Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not me monday

I did not willingly spend 4 hours watching the History Channel with my Dad on Friday. I did learn that I wouldn't want to live in Ocean View Estates on Kona due to the fact it's right in the way if the volcanoes blows and there is only 1 road out of there. That sounds fun.

I didn't learn more about copper then the average person will EVER need to know. I also didn't watch a 2 hour special on Comets. In those two hours I did not contemplate changing the channel. My Dad did not ask me questions about all 3 different shows and i did not get the answers ALL right. It was not fun at all.

I did not try something new when i went to dinner with my mom on Friday night. I did not steer away from my usual chicken fingers to get a Cuban sandwich that wasn't tasty. I do not now heart eh Lyndian Dinner.

I did not make a joke in front of my 17 year old cousin and his girlfriend that my crest white strips look like someone shot a load all over my lips. His girlfriend DID NOT look slightly uncomfortable.

I did not play Scrabble with my two 7 year old cousins. That was not the WORST idea EVER. They totally understood the concept of the game and they didn't constantly move the letters around getting them out of place. I did not want to throw the scrabble board across the room and send them to bed. I did not.

I surely didn't spend all Saturday listening to my neighbors yell. They weren't really getting on my nervous and i did not contemplate turning the most annoying music i could find up real loud.

I wasn't sucked into watch Dances with Wolves because I couldn't get anything else in on my tv.

I did not get furious while watching a show about bears getting into resort towns in the mountains. I did not sit there and yell at the tv every time a PERSON complained about these bears in the WILD!! I did not tell those yuppie IT people to go build their resorts in the city thus avoiding the bears. I did not tell them to use common sense. The topic of animal encroachment doesn't bother me one bit. Neither does the topic of HUMAN ENCROACHMENT on the animals. (don't build your house in the mountains and then complain about the bears. It's like building next to the Mississippi River and complaining about the water...oh wait YOU DO THAT TOO!)

I did not go to Friendlys after swearing never to set foot in a friendly's again. It was not the strangest place EVER and Preggers and i are not convinced that Friendly's employees all the crazy people in town.

I did not go to Target more then 1 time this weekend. And i most certainly did not buy any baby stuff.

I'm not cheering on the Steelers to cream the Charges. And i most certainly don't think it would be kick ass if the Eagles and the Steelers both pull off a win next week to make it an all PA super Bowl. that wouldn't kick butt in the least.

I am not 9 posts away from my 100th post!

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ummm... it's not monday...