Sunday, November 9, 2008

The weekend in rewind

What a long a laid back weekend. I do, in a nutshell, nothing. Having Friday off is a drag/ great thing. It gives me a day to do stuff without much interruption since everyone else, just about, works on Friday. I can do my laundry, clean the apartment, read, watch TV, and have some good old quality ME time. The down side is, I have time to clean my apartment, which literally takes 10 minutes. I have time to watch TV, which really just rots my brain since I'm logging hours with The Steve Wilckos Show. I can do my laundry but since I get up around 8:30 a.m. I'm done that in about 2 hours, makes for a long day. I like hanging out and relaxing, but the consent ME time is a bit much. Trust to much me, is definitely TO MUCH ME! By the time my mom gets home I'm at her house, stuffing my face with chips, yelling swear words at the TV, and begging her for some human interaction or to take me someplace because I'm so bored. However I usually just end up at home counting down the minutes until my friend gets off work. Tick, Tick, tick! Good times. This Friday was no different. Cleaned my shoe box sized apartment, went to my parents to do laundry, watched TV(quality TV might I add, Days of our lives, and Real Housewives), took a trip to BJ's Wholesale with my mom after work and then went home. GOOD TIMES!

I bought some new clothes for work. You know you've hit a low point in your life when the most exciting thing in your life is a new sweater. But I'm stocked to wear my new sweater and brown pants to work. Super cute, but really itchy. I need to find something to wear under it first. Why are clothes so difficult! GRR. I also bought, and by I a mean my mom, a light green cardigan and some new black pants. Merry Christmas to me!

I did however pick up a new pair of boots. Clam down not awesome black boots that go half way up my leg. I'm a chubby girl and can't seem to find any that will cover my calf. GRR. I bought totes waterproof winter boots for, wait for it wait for it, hunting. Yes that's right I said hunting. I hunt, I've hunted since I was 12 and except for a brief hiatus while away at college I've hunted every since. This November I'll be traveling to my aunts home in southern Maryland with my cousin, her husband, and A family friend to do a little hunting and I needed some new mud stompers. To all the card carrying PETA people. Good for you. good for you for having a cause you believe in and stand for. I think that's great. I understand your concerns and I see some of your reasoning. I'm a pretty open minded person and I see the grey areas in most debates. You know the areas each side tries to pretend aren't there. they are. Give it up. There is no 1 right side to be on. Have your protests, throw your paint on fur coats, whatever, but don't expect that to change a damn thing. I mean really hows that working out for you so far? Do your thing. Because I'm going to hunt regardless of whether you think it's right or not. Your angry protests and sit-ins, or whatever you tree hugging animal loving people (I mean that in the nice way) do, wont ruffle my feathers. I don't hunt for trophy animals, I would never kill something that was endanger but I will hunt for sport and food. Last winter 90% of the protein in my diet came from venison. My freezer was full all winter and still has evidence of last years hunting season lingering around. I hope this year is as successful. I'm not a savage killer or an inhuman person. Just as I'm sure you aren't really a nut job. Everyone has their beliefs and values. You can protest whatever you want, a perk to living in this great country, another perk, So can I. I just ask that in your soapbox speech of tolerance for animals and life you realize that you are what you preach. Step back and look around at the intolerance you have towards the people like myself who disagree with you. Or the intolerance you have towards the fur coat wearing person you just doused with red paint because they are doing something you don't agree with". I must have missed that day in school when you become judge and jury. I must have been sick that day they gave out power of ABSOLUTE rightness to a select few kids. Who would have thought a few people out of BILLIONS of people in the world hold the power to be RIGHT ABOVE ALL ELSE, and there fore have the right to vandalize and project their believes onto a whole society of people who go against what they think is right. Funny I was absent that day, good thing Alex Pacheco, Ingrid Newkirk (I'm assuming you CCM of PETA know them) Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, Fidel, Stalin, and Bush were there to see us through. Because in the end that's what I think it's about. If I can tolerate your protests and animal rights movements I would expect you to be as tolerant to me. Other wise what do we have?

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