Monday, January 19, 2009

EXTRA EXTRA!! Steelers beat Ravens 3x's this season!

Pittsburgh's going to the Super Bowl

So needless to say I was a little excited about the big win last night. I heart the Steelers. I'm also proud to say I'm not one of those over the top in your face fans, that says the rest of the world sucks and that the Steeler nation is the best in the WORLD. I don't do that. But today I'm going to gloat. I'm going to tell my exciting game stories. Talk about the plays and pretty much be that person. For today.

First off I worked yesterday. As I do EVERY Sunday, which for a football fan should really be illegal. I have to say I wont miss watching the play by play graph movement on It's so sad trying to watch the game that way. But that my friends, is how I've kept track of every Steelers game this season, aside from the couple that played later Sunday or Monday. So last night I left work with about 7 minutes to go in the 2 quarter. I listen to the game the whole way to Julies house in Dallastown. Thank you 93.5 fm for being there when i needed you this season. I was able to watch the 2nd half with my friends. Preggers, Mr. Preggers, Jules and her boyfriend Steelers FANatic! Let's just say Steelers FANatic is a bit over the top with his devotion. I'm talking screaming cussing, thorwing things falling on the floor, over the top. He is one of "those people".

Here is where the excitement comes into play for me. I Love me some #43. Come on who can't love that guy, the hair, the crazy football skills, the insane love and devotion he shows on the field, and from what I hear he's a good guy of the field. I'll say it I have bit of a school girl crush on him. Oh Troy, I can even over look the fact that you went USC. You're so awesome. Get back on track Amy! Snap out of it! Anywho. Needless to say Troy did not disappoint last night. Here's what happen when he scored the let's be honest everyone WINNING TOUCHDOWN last night.

I'm sitting on the couch next to Preggers and Jules sister. Steelers FANatic is sitting across the room on the other couch. Flaco makes the throw. Troy intercepts the ball I sit up straight and yell "Yeah, I Love that guy!" then I notice Troy isn't stopping, no one has tackled him. I start to move up to the edge of the couch. "GO GO GO" I'm screaming at the TV. He's down to the 15 the 10, oh my god He's going to go all the way inside the 5, squeezes his way into the end zone, TOUCHDOWN!!!! And we lost it. I jump up off the couch throw the pillow I'm holding up into the air and scream "YEEEAAAHYYEAAAH!!! Steeler FANatic has also jumped off the couch he's flipping out we catch eyes run across the room and high five each other, while still screaming, And then we hug! I'm not a hugger. I don't really even like hugging my friends and family. I need personnel space, but at the moment I'm a hugger. We hug while still screaming, everyone else in the room just looks at us. And we yell!!! Then Steelers FANatic turns to Mr. Preggers, who's a Denver fan WOW theres still Denver fans out there, points at him and says "did you see that! And he's injured! NOW WHAT!!". then they show the replay over and over and over. With each replay I get excited all over. With each replay I i found something else to say about him "I love that guy" "that's why he's my favorite" He's so awesome" Here's the conversation I had with Preggers after I sat back down.

Preggers~ "Geeze Amy"

Jules~ That's Amy's guy.

Me~ I Love that guy, ahhhh he's so awesome. He's just so great. What can i say I have a bit of a school girl crush on him


Me~ Ahhhh he's cool

Preggers~ Get a hold of yourself, hey.....are you going to cry?

Me~ I sort of already am. He's just so cool. that was awesome!

So how excited am I to fly into Baltimore on Super Bowl Sunday dressed in my Steelers gear. that should be fun. I can;t believe I planned my trip home from Buffalo on Super Bowl Sunday. I'll get into Baltimore at 7 p.m. I'm not sure what I'll do while in the air, can i get a radio station that will broadcast the game on my Mp3 player? I plan to listen to 93.5 the whole way home. Who knows maybe I'll find a bar somewhere and watch the game. Or maybe not, I'm not sure how bitter Baltimore will be, I'm guessing REALLY BITTER!

So only 3 more posts till my 100th post!!!!! What an exciting week for me. Friday night lights is back, the steelers are going to the super bowl, and my 100th post!!! That's exciting.


Kitty said...

You will totally be missing the super bowl... wow... bad timing!

La Pixie said...

Im glad that your team made it. Ill be cheering for them, since I FREAKIN HATE THE ARIZONA CARDINALS AKA the biggest disappointment losers in history! and yes, Im born and raised AZ.