Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The big 100

YEAH!!!!! Today is my 100th post in case you didn't know that. In case you've missed the last 2 weeks leading up to this pinnacle point in my bloggy life. If you are new to my blog. WELCOME. Big bloggy hugs and high fives all around. Ok, I'm sorry this isn't that blog. I'm not the happy cheer person shoving rays of sunshine down your sore throat. I'm usually much less EXCITED then this. If you doubt me read some of my older stuff. I swear I'm not the over the top perfect life blogger person.

so I'm going to attempt a 100 things about me list. As I'm not sure of the normal criteria for such a list I've decided to do it Amy McMean style. It'll be 100 things about me such as things I like, my behavior, things i hate, my personality, whatever fills up 100 things. Since I'm insanely honest I'll admit to the fact that I've had some help with this list. My best friend Kitty. Has helped me with some things. Look I'm sure I could have come up with some really funny stuff about myself, but I'm just so modest. So I asked her to help me compile a list, asked, begged same difference. So Below is my list of 100 things that will never help you in your life. But now you'll know them about ME!

  1. I love butter pecan ice cream.
  2. I eat more ice cream in the winter then any other season.
  3. I can eat a whole jar of olives by myself in one sitting.
  4. If i could bake cookies all day everyday I would.
  5. I hate milk.
  6. It freaks me out, it's like drinking white out.
  7. I hate the snow.
  8. I love having sleep overs with my little cousins (7 year old twin girls)
  9. I love it more when they leave the next day.
  10. I won second place in a photo contest at our County Fair (yes you read that right) for a photo i took in Rocky Mountain National Park.
  11. I could lay on the beach everyday and feel the warm sun on me.
  12. I don't wear much sun screen. I know I know. I'm working on that.
  13. I tried smoking when i was younger but never really 'got it"
  14. Here are some courteous of my best Friend Kitty (15-50)
  15. Amy absolutely cannot watch tv and talk on the phone at the same time… ever
  16. Amy threw up in my dad's Mercedes after drinking entirely to much
  17. She hates feet. (ahh they are so gross)
  18. She'll drink pickle juice right from the jar like it's nothing.
  19. used to take karate and do a routine to eye of the tiger
  20. Amy is a terrible winner… and loser
  21. she collects m&m things of all types
  22. Once almost got us killed while playing tennis because of her big mouth. (now that was a good time).
  23. She initiated the "night of bad decisions" with her once in a lifetime suggestion of "let's go talk to those guys"
  24. holds a grudge (like no other)
  25. Amy is capable of remembers dumb dates like the date we broke Chris's cabinet (Feb. 7, 1997 I remember stuff)
  26. Has child size hands.
  27. Which fit in her mouth as a fist
  28. Will tell you she thinks your dumb(to your face), but still stand by you while you board a plane to go live with your nut case aunt.
  29. she dips her pizza in ranch dressing. (Everything is a little better with ranch)
  30. has an unhealthy love of ketchup (this is very true)
  31. Is one of the last people I know that actually pays for porn. (I like to stimulate the economy).
  32. dips French fries in her frosty's… just like me
  33. loves anything with bacon (yummmm bacon)
  34. would like her steak… a la mode. (I don't really eat ice cream on my steak, it's s joke.)
  35. does not eat strawberries. (Once I sucked all the yummy ice cream off a desert made by kitty's mom and spit the strawberries back in the glass)
  36. For the record I love strawberry FLAVORED stuff just not the actual strawberry.
  37. does not like corn. Unless it's on the cob or cream style.
  38. Does not see the point in lettuce (I'm getting better with this also)
  39. Is not the best speller (or writer, or dancer, or talker...etc.)
  40. she can drink a whole bottle of wine alone now that she has a cork screw (and I did Saturday night and then....passed out)
  41. And i don't even like wine. yuck-a-roo.
  42. Amy almost killed us on her brother's 4wheeler (this is a bit dramatic Kitty, we at no point were going to die, we hit a tree. That's it)
  43. Amy loves throwing parties for little kids. (I do I'm such a mom-in-training.
  44. Amy was there when her brother shot the paperboy and had to hide in the shed when the cops showed up. (not our families proudest moment, but there was no damage done to the paperboy.)
  45. Amy hates dancing at clubs.
  46. I hate dancing period, I'm not sure where you got the "clubs" thing.
  47. Actually I mainly just also dislike clubs.
  48. Unless it's like book club or blogging club. Just no dancing.
  49. Amy hates when the people at Cici's say, "we'll Cici you later!"
  50. Amy is a super friend!
  51. Thanks for the help Kitty.
  52. Sometimes when i watch shows on TV I got so embarrassed for the people I have to change the channel.
  53. I feel like then they don't have to be embarrassed, because I don't seem them.
  54. I still close my eyes and cover my face during the REALLY scary parts of the movies.
  55. I cried while watching MADE the other day.
  56. I try not to cry to often, but that doesn't work out sometimes.
  57. I NEVER cry in public unless I can't absolutely help it.
  58. I.E. at a funeral.
  59. In one year I had 3 funerals, that was rough.
  60. My last real relationship was damn near 4 years ago.
  61. And I haven't dated since.
  62. Since we all know Mr. ship doesn't count as dating.
  63. I'm not great at making new friends.
  64. I feel the need to be IMPRESSED.
  65. On average it takes me about 6 months to warm up to new people.
  66. Then watch out, you;ll never get me to shut up.
  67. I try to help EVERYONE and sometimes that spreads me to thin.
  68. I call my mom Wendi because we used to work together and it seemed more professional then Mommy.
  69. I color when I'm upset or bored.
  70. I've filled up all my nephews coloring books and i get mad when he wants to "help" me color.
  71. I spend way to much time blogging.
  72. And not enough time working.
  73. I don't give very good advice. When my friends come too be with a problem I usually ask if they would like me to beat up someone for them.
  74. I try not to drink alone because I have a problem knowing when to stop.
  75. I enjoy drinking but can't let loose in front of my family.
  76. I read the book jacket 5 or more times before I every buy the book.
  77. I'm a pack rat.
  78. I still have cards from High school graduation, college, my ex., I keep the strangest stuff.
  79. I'm horrible at calling me.
  80. I don't want to bother them.
  81. I've asked one guy out in my LIFE!
  82. It was Mr. ship.
  83. And he turned me down.
  84. I hate making the first move and I usually let opportunities slip past me because of it.
  85. I can come off as rude, or unfriendly.
  86. But it's really just me being shy.
  87. I try not to think I'm better then anyone.
  88. I try to accept people for who they are.
  89. Key word TRY.
  90. One day I hope to accomplish something worth wild.
  91. I love my nephew and cousins and would do anything for them.
  92. I've planned what I would do if i won the lottery. but i never play.
  93. I'd rather spend my money on other people then on my self.
  94. i have trouble telling me people no when they ask for my help.
  95. I played tennis in high school and still have my varsity jacket packed in my cedar chest.
  96. I try it on every few months.
  97. i just took my Christmas tree down two days ago.
  98. I sing REALLY loud in the car.
  99. And dance in the car.
  100. I love to make people laugh!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOD!!! i did it. I reached a 100 things. WOW. So i hope you enjoyed my list of insanely awesome ME-ness!!!


Diane said...

This was a load of Awesome-YOU-ness! What a great list! I saw a whole lot of me in it, so you could indeed grow up to be like me (though why you'd want to is beyond me!).

Congrats on your 100th post! Even if you're not that excited, you did it proud!!!

Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine said...

thanks Diane! I tried hard.

Rachel said...

A huge GRATS to you Amy! I have loved reading you posts and can't wait for MORE MORE MORE.

p.s. I totally close my eyes in the scary parts too. In fact, they are closed most of the movie...

Kitty said...

Good job kiddo... love you to bits... but not happy about the friend edit, you know I meant it :-P

Wifey Dessert said...

that's great!! I might steal that idea for my 100th post :)

La Pixie said...

congrats!! I cant believe you made it to 100 (the list, not the number of posts)!! yay you! =)