Saturday, November 1, 2008

boggitty boo

I’m so glad this week is over. Not that I don’t enjoy Halloween, or all the days of the week, but this week has been hellish at work. Between golden child and I doing the work of 4 people, trying to get out the celebrations page (because God forbid your wedding not be my top priority), all the sheriff sales and making the pacman costumes for Friday. I’m exhausted. I’m sitting here at work literally watching the minutes tick away, work is so slow here today. And I’m dead tired; pardon the pun (I work at the obit desk for our local paper). I can’t wait for my ONE big glorious day off tomorrow. What pray tell am I doing on this long awaited day (I’ve worked 6 days straight), laundry, clean my apartment, clean out my car, watch TV, read the paper, go see my nephew and go to bed. OH BOY! Huge day off plans!

I have to admit the slow pace today has been nice after such a hectic week. Besides, it’s November now and I’m sorry to say it’s dead season. Don’t shoot me I’m just the messenger, but it is. Statistically more people die around the holidays and during the winter. And if last year is any reflection on this year we will be up to our necks in funerals. Sorry if anyone is offended. I’ll say this once. To work at he obit desk you need to have 3 things.

A twisted sense of humor. Funny stuff doesn’t happen at your job so you will start to see funny things in the obits. My favorite is when they make the claim “She was the best grandmother in the world” I ask where is the factorial data to back up that claim

You need to have come to terms with your own mortality otherwise you’ll spend the first 2 months being completely depressed and fixated on death and what happens after.

A thick skin. You are dealing with people during the hardest time of their lives and while they might not always be nice you need to be. Plus if you don’t have a thick skin you better just buy some stock in the tissue companies. You can’t be sitting around a blubbery mess all day tears flowing and getting all over the place. Buck up trooper.

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Rachel said...

ok, i know i keep posting comments. sorry, i am not stalking you, but dang girl, you are funny. i heart sarcasm.