Friday, January 30, 2009

To whom it may concern

Dear COLD hearted son of a bitch,
Why? I thought we were solid? I thought we were squared away and dare i say even. I THOUGHT those things. I now realize that you are the most inconsiderate, self serving, bastard of a virus around. You only want me when i have other plans and you only stick your germmie, stuffy, mucus ways into my life when you know you can RUIN a good time.

Why? why do you do me this way. What have I ever done to you. the last time I let you hang around for a month. In the Summer. ruining my whole social life. I let you bring me down. Infect my spirit and making me feel less then human.

Do you remember that time? DO you remember how I had just meant someone. My how that must have pissed you off. My how you must have been so stoked when you shoved yourself into my life and put that on the back burner. Thanks. Thanks for ruining my good times. Nothing is worse then what you did to me that month. Nothing is worse then the pain you brought me that month. You left me sick and in bed feeling nothing but self pity. Cold, sore throat, water eyes, sinus infection, and PINK EYES! Yes EYES! In both. WHO gets pink eye over the age of 8. Christ. I hate you cold virus. But after all that I thought maybe we are even. Squared away for at least another year. No. guess. NOT.

You wait until 3 days before I've leaving on my vacation. 3 days before I'm FLYING to Buffalo. Thank you. Thank you for once again NOT LETTING ME DOWN. thank you for being the worst thing in the world I hope you die. I'm drowning my sorrows in Dyquil, Nyqil, Theraflu, ColdeZ, and anything else I can get my grubby hands on. I swear to God. I'll vanquish you.

I think my favorite memory of you from this trip was the flight. Nothing like waiting for my head to explode for an hour. I know I had a blast with that. Nothing is more fun then feeling the pressure building no matter how many times you try to pop your ears. Nothing like water eyes and coughing in a closed in space with 75 of your best traveling friends. Good times. And now there's always the pending dinner with mystery man. Oh boy. Nothing like looking and sounding sick to make the best first impression. Thanks COLD! I LOVE you. If by love I mean loath and by you i mean all things related to and representing you. I loath you water eyes, runny nose, sore throat, scratch voice, mucus, and nose tissue burn. I LOATH YOU.

I hope you don't have a nice day.
Amy McMean

Aside from all this my trip to Buffalo is going well. It's nice to be away from home and relaxing. Even if i do have this crappy cold. I'm feeling better, but not great. In case anyone cares it's snowing like crazy here. I'll take pictures and post them when i get back.

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