Pixie who's love for all things Mickey Mouse is refreshing, Diane who I hope to grow up to be like someday, Kitty who is stuck with me, Rachel who was one of my first followers and who has the cutest little boy, Melissa who was also one of the first people to follow me and who's (from her blogs since I've never meant her) strength amazes me, and to Wifey desert who is my newest reader. THANK YOU!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! I would also like to give shout outs to all my favorite blogs. check them out they rock. Actually they rock way more then me (not really good with selling myself). :) So in true Sally Field style I'll leave you with this......

Tune in for my 100th post coming soon to an IMAX near you, oh gosh could you imagine!

Monday, January 19, 2009

EXTRA EXTRA!! Steelers beat Ravens 3x's this season!

Pittsburgh's going to the Super Bowl

So needless to say I was a little excited about the big win last night. I heart the Steelers. I'm also proud to say I'm not one of those over the top in your face fans, that says the rest of the world sucks and that the Steeler nation is the best in the WORLD. I don't do that. But today I'm going to gloat. I'm going to tell my exciting game stories. Talk about the plays and pretty much be that person. For today.

First off I worked yesterday. As I do EVERY Sunday, which for a football fan should really be illegal. I have to say I wont miss watching the play by play graph movement on It's so sad trying to watch the game that way. But that my friends, is how I've kept track of every Steelers game this season, aside from the couple that played later Sunday or Monday. So last night I left work with about 7 minutes to go in the 2 quarter. I listen to the game the whole way to Julies house in Dallastown. Thank you 93.5 fm for being there when i needed you this season. I was able to watch the 2nd half with my friends. Preggers, Mr. Preggers, Jules and her boyfriend Steelers FANatic! Let's just say Steelers FANatic is a bit over the top with his devotion. I'm talking screaming cussing, thorwing things falling on the floor, over the top. He is one of "those people".

Here is where the excitement comes into play for me. I Love me some #43. Come on who can't love that guy, the hair, the crazy football skills, the insane love and devotion he shows on the field, and from what I hear he's a good guy of the field. I'll say it I have bit of a school girl crush on him. Oh Troy, I can even over look the fact that you went USC. You're so awesome. Get back on track Amy! Snap out of it! Anywho. Needless to say Troy did not disappoint last night. Here's what happen when he scored the let's be honest everyone WINNING TOUCHDOWN last night.

I'm sitting on the couch next to Preggers and Jules sister. Steelers FANatic is sitting across the room on the other couch. Flaco makes the throw. Troy intercepts the ball I sit up straight and yell "Yeah, I Love that guy!" then I notice Troy isn't stopping, no one has tackled him. I start to move up to the edge of the couch. "GO GO GO" I'm screaming at the TV. He's down to the 15 the 10, oh my god He's going to go all the way inside the 5, squeezes his way into the end zone, TOUCHDOWN!!!! And we lost it. I jump up off the couch throw the pillow I'm holding up into the air and scream "YEEEAAAHYYEAAAH!!! Steeler FANatic has also jumped off the couch he's flipping out we catch eyes run across the room and high five each other, while still screaming, And then we hug! I'm not a hugger. I don't really even like hugging my friends and family. I need personnel space, but at the moment I'm a hugger. We hug while still screaming, everyone else in the room just looks at us. And we yell!!! Then Steelers FANatic turns to Mr. Preggers, who's a Denver fan WOW theres still Denver fans out there, points at him and says "did you see that! And he's injured! NOW WHAT!!". then they show the replay over and over and over. With each replay I get excited all over. With each replay I i found something else to say about him "I love that guy" "that's why he's my favorite" He's so awesome" Here's the conversation I had with Preggers after I sat back down.

Preggers~ "Geeze Amy"

Jules~ That's Amy's guy.

Me~ I Love that guy, ahhhh he's so awesome. He's just so great. What can i say I have a bit of a school girl crush on him


Me~ Ahhhh he's cool

Preggers~ Get a hold of yourself, hey.....are you going to cry?

Me~ I sort of already am. He's just so cool. that was awesome!

So how excited am I to fly into Baltimore on Super Bowl Sunday dressed in my Steelers gear. that should be fun. I can;t believe I planned my trip home from Buffalo on Super Bowl Sunday. I'll get into Baltimore at 7 p.m. I'm not sure what I'll do while in the air, can i get a radio station that will broadcast the game on my Mp3 player? I plan to listen to 93.5 the whole way home. Who knows maybe I'll find a bar somewhere and watch the game. Or maybe not, I'm not sure how bitter Baltimore will be, I'm guessing REALLY BITTER!

So only 3 more posts till my 100th post!!!!! What an exciting week for me. Friday night lights is back, the steelers are going to the super bowl, and my 100th post!!! That's exciting.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


FUCK YEAH . Pittsburgh's going to the SUPER BOWL!! HERE WE GO STEELERS HERE WE GO! Pittsburgh's going to the super bowl.


WOW this has been a HUGE weekend for me. HUGE! First off I need to make it clear that I LOVE very few tv shows. Sure I watch tv but there are very few shows I tune in for. I tend to enjoy them but not enough to remember what comes on when. Here's my list of stuff i watch
  1. Monday- nothing really pressing. I did however watch mommas boys. it's lames and I'm almost ashamed to admit it. honestly it makes me very scared to EVER date a guy who wants to introduce me to his mom.
  2. Tuesday- Biggest loser, although I haven't watched any of this new season. Law and Order SVU
  3. Wednesday- Bones (but now it's on Thursday so I don't know if I'll remember that. Top Chef/ project runway. I love those shows LOVE!
  4. Thursday-Greys Anatomy and ER if i remember
  5. Friday- Jeopardy (it's the only might I'm home during the week to watch it. I love jeopardy!! and thank god for small miracles. FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is back!!!

This is how much I love Friday Night Lights. Kitty called me Friday night at 9 p.m. Right when the show started. Here is how the conversation went.

"Hello" Hey Friday Night Lights is on I'll have to call you back, ok. "Are you serious" YEAH! Bye.

I love Friday night lights and for the second year I had to sit by and wait to see if they brought it back!!! Thank God! Here's one reason i love FRIDAY Night LIGHTS!!! The guy who plays Tim Riggins is so HOTT. I have myself a regular little girl crush. come on look at this dude he's hot. and He's a bad ass on the show. I know I know I should be over my bad boy stage, and I am for the most part. But dang. Come on Look at him. He's hot!So Thank God for Friday night tv. I've already told my friends that 9 p.m. on Fridays I need to be in front of a tv. I'm going to Buffalo in two weeks to see some friends and I will be watching Friday night lights!!! I'm so excited!!!

Here's the rest of my HUGE weekend. Wow he's dreamy!! Ok sorry i'm back. Last night was ladies night. Preggers, and Jules and i went to the Macaroni grille. YUMMY. We had our ladies night dinner and caught up. the 3 of us don't get to go out much anymore. Jimmy Jams told us before we went they had crayons for you to draw on the table with after which i announced I would be drawing apple trees because that's really all i can do. Well didn't my table only have blue, purple and green crayons to use. So they got a Dr. sues style plum tree, a hand turkey, and every ones names. When i filled my area up i started drawing on Preggers side and then above and across the table. It was very colorful when i left. Preggers was sad because she wanted chocolate cake and they were out. Poor Preggers, no chocolate cake for the baby!

After we got home I preceded to drink a whole bottle of wine by myself, alone in my apartment. I don't usually do that, but Preggers gave em a corkscrew after I mentioned i didn't have one and Jules stuffed it in my purse so I figured why not. After I polished off the bottle of wine I started on the bottle of Egg Nog my dad gave me and the next thing i knew i was waking up on the couch at 6:30 a.m. and now i have a headache. Good times. nothing like get drunk by your self! good times.

And lastly. GO STEELERS!!!!!!! One game away from the SUPER BOWL! I'm off to Jules house after work to watch the game and eat some yummy football food. It's Jules's BF's birthday, who is also a HUGE steelers fan so we are celebrating it Black and Gold style!


Huge shout out to Mama Kat for telling me how to do my links right!! Thank you. I've asked other people and everyone tells me oh i don't know what your talking about. THANK YOU MAMA KAT!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Who done it?

go check out this weeks writing assignments.

wow I didn't really fit any of the prompts this week. But I'm used to not fitting the mold. I don't have a significant other so that one was out. I can't think of any bad encounters with a professor. And I'm not one for poems. So that leaves stealing. after brainstorming with kitty ( ) last night about all the times we stole stuff from Claire's i still couldn't come up with anything. I remember doing it but it didn't leave that much of an impression on me. I could write about the time that Darice ( ) and Tara and i circled the mini golf place in Grove city before going back to steal all the letter off the sign, however Tara was the only one that got out of the car. Darcie was the get-a-way driver so she wasn't getting out, i opened my door but wimped out. I left Tara high and dry to get the letters on her own. Or the time Kitty and my ex stole the "Laundry in the Rear" sign in Slippery Rock. I've been a "party" to many thefts. but haven't done any of my own. Aside from the cheap barrettes from Clair's. I don't even wear barrettes. I don't pay for shit that falls apart. then i remembered I was a little thief.

in high school i worked at Weis Markets. that job was a bore. aside from the great friends i made there the job was a real snooze fest. so what do a bunch of high school kids do hen they are bored? Break stuff, steal stuff and throw things. When i worked in the grocery store we STOLE stuff all the time. i didn't even really think of it as stealing, it was more supplementing my income. We stole lame stuff, if that makes it OK. Sodas, drinks, apples, soup, and fun stuff like that. I would make my nightly break trip back to the salad bar where i would get myself a cup of whatever the soup was that day, grab an apple out of the produce department and have my friend who worked in the cooler section bring me a tea. I didn't think of it as being a bad thing. just something we did. Or when i worked at the nursing home in the kitchen and would steal snacks. why does it seem all my stealing had to do with food? interesting.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well folks I'm well on my way to post #100. I feel like I'm approaching a big milestone in my life.
~drivers license (check)
~register to vote (check)
~legal drinking age (check)
~ graduate from college (check)
~first big heart break (CHECK)
~ 25 year old mid life breakdown (check)
~buy my own car (check)
~reach my 100th blog (almost)

I know 25 and having a midlife crisis. But I was pretty devastated when i turned 25. My life wasn't exactly where i thought it would be by that age. And i was feeling pretty lousy about myself, and everything in my life. Hey Diane made that was my ahem moment. My defining moment.

I remember being so upset as it got closer to D-Day. I LOVE my birthday. I start the birthday countdown a month ahead. I remind everyone that it's coming up. I LOVE my birthday, but not that year. That year I wanted it to just skip past me. I wanted to go to sleep, and wake up 2 days later and be 25 and pretend like nothing happen. I love my birthday, however i don't have a very good history of having "happy birthdays". Someone or something ALWAYS messes up my day. The one day that's SUPPOSED to be about Yours truly, ends up going down in flames. Well my 25th birthday i don't even remember what might have happen that year. Everything runs together now. I just know that as it got closer I was physically sick to my stomach. I turned 25 while still living at home, working at a job i didn't really care for (still here), alone, while all my friends were engaged, getting married, popping out their spawns, and buy houses. My life. In my eyes. Was stink. stank, stunk!

I always THOUGHT I would met someone before I was 25, get married and live happily ever after. That was not what happen. Not even close. I moved home in May of 2005 at the age of 23. I had just left the town i called home for 5 years, the boyfriend who i thought was my happily ever after, and here i was back at my parents where i would live until the summer after my 25 birthday.

After the initial shock of turning 25 and having what I felt was "Nothing to show for it" I started to change my thinking. So what if i wasn't married and happy by 25. I decided i couldn't wait for other people to come into my life to make me happy. I would go it on my own. I looked at one apartment and moved in. I've been living by myself for over a year and a half now. I've spent time with different people, neither panned out (you all know Mr. Ship). I've tried to stop thinking about what I don't have. I DON'T have to be something just because everyone else thinks i do. I DON'T have to apologize for not fitting the mold. I try.

I'll never forget my friend from college who went with the GOAL to met someone and get married. And she did. she got married the Summer after she graduated. Right on schedule with what she THOUGHT was the norm. Both her sisters did that so she had to also. I remember sitting in my college apartment while she told me if i wanted to be married by 25 I better settle down fast if I want to date someone and be engaged for at least 2 years. DAMN. She really had this planned out. Somewhere I thought I had to fit that also. Guess what? I don't. And I'm slowly becoming OK with that. My friends and family still get annoyed when i say maybe I wont have my happily ever after. Some people don't. Some people never get married, never have kids. Maybe I will Maybe i wont. But only time will tell.

This is not what I planned to blog about today. at all. I planned to blog about my pending 100th post and how I have no clue what I'll do. Thanks for your suggestions guys! I'm think I might go for the 100 things about me. Do i know a 100 things about myself? I also liked your idea Melissa about trying to get a100 comments. That sounds hard so maybe i will try that along with my 100 things. Humm? We'll shall see. I think my 100th post will come sometime next week. So stay tuned! Keep your dial turned to the McMind Show!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm so angry right now. I can't even blog. I have no funny stories, no funny comments. I'm just pissed. and boy oh boy is my body sore from getting fucked in the ass by my job. I know that I should be thankful I have a job. And I am. I'm thankful I have a job but at the same time I wish this place would burn to the ground. After everyone is safely home for the day, well maybe everyone but a few choice management players. She can go down with the ship. Although I'm pretty sure she's unlikable. the worst always are. So needless to say this was not a good day. I'm always looking for a new job, but now I really want a new job. At least up until today the goods still out weighted the bad, but not by much. Not anymore. I don't care if my next job never does any fun stuff. I don't care i i can't wear a pacman suit to work and decorate for Christmas. I don't care. I can't see myself staying here much longer. Ever vision i have of me here much longer involves makeshift alarm clock bombs, pepper spray and the words "You'll never take me a live". I guess Johnny paycheck had it right, "Take this job and shove, I ain't working here no more!"

Look I know I'm lucky to have a job in this economy. Trust me that I understand. the fact that the circus monkeys who own this company haven't run it into the ground or squandered all the profits on bananas and tiny cymbals is beyond me. I swear to (fill in religious icon here). I really think it isn't the dawn of cyber news and the Internet that's killing the newspaper industry, it's Media News Group (our parent company) and all the other companies who see this as a money making business. Ok. yeah that's the point of business. I get it. But maybe the CEO's don't have to be super RICH! maybe they don't need to own everything in sight. Hello MONOPOLY! Maybe if they thought about something other then the dollars in their SWISS bank accounts their company would be just fine. Our parent company owns a plethora of newspapers on the east coast, and sporadic other states and are laying people off left and right and bringing all the work here. All the work from other STATES here. Look I work for the York Newspaper Company but every year my taxes are filed through some other company they own. My taxes said i worked for Texas New Mexico Publishing last year....humm no I did not. does this sound legal??

So needless to say I'm hoping for a different job in the future. If i can last another year here I'll be surprised.

Sorry I just really needed to vent. And venting sounded better/safer then flipping out on my boss today. I did tell my boss that I think what she's asking of me is ridicules and not going t o happen. Her responses was if i can't do it in the hours I'm working now I'll have to change my hours on Monday so I'm here later. WHAT! Oh so instead of working till 8:30 p.m. you'll let me start later so i can stay till 9:30 p.m. without paying me overtime. GEE THANKS! So because You trained monkey's thought up this brilliant idea, when you have absolutely NO IDEA what it entails, I get to work later? LUCKY FUCKING ME!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Love is blind

You know what I love? Pickles. Yummy pickle goodness. Sweat, dill, whole, slices, spears, petite. I don't care. I do not discriminate against pickles and their yummy greatness. I always ask for extra pickles at BK and subway. I love pickles. YUMMY yum yum. I live near the town of Dillsburg, PA. They drop a huge pickle on New Years Eve and every summer have a pickle FESTIVAL!! Yeah. How fantastic is that. I've never gone. But I've always wanted to. They have a pickle eating contest. My money is on me. Anywho. Last night while ordering some food at Rutters (a local gas station/convenience store), I noticed they had FRIED pickles. I have died and gone to pickle heaven. That combines my two great loves, next to the Steelers, fried food and pickles. this couldn't possibly be a bad thing. I ordered them.

While an interesting CONCEPT there was a flaw. a SERIOUS flaw. Pickles are...a juicy food. That's part of the glamour of the pickle. A crisp bit with a juicy yummy taste. Key word JUICY. So i get my food and get in the car. I'm so excited to try this GREAT concept. And i was still excited right up to the point the HOT MOLTEN LAVA PICKLE JUICE poured out of the fried pickle and into my mouth. I thought i was going to die. It was so HOT. So while an interesting concept and tasty after they cooled down, the 3rd degree burns on the top, bottom and side of my mouth said maybe I'll pass next time. I also burnt my tongue. So what have we learned friends? Let your fried pickles COOL down before attempting to enjoy.

I'm all for love. Love isn't all for me lately but we all have those days. I don't care who you date, love, marry, whatever. Good for you. Be happy. What i think doesn't matter. however here is one relationship that I just can't approve of.
Toby he's not even the same species He's a singing PURPLE dinosaur. And well I didn't want to bring this up, but he's a little stuffy if you ask me. Imagine your ugly Purple and brown, dancing dinopups. I know I know, you like the way he looks at you, but well. The whole thing is just a tad creepy. And I'm sorry but I feel like when he tells you to hug him and says he loves you, well I've heard that all before. His tone sounds very forced and more like a recording then actual love.

Ok guys I need your help. your mission if you should choose to take it is. Tell me what I should do for my 100 post. What do most people do? I've seen lists of things and 100 posts for a 100th post but i don't know what to do. I would throw a kegger and get some wings, but that's not really a blog fun kind of thing. So what should i do for my 100th post? I need help. Much more then you guys can provide me with, but this issue is right up your alley.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not me monday

I did not willingly spend 4 hours watching the History Channel with my Dad on Friday. I did learn that I wouldn't want to live in Ocean View Estates on Kona due to the fact it's right in the way if the volcanoes blows and there is only 1 road out of there. That sounds fun.

I didn't learn more about copper then the average person will EVER need to know. I also didn't watch a 2 hour special on Comets. In those two hours I did not contemplate changing the channel. My Dad did not ask me questions about all 3 different shows and i did not get the answers ALL right. It was not fun at all.

I did not try something new when i went to dinner with my mom on Friday night. I did not steer away from my usual chicken fingers to get a Cuban sandwich that wasn't tasty. I do not now heart eh Lyndian Dinner.

I did not make a joke in front of my 17 year old cousin and his girlfriend that my crest white strips look like someone shot a load all over my lips. His girlfriend DID NOT look slightly uncomfortable.

I did not play Scrabble with my two 7 year old cousins. That was not the WORST idea EVER. They totally understood the concept of the game and they didn't constantly move the letters around getting them out of place. I did not want to throw the scrabble board across the room and send them to bed. I did not.

I surely didn't spend all Saturday listening to my neighbors yell. They weren't really getting on my nervous and i did not contemplate turning the most annoying music i could find up real loud.

I wasn't sucked into watch Dances with Wolves because I couldn't get anything else in on my tv.

I did not get furious while watching a show about bears getting into resort towns in the mountains. I did not sit there and yell at the tv every time a PERSON complained about these bears in the WILD!! I did not tell those yuppie IT people to go build their resorts in the city thus avoiding the bears. I did not tell them to use common sense. The topic of animal encroachment doesn't bother me one bit. Neither does the topic of HUMAN ENCROACHMENT on the animals. (don't build your house in the mountains and then complain about the bears. It's like building next to the Mississippi River and complaining about the water...oh wait YOU DO THAT TOO!)

I did not go to Friendlys after swearing never to set foot in a friendly's again. It was not the strangest place EVER and Preggers and i are not convinced that Friendly's employees all the crazy people in town.

I did not go to Target more then 1 time this weekend. And i most certainly did not buy any baby stuff.

I'm not cheering on the Steelers to cream the Charges. And i most certainly don't think it would be kick ass if the Eagles and the Steelers both pull off a win next week to make it an all PA super Bowl. that wouldn't kick butt in the least.

I am not 9 posts away from my 100th post!


Ahh Sunday. the day devoted to worship and praise. A day spent relaxing and reflecting on life and pondering the greater meaning. Sunday. Game day. Today the Steelers take on San Diego in Pittsburgh and it looked cold from the news earlier. It's always cold in Pittsburgh. and it's always cold in Heinz field. FOSHO. When the Steelers win today they'll play Baltimore next week in Heinz field for a chance at the Super bowl. Here we go steelers, here we go. Pittsburgh going to the Super Bowl. So I'll leave you with the reasons I like the Steelers. WHO doesn't remember the Buses last trip to the SB!! GET ON THE BUS!

Troy is a football GOD!!!! I believe in things TROY

This things was just cute.

Bloggy parents watch this.

I've taken my 7 year old cousins and my nephew to Chuck E Cheese once. I'm not a huge fan. It's too expensive, too crowded, and way to noisy. Plus, I wasn't ever a huge fan of the moving robot mouse show. Strange. And the pizza sucks. But kids like it so most people feel obligated to take their child there at least once. and you always have those kids who want to have a Chuck E Cheese Birthday party. Bump that. Throw a swing set up in the backyard with cake and balloons and call it a day.

Imagine my surprise when i saw a report on my local news about a fight at a Chuck E. Cheese in Harrisburg, Pa. not far from where I live. It's not one I've been to but it's near by. And it's a damn shame. Seems last year alone they had 12 "incidents" of fights. Let me clarify. 12 PARENT fights. not kids pushing and line jumping to get to the ball pit. Nope. Parents. Fighting. while their children play on the slide and win tokens. Parents are knocking each other out. I tried to upload the video from Youtube of this fight. Yeah Youtube. But I'm dumb and can't do that so I'll give you the link to go see it your self.

Oh yeah apparently the girl is PREGGERS. The girl fighting is PREGGERS. I'm not sure if she was at Chuck E. Cheese for the games and slide or if she's the parent of some other poor child. She's a kid herself. CEC is paying off duty cops to stand GUARD, to make sure no more fights happen. Uhm.....why didn't they do this after oh i don't know the 2nd-3rd-4th fights. 12 fights in one year. That's more bouts then most boxes do a year.

My question. What the hell is wrong with people?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Step 1. Remove head from ass

I have big plans tomorrow. BIG PLANS. I'll be having my head removed from my ass. I hear it's a relatively fast procedure. They couldn't give me an answer on the pain factor, which alarmed me. Something about it being dependent on the size of ones head and the size of ones ass. My head looks smallish. I can't palm it but I have tiny hands. I'm looking forward to my procedure. Mainly I'm looking forward to the recovery. you know, get well cards, flowers, balloons, candy. People doing stuff and being nice to me. I can't wait. Feel free to send LARGE flower arrangements and singing teddy bear people. the bigger the better. I wont lie. It's all bout the size and the money spent. My love/happiness can be bought. I can't wait to have my head removed from my ass. I'm hoping it puts a stop to the dumb things I do.

Had i undergone this procedure earlier this week maybe i wouldn't have driven across town today to the bank only to realize the check was at home on the kitchen table. Maybe I wouldn't have gone to Target only to realize that I left the memory card at home that held the photo i wanted to print. now I'm picking up some photos I had no intention of printing, because i didn't want to look like a jerk holding up the line digging through her purse only to walk away with out placing an order. Maybe I wouldn't have received a personnel phone call from Met Ed asking me to please call urgently about my bill. Oops is it the 5th again?

Think of all the things that could have been prevented if only i had been born with my head outside of my ass. Not literally outside that would not be to pleasant of a sight. I would however have my own show on TLC titled ~Ass Head girl. I love how the names of their shows are so well......unoffensive (LOL). Like mermaid girl, tree man, stump women. Nice TLC lets teach our children it's OK to call her mermaid girl. That's a whole other blog.

So here's to a speedy recover from my removing head from ass surgery.
have a nice weekend everyone!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Maury I like babies.....their cute. so what.

So I almost didn't do the writing assignment this week. None of the topics were jumping up and down, waving their prompting hands, and screaming PICK ME! I was stumped. could these topics really be so NOT ME. maybe i just wasn't feeling the power of bloggy flowing through me the first couple of times i read them. then i read Diane's list of 6 fantastic words her duaghter used at ( and thought to myself, DANG that's a great post. But it's a little late to find someone to give me six words to describe myself. so i checked the list again.
1.) Describe your latest obsession.
2.) Ask a loved one to use 6 descriptive words to describe you and report your findings. How well do they know you?
3.) Who was your first bloggy friend? How did you find each other? Do you still correspond?
4.) Tell us about your pet! If you have a weird infatuation with your dog or cat we want to hear about it (or if they just plain drive you crazy)...but please don't compare them to children. It's just not the same.
Ok so #2 is out. not enough time to get Kitty to do this. #3 isn't to bad, but i don't really "correspond" with my bloggy friends. i leave comments, they leave comments. we show bloggy love that way. so I'll pass on that one I don't have any good stories about that. #4 i could do. i have pets. i like them. but not enough to do a whole blog on them. today. so I thought about #1. What am i currently obsessed about. Well i was thinking pretty hard about Buffalo this week, but that's just because I'm thinking pretty hard about my life. and that whole "happy with my life" factor. jury is still out there. so I'm going to write about #1, but not about buffalo. I'm going to write about babies.
Calm down please. put down the phone. no need to call Maury up and send me to "My teen(ish, lol I'm almost 27) daughter is trying to have a baby" boot camp. I'm not talking obsessed like that. i love kids. i love baby stuff. i love all the FUN stuff. It seems that everyone i know either just had a kid, just found out their preggers or is currently trying to get pregnant. COME ON. how does a single girl (who desperately wants to be not so single and not so unbaby having) not get pulled into this baby obsession. I love baby stuff. Just not the poop. and from what I hear they go together like peas and carrots. babies and poop. anywho.
a few of my close friends are having kids and i can't help myself. i buy stuff. I always cruise down the baby sections at EVERY store I go to. The people at Target act like I'm casing the joint. It's hard. baby stuff is so cool and i just want to buy tons of stuff. Preggers keeps telling me to stop buying stuff and wait till the shower. but I'm slowly stockpiling stuff for her. I attended DKM#1 fan's wife's shower on Sunday. she got so much stuff. I want kids someday. Maybe 2.or3. no more then 4. But I'm not poking wholes in condoms or any of that fun stuff. i don't tell guys I'm on the pill when I'm not. I'm not trying to get pregnant (I'm missing the important part of how babies are So yeah I'm slightly baby obsessed right now. anything baby i buy it. i spent my Macy's exchange money on baby stuff. But I'm not saying I want to have a baby right now. I would never make it. not on my own.
For the record all you mommy bloggers aren't helping much! I love looking at your photos. RACHEL you score tons of points on this one, your litle boy is so darn cute I just want to come over and squeeze his little cheeks and get one of those big smiles out of him. In a completely uncreep way, as I'm sure that sounded very creepy. check this out and tell me you aren't baby crazy after looking at this little guy . and reading everyones funny stories. you make me want to be a mommy......someday. but not today. today i will stick with buying baby stuff for OTHER people.

I call it work

So here is a break down of my day.

~did SOME work. Trust me "some" is a bit of an exaggeration.
~read every ones blogs and left love.
~went to the bathroom.
~I clean out my desk drawers. they were so over stuffed.
~called my friends in the back.
~talked to my co-workers.
~bought some chips
~cleaned the cubby space beside my desk. and threw out a ton of old newspapers.
~clean up my computer.
~annoyed Moma Bear
~deleted a ton of old photos, pages, proofs, tons of stuff.
~potty break
~tossed my stress ball around
~deleted my history and cookies (?).

i still have a bunch of stuff to get rid of that needs to go through the shredder. OH BOY!

Yeah. they paid me for this. not much. but money none the less

Mail Call........

I love getting mail. Let me rephrase that. I love getting letters, personal things, and cards int he mail. I hate getting bills. Feel free to forward them to someone else's house. I hate bills. But I love getting something addressed to me from someone else. I can totally relate to La Pixie's feelings of joy when she receives mail. I love that.

However, I never really get mail. Occasionally someone sends me a card. usually something bad happens prior to that, so the whole mail joy is lost. I got a few Christmas cards, which I LOVE, but nothing much else comes for me, without a return envelope inside. So Imagine how thrilled I was when i opened my mail today to find a letter from my car insurance company. I know, this doesn't sound like good mail. So let me inform you that I have paid my insurance for the year in full in October. So i know this isn't a bill. Could it be. could it be a check for my $250 deductible that i had to shell out after my rear ending incident. Even before i opened the envelope i had the "possible" money spent. My electric, my phone and my old navy card all need paid. That would take about all of the money. but what a load off my shoulders that would be. I tore the envelope open.

YES my friends it was a check for $250. I did the happy dance. right there in front of my apartment, on the icy sidewalk while cars raced down Market St. I did the happy dance. And my plans went right out the window. I can buy my jersey, some new cloths for my trip to buffalo, i could really use some good winter boots, I'm going to go out to the movies, baby stuff for Preggers, money for New York. And then i remember. I have to use it to pay bills. SUCKY! If i didn't have electric heat I'm almost positive I could go a few weeks with out electric. No one calls me anyhow so who needs a phone. If i need a hot shower, hot food or anything else I'll go to moms. I know. I know. I'm going to pay the bills. But boy, some new stuff would be nice. I really want that jersey. I think I'll see what i have left over once i pay my bills.

Happy Dance in the chair!!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Buffalo or BUST!

I'm going to Buffalo at the end of the month. For a few reasons. But mainly because I CAN. I want to go. I haven't been there in 3 months. I know that's not that long. But I want to go. I'm flying up. I'm trying to make this as easy for me as I can. You might remember (depending on how long you've been reading my dribble) that on my way home from Buffalo in October I was rear ended by a FREIGHT LINER. So I'll fly this time. I'm taking a direct flight from BWI to Buffalo about an hour flight. Much better then a 6 hour drive. I'm stoked! I can't wait to see my Buffalo family (who aren't family at all) and relax. Hopefully this will be a good trip. Soccremom and Mr. Soccermom have big plans for me. THEIR plans and the plans of the rest of my Buffalo family (Mr. Soccermom's parents, sister, and GRANDPARENTS, what can i say they are very invested in my life) think I should MOVE there. Get a job, met a nice guy (who they plan to introduce me to that weekend) and get married and live happily ever after in Buffalo. That is THEIR plan. My mom feels the need to remind me before i leave for Buffalo EVERY TIME that I LIVE in YORK and that is not near BUFFALO. and that I NEED to come HOME to YORK not BUFFALO.

So I'm heading north in January. To a place that got 20 inches of snow the other week. I hate snow. I hate cold. Major deters for moving there. Soccermom reminds me that it only snows in the winter there. Fantastic. She leaves out that winter lasts 4-5 months. This is strictly a visit. I'm interested to meet the mystery man (in their defense they have wanted me to meet him since their wedding and I've only been up once since then and he was away) and see what all the fuse is about. Mr. Soccermom's mom Moma Smith, thinks mystery man and i would make "such a cute couple". She just wants me to move to Buffalo so she has more kids to worry about :) Love you Moma Smith! apparently Soccermom knew it was destiny when she saw the insane amount of Ketchup he uses. She called me and said and i quote "He puts the ketchup right on his fires. All over them like you do. He uses so much kethcup I thought he was you! I'm totally buying you guys a huge vat of ketchup for a wedding gift." GREAT. We shall see. He might not even be around this time. He better I can't fly up every few months. I'm not made of money.

I'm not saying I wouldn't move there. I've thought about it. It's not to far away from Home. only 2 more hours then college. flights aren't to bad. I'm not saying I would NEVER do it. I have thought about it. It could be fun. a new place. new people. But at the same time i know people. I have a family foundation. An open invite to Sunday brunch at Moma Smith's house and all other family functions. that's nice. Comforting. but moving there? I don't know. We shall see. Maybe mystery man and i will hit it off. fall madly in love and then we shall see. More then likely The same old same old will happen and that'll be it. That's my luck.

Monday, January 5, 2009

I'll have the honesty....a la mode please

Sam over at bestowed this wonderful honesty award on me. So I'm supposed to be honest. List 10 HONEST things. Me. Amy. McMean. Must be honest. About myself. I feel years of pent up should have gone ot therapey issues bubbling to the surface here. Honest. About me. Oh boy. Here goes.

  1. I always worry about being late. I show up 3o minutes early to functions and sit in my car and wait for it to be time. I don't want to be that person. The late person. the person everyone talks about while they are waiting for them to get there. No thank you.

  2. I'm PAINFULLY shy. That's why I love blogging. I can SEEM open and friendly but I'm not. I'm painfully shy. I swear to whatever religoiuse icon you believe in. PAINFULLY SHY.

  3. I go out to dinner and the moives alone all the time. I'll go to sit down places and stay as long as I want and don't worry about someone in the restuarant is going "Oh look at that girl all alone". I don't care. I need to eat to. For some reason this doesn't bother me. But PLEASE don't ask me to talk to anyone else sitting at the bar.

  4. I'm jelouse of my friends. I'm jelouse of their lives, relationships, the money they have, the things they do, that their skinnier, less shy, smarter, and just all around better then me. I want to know when it's going ot be my turn.

  5. I know that it's not so much love that draws me to Mr. Ship as it is desperation. I can't help but wonder what if no one ever cares about me again. What if this is the best I'll ever have and I miss it.

  6. I want to be more like my best friend. I want to be strong enough to pack up and move across the country just because thats what I want. I want to be strong enough to try.

  7. I think about sex all the time. Unfortunetly it usually involves Mr. Ship. I watch way to much porn for a normal person, but I don't really care.

  8. I think that if i smile more, pay closer attention, dress sexier, laugh at his jokes, and sleep with him that one day he'll finally realize that I'm good enough for him. I use that logic to convince myself that theres hope with Mr. Ship.

  9. I worry that what makes me happy might make other people mad and maybe it's easier to please the masses then please myself.

  10. I'm too afraid I'll SUCCEED to actually try. What if it works, what if i get a new job and move, and make more money. And I can't handle it. I'll just stay at whats comfortable so I don't have to worry about it.

Now I'm to name a seven people who i think should do this also. I pick

  • Darcie

  • Kitty

  • Rachel

  • La Pixie

  • Melissa
  • and you! Be honest. I'll be readin these and I ahve my awesome new honesty decoder watch on.

More not me monday

I'm not seriously contemplating the conversation I had with Soccermom yesterday. I haven't googled anything pertaining to employment in Buffalo and didn't spend anything checking air fare to go visit her. I don't think a change could do me some good and I'm not confident these thoughts are completely CRAZY.

Not me Monday

I didn't use my Macy's exchange card to buy a bunch of baby stuff for my friends. I surely didn't go back and forth between a ton of different things before i settled on the cutest blanket and some onies, and bibs. I didn't buy two of the blankets since I have two soon to be parent friends. The blankets didn't have the cutest little giraffe in the corner. I didn't absolutely want them in big kid size for me.

I didn't pray i would run into someone i knew when i got to Laura's baby shower yesterday. I wasn't so over joyed when i pulled into the parking lot and saw KT Bupp getting out of her car. We didn't sit together with Melissa and do some good old fashion gossiping. Our table didn't produce two winners at baby bingo. I didn't leave with some notepads as a prize.

I didn't purchase one of the above mentioned blankets for Preggers along with 3 cute onies for the baby. I couldn't hear Preggers voice in my head telling me to NOT BUT BABY STUFF YET, while i was paying. I wasn't so excited.

The shower didn't give me the sudden urge to have a baby simple so people will buy me things. I didn't think how cool it would be to be getting all this fun stuff. I surely didn't almost smack myself back into reality when KT Bupp said, "yeah but then you have a kid". Oh yeah. I'm not plotting a away to register for stuff and have people throw me a shower without actually having to have a kid or get married.

I didn't spend a lot of time with my extended family this weekend eating food that was yucky. I surely didn't stuff myself on meat, cheese, candy, chips and dip. I absolutely ate veggies and salad and not buffalo chicken sandwiche and fries when i went to dinner with my mom.

So that was my weekend. or my not me weekend. Everything i didn't do~ I DID. Everything i did do~ I didn't! Tricky right.

I'm thinking about my next post. Sam tagged me for a honesty post. So
I'm thinking.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tmobile it's me Amy...where are you?

So I'm PISSED with uppercase EVERYTHING!

Let's recap my day shall we.

  1. Get up for watch the Rose Bowl parade before coming to work- no problems so far.
  2. ON my way to work notice my phone doesn't have a signal- weird.
  3. Get to work see the phone still isn't registering any bars-this can't be good.
  4. Turn off phone take out battery.
  5. Put everything back together.
  6. Still doesn't work-WTF!!!!!
  7. I yell a lot say a few words that would make my grandmother blush and try calling someone.
  8. No luck.
  9. I use my work phone to call my brother (we have the same provider). All I get is a busy signal.
  10. try another Tmobile person. Same thing.
  11. Start to panic.
  12. I can't use my phone. Not like anyone calls me, but this sucks.
  13. figure I'll drown my sorrows in Root Beer.
  14. Root Beer gets jammed in the machine.
  15. I push on the little bar a few times but the bottle is wedged in. Stupid vending machine with it's sleek design my ass.
  16. Kick the flap a few times. bottle moves a little.
  17. Look around in case I'm on hidden camera show.
  18. Don't see any suspicious looking fruit or out of place old ladies knitting.
  19. Commence with giving that machine the machine kicking of it's life.
  20. Finally free bottle/ break flappy thing a little.
  21. Root Beer looks like it was just thrown into the washing machine on the spin cycle.
  22. Wait too open it until it's calmed down.
  23. Very busy for a holiday here.
  24. Fun. Fun.
  25. Take a moment to call Tmobile and find out whats up.
  27. Realize the guy who is supposed to make sure the button for service stays flipped on is recovering form last night. FANTASTIC.
  28. Nothing on site about problem. Oh yeah NO ONE is there.
  29. I feel so alone.

So I still can't use my phone. Which is really a pain since I don't have a 'land line" once I leave here. Or for you fun loving people a home phone. Thank God I wasn't depending on having an operational phone in case of emergencies or to order a pizza for dinner. Damn it! I really wanted pizza ordered from the comfort of my own home.