Monday, January 12, 2009

Love is blind

You know what I love? Pickles. Yummy pickle goodness. Sweat, dill, whole, slices, spears, petite. I don't care. I do not discriminate against pickles and their yummy greatness. I always ask for extra pickles at BK and subway. I love pickles. YUMMY yum yum. I live near the town of Dillsburg, PA. They drop a huge pickle on New Years Eve and every summer have a pickle FESTIVAL!! Yeah. How fantastic is that. I've never gone. But I've always wanted to. They have a pickle eating contest. My money is on me. Anywho. Last night while ordering some food at Rutters (a local gas station/convenience store), I noticed they had FRIED pickles. I have died and gone to pickle heaven. That combines my two great loves, next to the Steelers, fried food and pickles. this couldn't possibly be a bad thing. I ordered them.

While an interesting CONCEPT there was a flaw. a SERIOUS flaw. Pickles are...a juicy food. That's part of the glamour of the pickle. A crisp bit with a juicy yummy taste. Key word JUICY. So i get my food and get in the car. I'm so excited to try this GREAT concept. And i was still excited right up to the point the HOT MOLTEN LAVA PICKLE JUICE poured out of the fried pickle and into my mouth. I thought i was going to die. It was so HOT. So while an interesting concept and tasty after they cooled down, the 3rd degree burns on the top, bottom and side of my mouth said maybe I'll pass next time. I also burnt my tongue. So what have we learned friends? Let your fried pickles COOL down before attempting to enjoy.

I'm all for love. Love isn't all for me lately but we all have those days. I don't care who you date, love, marry, whatever. Good for you. Be happy. What i think doesn't matter. however here is one relationship that I just can't approve of.
Toby he's not even the same species He's a singing PURPLE dinosaur. And well I didn't want to bring this up, but he's a little stuffy if you ask me. Imagine your ugly Purple and brown, dancing dinopups. I know I know, you like the way he looks at you, but well. The whole thing is just a tad creepy. And I'm sorry but I feel like when he tells you to hug him and says he loves you, well I've heard that all before. His tone sounds very forced and more like a recording then actual love.

Ok guys I need your help. your mission if you should choose to take it is. Tell me what I should do for my 100 post. What do most people do? I've seen lists of things and 100 posts for a 100th post but i don't know what to do. I would throw a kegger and get some wings, but that's not really a blog fun kind of thing. So what should i do for my 100th post? I need help. Much more then you guys can provide me with, but this issue is right up your alley.


Diane said...

OK, first... fried pickles... ick. I like pickles but some things should simply not be fried. Nope.

Second, when Ryan was about 3, I made mention of the fact that Barney was the anti-Christ. She told her entire preschool class. Her teacher was not amused. We didn't stay at that preschool for long.

100th post... Cool!!! I did a 100 Things post for mine. I'd seen it done a few times and thought it was cool. My 2 cents! :)

Melissa said...

I love sweet pickles the best... we have a restaurant here that gives a big jar of thick cut dills to munch on while waiting...yummy!! (but, now that I think about it-- it's probably not very sanitary)

And for the 100th post...hmmmm, maybe make a "plea" for all your friends to get you 100 comments for that post...If you do that, I will put in my blog too-- and have people come to your blog and comment. I actually really like that I idea (as I pat myself on the back) :)

Wifey Dessert said...

1st. fried pickles are the greatest invention since well pickles... try them dipped in Ranch omg yum... can you tell i'm on a diet? im obsessing about food... but yes you must let them cool or they will seriously burn you!!!!!

2nd. I have no idea what you should do!! I was wondering what i should do as well!!!!

La Pixie said...

I love pickles, and I love fried pickles. we sold them when I worked at Applebees. yummy!! especially with a side of ranch. so unhealthy and wonderful!

also, the pickles at Subway? I love them!!! the pickles at ChikFilA? sick!!

angie said...

I love a good dill pickle. But sweet pickles? I won't even go there. :)