Monday, January 5, 2009

Not me Monday

I didn't use my Macy's exchange card to buy a bunch of baby stuff for my friends. I surely didn't go back and forth between a ton of different things before i settled on the cutest blanket and some onies, and bibs. I didn't buy two of the blankets since I have two soon to be parent friends. The blankets didn't have the cutest little giraffe in the corner. I didn't absolutely want them in big kid size for me.

I didn't pray i would run into someone i knew when i got to Laura's baby shower yesterday. I wasn't so over joyed when i pulled into the parking lot and saw KT Bupp getting out of her car. We didn't sit together with Melissa and do some good old fashion gossiping. Our table didn't produce two winners at baby bingo. I didn't leave with some notepads as a prize.

I didn't purchase one of the above mentioned blankets for Preggers along with 3 cute onies for the baby. I couldn't hear Preggers voice in my head telling me to NOT BUT BABY STUFF YET, while i was paying. I wasn't so excited.

The shower didn't give me the sudden urge to have a baby simple so people will buy me things. I didn't think how cool it would be to be getting all this fun stuff. I surely didn't almost smack myself back into reality when KT Bupp said, "yeah but then you have a kid". Oh yeah. I'm not plotting a away to register for stuff and have people throw me a shower without actually having to have a kid or get married.

I didn't spend a lot of time with my extended family this weekend eating food that was yucky. I surely didn't stuff myself on meat, cheese, candy, chips and dip. I absolutely ate veggies and salad and not buffalo chicken sandwiche and fries when i went to dinner with my mom.

So that was my weekend. or my not me weekend. Everything i didn't do~ I DID. Everything i did do~ I didn't! Tricky right.

I'm thinking about my next post. Sam tagged me for a honesty post. So
I'm thinking.

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