Thursday, January 15, 2009

Who done it?

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wow I didn't really fit any of the prompts this week. But I'm used to not fitting the mold. I don't have a significant other so that one was out. I can't think of any bad encounters with a professor. And I'm not one for poems. So that leaves stealing. after brainstorming with kitty ( ) last night about all the times we stole stuff from Claire's i still couldn't come up with anything. I remember doing it but it didn't leave that much of an impression on me. I could write about the time that Darice ( ) and Tara and i circled the mini golf place in Grove city before going back to steal all the letter off the sign, however Tara was the only one that got out of the car. Darcie was the get-a-way driver so she wasn't getting out, i opened my door but wimped out. I left Tara high and dry to get the letters on her own. Or the time Kitty and my ex stole the "Laundry in the Rear" sign in Slippery Rock. I've been a "party" to many thefts. but haven't done any of my own. Aside from the cheap barrettes from Clair's. I don't even wear barrettes. I don't pay for shit that falls apart. then i remembered I was a little thief.

in high school i worked at Weis Markets. that job was a bore. aside from the great friends i made there the job was a real snooze fest. so what do a bunch of high school kids do hen they are bored? Break stuff, steal stuff and throw things. When i worked in the grocery store we STOLE stuff all the time. i didn't even really think of it as stealing, it was more supplementing my income. We stole lame stuff, if that makes it OK. Sodas, drinks, apples, soup, and fun stuff like that. I would make my nightly break trip back to the salad bar where i would get myself a cup of whatever the soup was that day, grab an apple out of the produce department and have my friend who worked in the cooler section bring me a tea. I didn't think of it as being a bad thing. just something we did. Or when i worked at the nursing home in the kitchen and would steal snacks. why does it seem all my stealing had to do with food? interesting.


Diane said...

Ummmm... at least you stole healthy stuff...?

The Odd Duck said...

Swag for the win!

It's kind of funny to me to watch high school girls now try and steal from Claire's because they always look around and go for the hoodie or purse.

I never stole signs although I was party to a few defacings in high school during election time.

Oh and the shopping cart. Can't forget that one.

Anonymous said...

You were a stinker, weren't ya?

Ashley said...

You were thinking economically is all. Food is expensive.
Oh && your text you have on your 'comment area' also deals a lot with food :) Love it!

Ashley @ Frexy Mama said...

Err, two comments from me. Ha! I left that last one under my old bloggy :)

La Pixie said...

hmmm, I find it mildly amusing that you stole food. like, there was no evidence left. you are a mastermind!! LOL

Sam_I_am said...

My roommate and I used to steal toilet paper from the various campus bathrooms.

Jen said...

I have stolen food too but I was hungry what is a girl to do?

Mama Kat said...

I feel sorry for people when they steal things like food and diapers...I would have given you a dollar.

And here's an impromptu lesson for you!


If you want to be able to link to Kitty and Darcie without typing out their URL here's what you do.

When you're writing your post click on the "compose" tab.

Then highlight the name you want to have a link "kitty" for example.

There is a button that looks kind of like a sattelite or some kind of antenna thing in the toolbar. Click on that. Paste the URL of kitty's blog (or whatever website) into that space. WaLA!

When you view your blog her name will show up with a fancy little line under it and all you have to do is click it to get to her page.

I'll expect a check in the mail for that tidbit. Thanks!

Rachel said...

snacks from where you work? is that stealing? hmmm. i used to eat the bread at the restaurant i worked at all the time. i guess its the same.