Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lucky Number 4

WOW. i had a lot of trouble with this weeks assignment. i think I might need to come in for remediation Mama Kat. I couldn't pick any prompts. I just didn't know what I was going to go. Here's the prompts what would you do?

1.) Tell us about a memorable blind date.
2.) Other than the birth of a child or your wedding, write about a joyous moment.
3.) Write about one of the most difficult decisions you have made in your life.
4.) Share the best picture you took last month and explain why it's your favorite.

I can't do #1, I've never had a blind date. Well........yeah no. I couldn't list something as a joyous moment in my life. difficult decisions? I could do that one but I'm not in the mood to be sad right now. I'll do #4 but it wins by default. and really this is one of the only pictures I took last month.

It's of me and my nephew, Kanyon. We took it one night while the family was over at m parents house. he had a ton of toys from Christmas to play with but all he wanted to do was play with my camera. i have to say. the kid has a pretty good eye. He took some really cool pictures, but i haven't had a chance to upload any of those. I told my brother maybe next year we should get him his own camera. He really had a blast. So this is a self portrait of the two of us. I love this kid. we are best buds when he's around. That's why this is my favorite picture from last month.
so that's what I have to say about this weeks assignment. It sure stomped me. Stop over at Mama Kats and see what everyone else thought.
have a nice day!


Diane said...

Awwwww... I don't think you could have done better with the prompt you picked!! What a great picture!

Kelly said...

What a great photo!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture. You both have such pretty blue eyes!

Dan said...

He's still young enough he hasn't developed that aversion to pictures that comes as boys get a bit older.

Nice picture!

La Pixie said...

I skipped this weeks assignment. I couldnt get into it, and I didnt take any pictures. I have no camera. lame, huh?

Wifey Dessert said...

ya'll are so cute!!! aww adorable!!