Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Maury I like babies.....their cute. so what.

So I almost didn't do the writing assignment this week. None of the topics were jumping up and down, waving their prompting hands, and screaming PICK ME! I was stumped. could these topics really be so NOT ME. maybe i just wasn't feeling the power of bloggy flowing through me the first couple of times i read them. then i read Diane's list of 6 fantastic words her duaghter used at ( and thought to myself, DANG that's a great post. But it's a little late to find someone to give me six words to describe myself. so i checked the list again.
1.) Describe your latest obsession.
2.) Ask a loved one to use 6 descriptive words to describe you and report your findings. How well do they know you?
3.) Who was your first bloggy friend? How did you find each other? Do you still correspond?
4.) Tell us about your pet! If you have a weird infatuation with your dog or cat we want to hear about it (or if they just plain drive you crazy)...but please don't compare them to children. It's just not the same.
Ok so #2 is out. not enough time to get Kitty to do this. #3 isn't to bad, but i don't really "correspond" with my bloggy friends. i leave comments, they leave comments. we show bloggy love that way. so I'll pass on that one I don't have any good stories about that. #4 i could do. i have pets. i like them. but not enough to do a whole blog on them. today. so I thought about #1. What am i currently obsessed about. Well i was thinking pretty hard about Buffalo this week, but that's just because I'm thinking pretty hard about my life. and that whole "happy with my life" factor. jury is still out there. so I'm going to write about #1, but not about buffalo. I'm going to write about babies.
Calm down please. put down the phone. no need to call Maury up and send me to "My teen(ish, lol I'm almost 27) daughter is trying to have a baby" boot camp. I'm not talking obsessed like that. i love kids. i love baby stuff. i love all the FUN stuff. It seems that everyone i know either just had a kid, just found out their preggers or is currently trying to get pregnant. COME ON. how does a single girl (who desperately wants to be not so single and not so unbaby having) not get pulled into this baby obsession. I love baby stuff. Just not the poop. and from what I hear they go together like peas and carrots. babies and poop. anywho.
a few of my close friends are having kids and i can't help myself. i buy stuff. I always cruise down the baby sections at EVERY store I go to. The people at Target act like I'm casing the joint. It's hard. baby stuff is so cool and i just want to buy tons of stuff. Preggers keeps telling me to stop buying stuff and wait till the shower. but I'm slowly stockpiling stuff for her. I attended DKM#1 fan's wife's shower on Sunday. she got so much stuff. I want kids someday. Maybe 2.or3. no more then 4. But I'm not poking wholes in condoms or any of that fun stuff. i don't tell guys I'm on the pill when I'm not. I'm not trying to get pregnant (I'm missing the important part of how babies are So yeah I'm slightly baby obsessed right now. anything baby i buy it. i spent my Macy's exchange money on baby stuff. But I'm not saying I want to have a baby right now. I would never make it. not on my own.
For the record all you mommy bloggers aren't helping much! I love looking at your photos. RACHEL you score tons of points on this one, your litle boy is so darn cute I just want to come over and squeeze his little cheeks and get one of those big smiles out of him. In a completely uncreep way, as I'm sure that sounded very creepy. check this out and tell me you aren't baby crazy after looking at this little guy . and reading everyones funny stories. you make me want to be a mommy......someday. but not today. today i will stick with buying baby stuff for OTHER people.


Diane said...

Baby stuff IS cute... and totally addictive. I have to say, though, that I'm glad most of my friends are past it, as it's also friggin' expensive after a while!

Wifey Dessert said...

i know girl!! seems like the whole world is procreating.. i guess i can't say much cuz i want one too but we can't seem to reign in any baby dust *sigh*

you can buy me some baby stuff in hope ill get preg if you want :P

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

oh THIS is a fab obsession - I am obsessed with getting pg again!!

Anonymous said...'re starting to think about it...babies are awfully irresistible, aren't they?

La Pixie said...

nothing wrong with loving babies. I dont know that its for me, as theyre SOO expensive...

Rachel said...

Dear Amy,

First of all, I am proud to say we are bloggy buddies and I will shout it from the roof tops if I have to (how's that for creepy?) :P

Secondly, you can borrow Noah whenever you want. He isn't sleeping a whole lot lately. So you need to be free between 5am and 12pm. That's ok with you, right?

Also, his poops are legendary.

There ya go, lost any "baby fever" yet? HAHA.


Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine said...

Thanks Rachel!! You were my very first bloggy friend.

Noah poops? now that's crazy.

Dan said...

Baby stuff is cute even long after the nest is empty. That is what I've heard grandparenthood is all about.

Now I know the universe is tilted - the verification word is findakid