Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ground Control to Major Tom

Well it's official. If I BELIEVED in signs I would believe the universe is trying to tell me DON'T GO TO BUFFALO. DON'T GO. But since I don't believe these things are signs, I'm going regardless. I always have crappy luck. That's nothing new. I have a cold and now it's snowing. Thank goodness. I would not want this trip to go EASY for me. I like to have to WORK for my vacation. Makes me want it more. Makes me need it more. So even though my mother is practically planning my funeral, I'm going. My mom thinks I'm going to die every time i fly or drive to Buffalo. Good God take a Zanax mother.

So I'm off to Buffalo tomorrow and I can't wait. I'm super excited and looking forward to hanging out with my Buffalo family. Soccermom and Mr. SM are planning a dinner meeting between me and their friend I shall call him Mystery Man. It's not a date. But I compared it to a cattle showing. I feel like I'm going to be paraded around the corral on a lead and people will make comments.
"Oh....look at her lovely color and shiny coat"
"Those wide hips will be good for birthing "
"Check out those utters!"

Soccermom has assured me that is not the case. Mystery Man is a nice guy and it's just some friends getting together and having dinner. She fails to mention the part where she's talked me up to him and vies versa. She fails to mention the pressure "My future BF"(what she calls him in regards to me) and myself don't hit it off. Will we or wont we? this should prove interesting.

Let's not forget people I'm sick. So I'm not at my best showing. this poof heifer is pale and sickly looking. Her coat is dull and flat and her utters aren't getting the respect they deserve from these crappy sports bras! I can see it now. Maybe the dripping from my nose, the red puffy cheeks, the pale ghostly skin, and the runny eyes are a huge turn on for him. Or maybe he'll freak out at the sight of my raw red nose and grease hair and ask to reschedule when I'm not feeling so...ugly.

My flight to Buffalo isn't until 8:50 p.m. tomorrow night. With touch down in the All American City (Buffalo's nickname) at 10 p.m.

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Diane said...

Travel safely and have a GREAT time!!!