Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mail Call........

I love getting mail. Let me rephrase that. I love getting letters, personal things, and cards int he mail. I hate getting bills. Feel free to forward them to someone else's house. I hate bills. But I love getting something addressed to me from someone else. I can totally relate to La Pixie's feelings of joy when she receives mail. I love that.

However, I never really get mail. Occasionally someone sends me a card. usually something bad happens prior to that, so the whole mail joy is lost. I got a few Christmas cards, which I LOVE, but nothing much else comes for me, without a return envelope inside. So Imagine how thrilled I was when i opened my mail today to find a letter from my car insurance company. I know, this doesn't sound like good mail. So let me inform you that I have paid my insurance for the year in full in October. So i know this isn't a bill. Could it be. could it be a check for my $250 deductible that i had to shell out after my rear ending incident. Even before i opened the envelope i had the "possible" money spent. My electric, my phone and my old navy card all need paid. That would take about all of the money. but what a load off my shoulders that would be. I tore the envelope open.

YES my friends it was a check for $250. I did the happy dance. right there in front of my apartment, on the icy sidewalk while cars raced down Market St. I did the happy dance. And my plans went right out the window. I can buy my jersey, some new cloths for my trip to buffalo, i could really use some good winter boots, I'm going to go out to the movies, baby stuff for Preggers, money for New York. And then i remember. I have to use it to pay bills. SUCKY! If i didn't have electric heat I'm almost positive I could go a few weeks with out electric. No one calls me anyhow so who needs a phone. If i need a hot shower, hot food or anything else I'll go to moms. I know. I know. I'm going to pay the bills. But boy, some new stuff would be nice. I really want that jersey. I think I'll see what i have left over once i pay my bills.

Happy Dance in the chair!!!!

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Diane said...

I'm doing the happy dance with you! Getting money in the mail is so cool. And it never happens to me. Sigh.