Monday, January 26, 2009


So While this post/ announcement isn't about me....(In the long run isn't everything about me) I still feel the need to share the news with all of you here in bloggy world. If you read my blog often I'm sure you've heard me refer to my wonderful friend Preggers who is currently........well Preggers. Today was the day we've all been waiting for patiently (well not that patiently). today was " Find out What Baby is Day". She called me after leaving her appointment to tell me Baby was moving around like crazy during the ultra sounds and shaking it's baby fist at them. I had instructed her that if they couldn't tell what baby was she was to jump around and shake her baby belly so they could try again. She informed em that wasn't necessary. Baby moved around plenty and showed the world what baby is. Drum roll please...........barahm barahm..............

I'm super excited. this must be the year of the boys. This will be the 4? person I know to have a boy this year. Crazy. I'm super excited because now i can start buying boy stuff instead of gender neutral clothes. I already have a ton of little tan outfits. But....I did buy a few 'boyish" things because......well We've all been calling it a him since she told us she was preggers. How exciting. They are leaning towards Hayden as a name. I would say it's in the top 2. It's Mr. Preggers grandfathers name, and Preggers is warming up to it. Now if only Mr. Preggers and I can convince her to use Blasare (Blaze-R) for the middle we would be sitting pretty. So yeah that's my news that's not really my news.


Sam_I_am said...

Yay! Tell them to watch when changing him for his little "garden hose." My nephew got his mother right in the face. heheehee

I don't think Fiance and I will be able to agree on baby names AT all.

La Pixie said...

tell them to google "pee pee tee pee." its a lil tee pee to cover the pee pee. ha