Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tmobile it's me Amy...where are you?

So I'm PISSED with uppercase EVERYTHING!

Let's recap my day shall we.

  1. Get up for watch the Rose Bowl parade before coming to work- no problems so far.
  2. ON my way to work notice my phone doesn't have a signal- weird.
  3. Get to work see the phone still isn't registering any bars-this can't be good.
  4. Turn off phone take out battery.
  5. Put everything back together.
  6. Still doesn't work-WTF!!!!!
  7. I yell a lot say a few words that would make my grandmother blush and try calling someone.
  8. No luck.
  9. I use my work phone to call my brother (we have the same provider). All I get is a busy signal.
  10. try another Tmobile person. Same thing.
  11. Start to panic.
  12. I can't use my phone. Not like anyone calls me, but this sucks.
  13. figure I'll drown my sorrows in Root Beer.
  14. Root Beer gets jammed in the machine.
  15. I push on the little bar a few times but the bottle is wedged in. Stupid vending machine with it's sleek design my ass.
  16. Kick the flap a few times. bottle moves a little.
  17. Look around in case I'm on hidden camera show.
  18. Don't see any suspicious looking fruit or out of place old ladies knitting.
  19. Commence with giving that machine the machine kicking of it's life.
  20. Finally free bottle/ break flappy thing a little.
  21. Root Beer looks like it was just thrown into the washing machine on the spin cycle.
  22. Wait too open it until it's calmed down.
  23. Very busy for a holiday here.
  24. Fun. Fun.
  25. Take a moment to call Tmobile and find out whats up.
  27. Realize the guy who is supposed to make sure the button for service stays flipped on is recovering form last night. FANTASTIC.
  28. Nothing on site about problem. Oh yeah NO ONE is there.
  29. I feel so alone.

So I still can't use my phone. Which is really a pain since I don't have a 'land line" once I leave here. Or for you fun loving people a home phone. Thank God I wasn't depending on having an operational phone in case of emergencies or to order a pizza for dinner. Damn it! I really wanted pizza ordered from the comfort of my own home.


Andy said...

So.... ummm... rough day?

La Pixie said...

no phone? thats just torture!!

I feel ya, but order the pizza before you leave so it will be at home soon after you get there. enjoy a hot, steamy, cheesy slice for me, okay?

Jen said...

that does suck! I hope you got it fixed soon.

Lacey said...

Oh man, that would drive me totally nuts (especially since I don't have a land line either)!

Sam_I_am said...

total suckage. I gave you an award, hopefully, it brightens your day. :-)

Wifey Dessert said...

wow.. i thought tmobile rocked.. or thats what i always thing when at&t screws me over lol