Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A pool of rabbits

So I've decided to kill some time on this, the longest day ever. I'm going to blog about one of the prompts from Moma Kat's page. Talk about a time when you took in a stray animal. No problem.
My brother and I were notorious for bring home things. animals, people, lawn mowers, and broken down stuff we dug out of someplace we more then likely shouldn't have been. My mom would get so mad. Spring-Fall we TRIED to turn her house into an animal sanctuary. What can i say we had caring hearts. Mostly it was baby rabbits we would find, or little birds. Well once we found a whole bunch of little rabbits that we decided we would raise as our own. We would make them a little house and give them all great names like shadow, midnight, the brown one, etc. We would bottle feed them and make them a play area and when they out grew that we would build them a new "Rabbit home". we would be the Rulers of Rabbit Land. Well much like our other "big plans' Mom didn't think that was such a great idea. She also didn't think it was a great idea when we tried to teach them how to swim. Looking back this might have been a cry for help. Please remember we were kids.

We were playing with the rabbits on what I'm sure was either the first day or second day after finding them. I'll be honest My brother has ADD so getting him interested in anything for longer then a day was a real treat. We were outside playing and had a brilliant idea we would put the rabbits on the slide that was attached to our kiddie pool and push them down into the water so they could cool off. It was very hot, who wouldn't want to cool off in some nice water. Rabbits. That's who. Needless to say baby rabbits do not swim well. I don't believe any animals were harmed in the process, scared.....yes. Harmed no. And that's the last time I really remember taking in any animals. I've blocked a lot of my childhood out due to the fact that we did some real dumb stuff and I don't want to acknowledge it.

so yeah. that's my stray animal story.


Rachel said...

maybe they would have appreciated some "floaties" or a raft ;)

Diane said...

Whew... I had a bad feeling about the whole swimming thing... I'm glad it turned out OK!!