Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Buffalo or BUST!

I'm going to Buffalo at the end of the month. For a few reasons. But mainly because I CAN. I want to go. I haven't been there in 3 months. I know that's not that long. But I want to go. I'm flying up. I'm trying to make this as easy for me as I can. You might remember (depending on how long you've been reading my dribble) that on my way home from Buffalo in October I was rear ended by a FREIGHT LINER. So I'll fly this time. I'm taking a direct flight from BWI to Buffalo about an hour flight. Much better then a 6 hour drive. I'm stoked! I can't wait to see my Buffalo family (who aren't family at all) and relax. Hopefully this will be a good trip. Soccremom and Mr. Soccermom have big plans for me. THEIR plans and the plans of the rest of my Buffalo family (Mr. Soccermom's parents, sister, and GRANDPARENTS, what can i say they are very invested in my life) think I should MOVE there. Get a job, met a nice guy (who they plan to introduce me to that weekend) and get married and live happily ever after in Buffalo. That is THEIR plan. My mom feels the need to remind me before i leave for Buffalo EVERY TIME that I LIVE in YORK and that is not near BUFFALO. and that I NEED to come HOME to YORK not BUFFALO.

So I'm heading north in January. To a place that got 20 inches of snow the other week. I hate snow. I hate cold. Major deters for moving there. Soccermom reminds me that it only snows in the winter there. Fantastic. She leaves out that winter lasts 4-5 months. This is strictly a visit. I'm interested to meet the mystery man (in their defense they have wanted me to meet him since their wedding and I've only been up once since then and he was away) and see what all the fuse is about. Mr. Soccermom's mom Moma Smith, thinks mystery man and i would make "such a cute couple". She just wants me to move to Buffalo so she has more kids to worry about :) Love you Moma Smith! apparently Soccermom knew it was destiny when she saw the insane amount of Ketchup he uses. She called me and said and i quote "He puts the ketchup right on his fires. All over them like you do. He uses so much kethcup I thought he was you! I'm totally buying you guys a huge vat of ketchup for a wedding gift." GREAT. We shall see. He might not even be around this time. He better I can't fly up every few months. I'm not made of money.

I'm not saying I wouldn't move there. I've thought about it. It's not to far away from Home. only 2 more hours then college. flights aren't to bad. I'm not saying I would NEVER do it. I have thought about it. It could be fun. a new place. new people. But at the same time i know people. I have a family foundation. An open invite to Sunday brunch at Moma Smith's house and all other family functions. that's nice. Comforting. but moving there? I don't know. We shall see. Maybe mystery man and i will hit it off. fall madly in love and then we shall see. More then likely The same old same old will happen and that'll be it. That's my luck.

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Diane said...

I lived in upstate NY for 3 years... you get used to the cold. It's not so bad.

Have fun on your trip! You deserve it!!!!!