Sunday, January 18, 2009


WOW this has been a HUGE weekend for me. HUGE! First off I need to make it clear that I LOVE very few tv shows. Sure I watch tv but there are very few shows I tune in for. I tend to enjoy them but not enough to remember what comes on when. Here's my list of stuff i watch
  1. Monday- nothing really pressing. I did however watch mommas boys. it's lames and I'm almost ashamed to admit it. honestly it makes me very scared to EVER date a guy who wants to introduce me to his mom.
  2. Tuesday- Biggest loser, although I haven't watched any of this new season. Law and Order SVU
  3. Wednesday- Bones (but now it's on Thursday so I don't know if I'll remember that. Top Chef/ project runway. I love those shows LOVE!
  4. Thursday-Greys Anatomy and ER if i remember
  5. Friday- Jeopardy (it's the only might I'm home during the week to watch it. I love jeopardy!! and thank god for small miracles. FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is back!!!

This is how much I love Friday Night Lights. Kitty called me Friday night at 9 p.m. Right when the show started. Here is how the conversation went.

"Hello" Hey Friday Night Lights is on I'll have to call you back, ok. "Are you serious" YEAH! Bye.

I love Friday night lights and for the second year I had to sit by and wait to see if they brought it back!!! Thank God! Here's one reason i love FRIDAY Night LIGHTS!!! The guy who plays Tim Riggins is so HOTT. I have myself a regular little girl crush. come on look at this dude he's hot. and He's a bad ass on the show. I know I know I should be over my bad boy stage, and I am for the most part. But dang. Come on Look at him. He's hot!So Thank God for Friday night tv. I've already told my friends that 9 p.m. on Fridays I need to be in front of a tv. I'm going to Buffalo in two weeks to see some friends and I will be watching Friday night lights!!! I'm so excited!!!

Here's the rest of my HUGE weekend. Wow he's dreamy!! Ok sorry i'm back. Last night was ladies night. Preggers, and Jules and i went to the Macaroni grille. YUMMY. We had our ladies night dinner and caught up. the 3 of us don't get to go out much anymore. Jimmy Jams told us before we went they had crayons for you to draw on the table with after which i announced I would be drawing apple trees because that's really all i can do. Well didn't my table only have blue, purple and green crayons to use. So they got a Dr. sues style plum tree, a hand turkey, and every ones names. When i filled my area up i started drawing on Preggers side and then above and across the table. It was very colorful when i left. Preggers was sad because she wanted chocolate cake and they were out. Poor Preggers, no chocolate cake for the baby!

After we got home I preceded to drink a whole bottle of wine by myself, alone in my apartment. I don't usually do that, but Preggers gave em a corkscrew after I mentioned i didn't have one and Jules stuffed it in my purse so I figured why not. After I polished off the bottle of wine I started on the bottle of Egg Nog my dad gave me and the next thing i knew i was waking up on the couch at 6:30 a.m. and now i have a headache. Good times. nothing like get drunk by your self! good times.

And lastly. GO STEELERS!!!!!!! One game away from the SUPER BOWL! I'm off to Jules house after work to watch the game and eat some yummy football food. It's Jules's BF's birthday, who is also a HUGE steelers fan so we are celebrating it Black and Gold style!


Huge shout out to Mama Kat for telling me how to do my links right!! Thank you. I've asked other people and everyone tells me oh i don't know what your talking about. THANK YOU MAMA KAT!

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Melissa said...

TOO funny..... Nothing like waking up on the couch--after a night of drinking --wondering what happened the hour or two before you passed out...with wine (or beer or captain & coke) spilled all over the front of your shirt!! Yea..good times!!